My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 896

“Chuck, you have to plan first, Wan Ziwen is not so easy to deal with!”
You Shiwen discovered that Chuck was a kind of cold, a kind of resentment!
Just like Fang Cai wanted to kill herself, it was a terrifying murderous intention!
“I know how to do it. I want her to lose her biggest face, and after losing her reputation, I kill her again!!”
An idea came out of Chuck!
He doesn’t want to do anything else now, he just wants to do the same!
That is, see Wan Ziwen! !
“Chuck, what are you thinking? You have to calm down! Really!” You Shiwen persuaded.
Chuck is crazy, what is he doing!
“I am calm! Very calm!!!”
Chuck said coldly!
In an instant, You Shiwen knew Chuck, but not Chuck!
Is he growing? ?
“Just calm down, Wan Ziwen’s Wanjia is the real first family, and we can deal with her together!
Because, that shot, she definitely arranged someone to shoot me! This hatred, I Also report!”
You Shiwen said coldly.
“No, she is mine!!!” Chuck clenched his fists! !
Instant cold, to the extreme!
The redness of the eyes in an instant also reached the extreme!
Chuck is painful and angry! !
I still went to her, and I went to her! !
Why did she rescue her from the Amazon deep forest at that time? !
If time can come back, Chuck will not only save her, but also kill her at that time! !
This vicious woman!
Damn it! !
“Okay, she is yours, she is yours.” You Shiwen was surprised, Chuck was too cold!
Rumbling! !
At this time, the people of Zhang family and the people of Youjia are fighting!
Chuck just killed Zhang’s strongest bodyguard a few times, which has already shocked Zhang’s people!
Under the circumstances of the military chaos, the Zhang family quickly defeated! !
Rumbling shootout!
The Zhang family fell alone, lying in the pool of blood.
At the scene, there was too much bloody smell! !
suddenly! !
The last helicopter of Zhang family in the sky crashed and rumbling!
Crack, crack, crack! !
All the Zhang family died, only two people remained, one was the Zhang family owner and the other was Zhang Xiang!
Surrounded by people from the home, this is an amazing momentum!
Zhang Family, Zhang Xiang has been horrified!
“Ah! How is it possible! My people, my people!”
Zhangjia family is angry!
In fact, after Chuck and You Shiwen reconciled, Betty had already started to use sniper rifles against the Zhang family!
No one knows where Betty is!
Therefore, many Zhang family people were inexplicably killed by Betty!
People of the Zhang family are dying more and more. The rest of them are in a panic. They must die faster, and they will die out!
It’s no surprise that the whole army was wiped out!
The situation reversed too quickly!
Zhang Family, Zhang Xiang, they are both coercing!
It can be said that the beginning of their ignorance was that Chuck killed the strongest fire dragon a few times! !
Opened their path of coercion today!
“You Shiwen, you prepared a lot of people!” Chuck said.
The Zhangjia family owner is no matter how old he is, but he still suffered a terrible defeat in the upper ten articles!
“I’m growing up among the dead, and I know how to survive the most likely!” You Shiwen said.
“Chuck, what are you doing?! Quickly kill You Shiwen, hurry up!” Zhang Family head is angry!
Why doesn’t Chuck do it? ?
It’s the same chat as You Shiwen Xuxu!
In the end what happened? ?
“Not killing,” Chuck shrugged.
“What? Why didn’t you kill? Don’t you want to avenge your mother?” Zhang Family head was shocked!
Zhang Xiang was shocked!
In the end what happened? ?
“It wasn’t done by You Shiwen, so I won’t do it to her,”
“You? What are you kidding? Do you think she will let you go?? She will strengthen herself as much as possible if she bites against Wan Ziwen, and she will definitely eat everything you do!
You don’t know these? “The owner of the Zhang family was extremely angry!
He didn’t expect three things. The first one, You Shiwen was prepared, but still so powerful!
The second thing is that Chuck killed his Zhang Family’s strongest bodyguard in just a few clicks!
The third thing is that Chuck made peace with You Shiwen and stood together for the first time! !
Especially the last thing, he never thought of it!
“No, she is my brother.”
“I won’t eat him, he is my sister,”
The two spoke in unison!
The two looked at each other and separated their eyes!
Chuck was at ease and misunderstood. You Shiwen was still the same!
So good, the two can sleep on one bed!
You Shiwen was shocked, Chuck this guy!
Youjia stunned, what happened? ?
sisters. Brothers are out? ?
Chuck. What is the relationship between You Shiwen!
Zhang Family is shocked, Zhang Xiang is shocked!
“Chuck, you are crazy, you are crazy, You Shiwen is lying to you, she will eat you, and you will be too late to regret it! Don’t be stupid! Kill her quickly to get rid of future troubles!! “The owner of the Zhang family is angry.
“No! I think you are the one to kill!!”
Chuck came slowly!
The vision is cold, the tone is cold!
“Master Zhang, do you know what my plan is? You’re right, wait for your two families to fight almost. I will come out again! But things have changed, I don’t want to fight You Shiwen, then, I Only kill you! Because… you let me kill You Shiwen, you eat You Shiwen, and eventually you will eat me, so, I will let you do this??” Chuck came step by step!
Now Chuck’s everything is the mother’s hard work for more than 20 years, Chuck absolutely does not allow, everything his own mother was eaten by the Zhang family! !
Therefore, Chuck planned this game!
however. Chuck didn’t even think of it!
That is, You Shiwen is not the one who killed his mother!
“Chuck, how do you think about it? Why did I do that? You killed You Shiwen, and Zhang Family and you are half of you and you can do everything for you, as long as you kill You Shiwen, Hurry up, Chuck!”
The Zhangjia family growled.
Chuck shook his head indifferently, “No! You are going to die today!!”
This is a breath of death, which makes them breathless!
Zhang Xiang stepped back in fear, she fell down, “Ah!”
“I said, you will kneel for me!” Chuck said indifferently.
“Chuck, you are wrong, you cannot believe You Shiwen!” Zhang Xiang did not encounter this situation.
She was scared, she was in a panic!
How could it be like this today? ?
“However, it’s too late to kneel now, it’s too late!”
“It’s not too late, Chuck, you have to believe in my Zhang family. My Zhang family definitely doesn’t want to eat you! What I think is that you share the tour home with you Chuck, and now my Zhang family, give you the tour home, you still want to How is it? Believe me, don’t believe her!” Zhang Xiang said in fear.
Chuck killed her strongest bodyguard a few times. At that scene, she was deeply condensed in her eyes, making her fear! !
“I believe in her, so the two of you must die today! I forgot to tell you, I originally planned to kill You Shiwen, and then kill you. Now the plan has changed, but killing you has not changed!”
Zhang Move closer step by step!

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