My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 897

“Chuck, do you think you can kill us? Can you eat my Zhang family?”
He remembered it at this time, but he is the Zhang family head of one of the three secret families! !
The Zhang family is big, unimaginable!
Chuck inherited Karen li’s family property, how could he eat the Zhang family? ?
“You don’t have to worry about this!” Chuck shook his head and came coldly!
“Huh, I have eaten such a big loss, it is actually a low-smelling kid, but you forget that I am the head of the family, I think things are more comprehensive than you! Do you know what is in my hands?”
The Zhangjia family took out a small remote control!
“Bomb? I know you have many bombs underneath,” Chuck shrugged!
You Shiwen was shocked, did Chuck know? ?
“Yes, a lot of bombs, these bombs can make all of us die here, so don’t force me to die with you!
I can do it!!” Zhang Jiazhu sneered!
Zhang Xiang cried, she was afraid, she didn’t want to die.
“Grandpa, I don’t want to die yet,” Zhang Xiang begged.
Zhang Family slapped her face with a slap, “Shut up!”
“woo woo woo woo……”
Zhang Xiang is crying!
She has been raised since childhood and did not expect to die here today!
She doesn’t want to!
“Chuck, you are still young, you haven’t reported your mother’s hatred, don’t you want to die? So let go, let’s go! I’ll forget about this matter, from now on, you and Chuckjing won’t make river water! “” Zhangjia family said coldly!
Chuck is indifferent!
You Shiwen is indifferent!
She doesn’t like being threatened!
“Chuck, don’t you report your mother’s revenge?? I see how you go down to see Karen li and how you face her, she gave you birth. You don’t even report her revenge, I see you How do I explain it when I get to the next one!” Zhang Jiazhu smiled calmly!
He knows Chuck’s short board!
Family! !
This is inherited by Zhang Qingyang!
“I don’t need to explain, because I will avenge my mother!” Chuck said coldly!
“I see how you explain, you are going to die with me right now, do you know? Want me to remind you again?” Zhang Family still smiled.
“I think you made a mistake. You have a lot of bombs, but they can’t explode!” Chuck shrugged!
Zhangjia’s head was frowning, “Hum, can’t it explode? Then try it!”
This is the most advanced remote control, how could it not explode? ?
“You have pressed it.” Chuck shrugged.
“No, grandpa, I don’t want to die yet!” Zhang Xiang said in fear.
“Stupid thing, Chuck this little bastard is using aggressive methods!!” Zhang Family head is angry!
“Don’t press, I don’t want to press, no matter whether it’s a radical act, grandpa, I don’t want to die…” Zhang Xiang cried desperately.
The Zhangjia family is sad!
“Chuck, don’t force me!” Zhang Family head is angry!
“Do you know that my mother has a technology company?” Chuck approached step by step!
“What do you mean?”
“My mom, a technology company, has too many scientific research projects, medicines to treat cancer, future technology, future aircraft, future cars, too many, oh, there is the same, it is a jammer! Disturb the remote control in your hand!” Chuck said.
“You nonsense, there is nothing to interfere with my remote control!!!” Zhang Family head said angrily!
Zhangjia also has a technology company!
It is also the most advanced thing in research and development. Because technological progress is the real progress!
“Yes, my mom technology company can do it, you can press it, don’t be afraid, it won’t explode!”
Chuck smiled slightly!
Step by step!
Betty is experienced. I told Chuck long ago that the Zhang family would use this trick and also prepared a jammer!
All signals within three kilometers will be disturbed!
Of course, this so-called bomb remote control is also included!
The Zhang family owner was angry, “Chuck, do you want to die?” Ah! You! Don’t, don’t press!!!”
“Ah, no, I don’t want to die, stop!” Zhang Xiang panicked.
Chuck snatched his remote control and pressed it in front of him, however, nothing happened!
In the forest, a jammer next to Betty was ringing! !
You Shiwen shrugged, she secretly relaxed, Chuck prepared more than she! Fortunately! There was no explosion.
“how is this possible?!”
Zhang Family head was shocked! His body shivered involuntarily!
Only his confidence is this bomb remote control that can be put to death!
However, it’s useless!
What can he do?
There is nothing to do.
He never thought that he would encounter such a thing today!
He is an old fox, and he turned over in the gutter today!
He came from a small meal to open his mouth to reach his hand. At this moment, there is no Zhang family around him, no one who can call the command!
He suddenly felt horrible all around!
Because, there is no Zhang family, only him and Zhang Xiang!
So, there was a trace of fear.
This is involuntarily!
For the rest of his life after Zhang Xiang’s robbery, he sat on the ground and cried, “I don’t want to die, don’t do it! Grandpa, I don’t want to die, you tell him, tell him, who am I!”
Zhang Xiang crawled to the Zhang family owner, “Grandpa, you tell him, tell him everything, he will let us go!”
“Confused! Let’s say we are going to die even more!” Zhang Family head is angry!
“Grandpa, don’t say we are going to die even more!” Zhang Xiang wept desperately.
Zhang Family sighed, today he has reached this point, did not expect!
It was overcast by a replacement chess piece!
“Well, you say it!!!” Zhang Family head bowed.
Speaking of such things, he could not face Chuck.
“What do you say, you are going to die today!” Chuck came indifferently.
Chuck will be indifferent, whatever they say, Chuck will take action!
Because, leaving them two, there will be endless troubles!
They are secret families.
As long as they live, they will be crazy for revenge!
Chuck also wants to kill Wan Ziwen, and has no time to fight the Zhang family!
Therefore, we still killed them with an afterthought!
Eat them well! !
“No, wait for me to finish talking! Chuck.” Zhang Xiang crawled to Chuck and begged.
No way, she wanted to live, the Zhang family was too rich, she couldn’t bear to die.
Chuck grabbed her neck, Zhang Xiang was struggling, she screamed in fear, “Don’t kill me, Chuck, Chuck! You listen to me, your surname is Zhang, I am also surnamed Zhang, I am your aunt!!!”

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