My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 899

Chuck thought so!
The life of my mother seems so poor now that she was assassinated.
Chuck is really sad.
He thought there were relatives, however, no, his father, not father…
What dad?
Chuck really couldn’t describe the mood at the moment, and lost to the extreme!
“Chuck, you can’t say that, you…”
Chuck clenched his fists, making a frightful fist sound, “Don’t talk anymore!!”
Zhang Xiang was frightened by Chuck’s eyes, “I won’t say it, but don’t kill us, you are your aunt!”
“No, you are a stranger to me, no, you are a dead person to me, you Zhang family use my mother so much, you go down and apologize to my mother!!” Chuck grabbed Zhang Xiang’s neck.
“Ah, don’t kill me. Don’t kill me, I am your aunt, dear…”
Zhang Xiang screamed in fear.
Zhangjia family sighed, useless, he did not expect that Chuck will die today!
Chuck, but a replacement piece! !
“No, Chuck, no, I don’t want to die… woo, so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable…”
Zhang Xiang is desperate, she feels Chuck’s hand is pressing hard, pinching her, to pinch her neck! !
Chuck stopped!
He leaned his head, cold to the extreme, “You still have a face in front of me?”
A man appeared!
Yes, Zhang Qingyang! !
He came slowly.
You Shiwen’s people stopped him, You Shiwen waved his hand!
Zhang Qingyang came to the front, “You all know?”
“I know, I know, what you did, I know it, I feel worthless for my mother, she treats you so much, and you have been using her, and eventually she will die, you are really cruel!” Zhang Terrorist and terrible!
At this moment, he was angry! !
Zhang Qingyang was silent for three seconds, “I, I’m sorry for her, however, she, the woman in your hands is my sister and your aunt…”
“No!!! No!” Chuck growled to anger!
Zhang Qingyang was silent, “Well, let them go, whatever you want,”
“What do I want? My mother has been assassinated. You should tell her personally!” Chuck growled.
“I will, you can rest assured, I will, I want you to let them go, okay? When I beg you, if your mother is still there, she will agree.”
“You are not qualified to mention my mother again, no more!!”
“Well, what you said is.”
“Ah, I’m so uncomfortable!” Zhang Xiang screamed, “Ching Yang, let your son let me go, I don’t want to die…”
“Sister, let him make his own decision.” Zhang Qingyang was silent.
You Shiwen remained silent, which was Chuck’s own business.
Chuck pinched Zhang Xiang’s neck, he wanted to pinch off, but when he saw his so-called father, Chuck suddenly sneered and blasted! !
Chuck lost Zhang Xiang!
Zhang Xiang was in fear and fell to the ground! !
“You, I start today, and it has nothing to do with you! Never see you again!” Chuck finished and left! !
You Shiwen also left, and the people of the house also left.
“Ce… Alas!!!” Zhang Qingyang was silent for a long time, only with a wry smile!
“Ching Yang, your son, it’s so ridiculous, I want to let him die!” Zhang Family head said angrily!
Today’s shame, he must find a way to take it back! !
Chuck, the little hybrid born by Karen li, he is going to kill! !
“Enough!” Zhang Qingyang was suddenly indifferent!
Zhang Family head was in horror, “Ching Yang, do you dare to speak to me like this? You…”
“Grandpa, I listened to you, but I regretted it very early. You didn’t let me go, and you didn’t want to let go of the quiet. Her death was all caused by you. Do you know?” Zhang Qingyang was in pain.
“You need to know that she is a pawn, she…” Zhang Family head was angry.
“No, she is to you, but not to me, she is my wife! You don’t understand!!!” Zhang Qingyang said suddenly!
“Ching Yang, you are so ridiculous, but you are the future heir of Zhang family, how can you speak to me like this for a dead woman?” Zhang family head sadly.
“Grandpa, please do it yourself! I’m gone!”
“Qingyang, what are you going to do?” Zhang Family head feels bad.
“I have to do what I should do and what I owe her. It’s time for me to apologize to her… I don’t know if she can forgive me,” Zhang Qingyang murmured to herself.
Karen li is dead. He can only see her if he is also dead.
Apologize to her.
“Qingyang, do you know what you’re talking about? Fool stuff!?” Zhangjia family wished to slap him in the face!
“Grandpa, I have to do what I owe her, otherwise, I am meaningless to live,” Zhang Qingyang shook his head.
“Are you going to find Wan Ziwen yourself? Are you her opponent? You are going to die, you are the heir of the Zhang family, if you dare to go, I will die in front of you!!!” Zhang family head is angry!
He is too optimistic about Zhang Qingyang, the entire Zhang family is the only one who is qualified to be the head of the house.
“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I have to do my own thing.” Zhang Qingyang shook his head and left…
Zhang Family’s master was shocked, “What a good thing is that woman Karen li, worthy of death for her?”
“You don’t understand her well, twenty years, I understand,” Zhang Qingyang murmured to himself, he really understood.

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