My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 903

Today, the world is quiet!
However, the first family of ten thousand families was arranged to the point of luxury!
There has never been a wedding for one person, and luxury has reached this point!
It is simply unimaginable luxury!
Wan Ziwen’s wedding was done.
Everyone in the family is respectful!
In fact, very early, all people in Wanjia knew Wan Ziwen, the future heir!
Many times, they just follow Wan Ziwen’s words!
Today is Wan Ziwen’s big marriage, and also the day when Wan Ziwen successfully became the head of the first family!
The whole family celebrates and is excited! !
“Are you all here?”
Wan Ziwen wore the most expensive wedding dress in the world today!
The most expensive materials, tailored by the best designers, this is Wan Ziwen’s most beautiful day!
Her figure is perfect, and Wanjia people are also pleased. Wanjia is out of Wan Ziwen, which is also a stage for Wanjia to move into the future!
“It’s almost done, You Shiwen is here,” someone said.
“How many people did you bring?” Wan Ziwen asked.
“Let’s travel ten articles together, just five people.”
“Only five people? What about the Zhang family?”
“The Zhang family’s people haven’t arrived yet… Oh, when they arrive, the Zhang family owner brought three people over.”
Wan Ziwen looked at himself in the mirror!
I found myself so beautiful today.
“Homeowner, you continue! We will come again when it is good time.”
“What happened to Chuck? I am the most beautiful in the audience today, and I want my man, the most handsome in the audience!!!”
“The owner is assured that Chuck has ten stylists, which will make him the most handsome in the audience!”
Wan Ziwen continued to look in the mirror!
“Homeowner.” Long Yi is by his side!
“Security is convenient, and it is all in place. Thirty miles away, there are comprehensive monitoring, you can rest assured!” Long Yi smiled slightly.
In this regard, she is proficient!
The safety of Wanjia has never been a problem!
This is Long Yi, and the credit of the Wanjia Family Guard! !
“Relax? I have always been at ease with you, but don’t forget it. You let me down once last time, you don’t remember it?” Wan Ziwen lazily painted his lips.
There is only a stylist beside her, but no makeup artist.
She is naturally beautiful, and only a touch of lips is enough.
Long Yi was silent for three seconds, “I have already chased down the person who rescued Logan and the black rose, but…”
“But haven’t you found it right?” Wan Ziwen was instantly cold!
“Yes, I haven’t found…”
“You can escape in your hands. This man is not worse than you. Today is my day. I don’t want to make any mistakes!”
“Yes, the owner is assured, I will personally control the audience!”
“Don’t let me down again!” Wan Ziwen continued to paint his lips.
Blazing red lips!
Full of desire to control, just like the queen! !
“Yes, Master, I will not let you down again, Master.” Long Yi bowed his head.
That man saved Logan, Black Rose, and never showed up again!
Who is it? ?
Between the world, there is still a master who is quite comparable to himself? ?
“However, is it a bit too sudden, Chuck, who married you suddenly?” said Long Yi.
“Yes, it’s sudden! No matter what his thoughts are, after today, he is my man, and being my man will not have a second heart for me!” Wan Ziwen is still lazy.
What can Chuck do to control Wan Ziwen? ?
Be prepared to eat soft rice! !
“Chuck has nothing now, Karen li is dead, Logan is dead, Black Rose is dead, Yvette is going to die soon. He is helpless and eager to take revenge, only to find me,” Wan Ziwen said.
“Yes! Then let me go and see what happened to Chuck.”
Long Yi went out and Wan Ziwen looked at the mirror. She wiped the lipstick she had just painted and took out the same bright red again. She wiped it up and she smiled slightly, “This is me.”
“Chuck, it’s almost time, how are you?”
Long Yi came to ask.
Chuck put on a handsome suit and had his hair trimmed, a little handsome!
Long Yidu watched it for a few more seconds, which was not bad.
At least Wan Ziwen’s vision is no problem, Chuck is fine.
“Well, yes,” Chuck said.
“Well, somebody will take you in before twelve noon, you just go with it,” Long Yi turned and left.
“Long Yi,”
“You still have something?” Long Yi asked with a smile.
Chuck approached step by step, “Who do you think is the number one fighting master in the world?”
“I don’t know about this. What do you ask about this? Do you want to be the world’s first combat master?” Long Yi asked.
“Think, I want to beat the current top master! Become the real top master!”
“Oh, so, do you want to beat me?” Long Yimei shone.
“Master Zhang, you don’t have to beat me. I’m your wife, you are the first, you know? You can be the richest man in the world, too! You can continue, look at the time, today is a big day for you and your family !”
Long Yi smiled slightly, swaying his long legs out.
“No, it’s Wan Ziwen’s big day!” Chuck in a suit muttered to himself…

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