My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 904

Long Yi returned to Wan Ziwen, and when she was just there, she had re-read the situation around her!
Make sure that this big marriage will not cause any problems!
“Homeowner, there is no problem with Chuck. He is almost ready, and the time is almost up, and he can go to the lobby. The people of the tens of thousands, the tourists, and the people of the Zhang family are all here.” Long Yi said.
“Homeowner, you are so beautiful today,”
Long Yi does not flatter, but Wan Ziwen is indeed beautiful today!
This should be the most beautiful person in the audience, because Wan Ziwen is the protagonist today!
“Go out!”
Wan Ziwen shrugged, followed by a long man, as if he was about to ascend the throne!
Long Yi shrugged to keep up!
Arrived at the scene!
Chuck has arrived at the scene with flowers!
The groom waits for the bride!
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, “It’s handsome, I like it.”
Because of the fighting, Chuck is very tall and very handsome in a suit!
What’s more, Chuck’s suit is custom-made and can’t be bought outside for millions of dollars!
“Yes, you’re a good match with the owner!”
Long Yi laughed.
Lang Cai looks like Chuck and Wan Ziwen!
She came slowly, facing Chuck!
Off the field, Yu Shiwen’s beautiful eyes shone and remained silent!
The Zhang family head, looking at the tall Chuck, he was silent.
He didn’t understand himself, what did he come here for? !
Congratulations, only congratulations Wan Ziwen!
Because Chuck is not a member of the Zhang family.
The whole scene is quiet, basically the scene is all 10,000 people!
Wan Ziwen is their owner, what can they say? ?
“If you invite ten thousand new owners, Wan Ziwen will come on stage!”
Wan Ziwen came to Chuck in the eyes of many people.
Wan Ziwen smiled, today is really a good day!
He inherited the first family in the world, became the head of the family, and married the person he likes!
“Homeowner, today is your wedding day with Mr. Chuck, please come here!” the master of ceremonies said.
Wan Ziwen stood beside Chuck.
The Wan family is satisfied, because in terms of appearance, the two of them are a match. Even if some of them are not happy, they dare not show it!
The scene is fun!
“Will you be married to Mr. Chuck, will you never be separated?” asked the MC.
“I…will!” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
You Shiwen suddenly felt that she didn’t want to listen.
“Homeowner, what’s wrong with you?” There was a white-haired old man beside me!
“It’s nothing.”
The white-haired old man said in silence for three seconds, “Homeowner, do you have a little bit of attention to Chuck… so it would be uncomfortable to see such a scene?”
“No,” You Shiwen shook his head, and immediately denied, “Me and Chuck are good friends.
Even if we lie in bed together, we will not do what kind of good friends, so, you said, no,”
“Then, Master, you promised us a month, but there are no days…” said the white-haired old man.
“I…know,” You Shiwen shook his head and said nothing.
“Actually, if you are really unwilling, and other people, it is also possible to borrow from Chuck, and some of our old things will not object!” said the old man with white hair.
“Because, you don’t like other people’s eyes, don’t want to touch you with other people, then, Chuck, as your friend, he touches you, shouldn’t you be so upset?”
“Anyway, you consider it yourself, it’s been a few days!”
“I know, it also requires us to survive to say…” You Shiwen’s voice was obviously lower.
Looking for Chuck to get pregnant? ?
Can this be done?
No, the two are so acquainted, Chuck sees that he doesn’t have any ideas at all, nor sees Chuck.
In this case, it is even more impossible!
You Shiwen is thinking about this, the old man with white hair next to him sighs, is he right?
“Mr. Chuck, are you willing to marry the head of the house, will you never be separated?” The master of ceremonies asked Chuck!
Chuck’s eyes clearly see Wan Ziwen.
“Mr. Chuck, you are willing to…” the MC asked again.
Because Chuck did not speak at all.
In this case, what should we do without speaking? ?
“What’s the situation? Chuck doesn’t know what to do, don’t answer?”
“Go to him. Our house owner can see him. It is a blessing from his ten years of life. Is he still dumbfounded?”
“Maybe too excited!”
Wanjia was angry and whispered.
“Wan Ziwen, you think it’s been a long time?” Chuck asked.
“Well, for a long time.” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
“I only thought about this day a few days ago,”
Chuck said slowly, “I never thought about this day. In the past, I felt that it was impossible with you, no…”
“Chuck, what do you want to say?” Wan Ziwen raised his eyebrows!
This kind of thing, what attracted everyone’s attention, what did Chuck say off topic? ?
“Mr. Chuck, are you willing to marry the head of the house, will you never be separated from the head of the house?” asked the master of ceremonies.
His voice also threatened.
Chuck is disobedient! !
“Reluctant!” Chuck suddenly calmed down, his eyes staring at Wan Ziwen, “Wan Ziwen, I don’t want to!!”

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