My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 905

The wedding scene was shocked!
“What did Chuck say? Get out of it?”
“What does he want to do, and what qualifications does he have to say he won’t?”
“This bastard is going to die! Play with our house owner?”
Wanjia was angry!
Chuck’s “unwillingness” three words, this is fiercely smoking the face of Wanjia! !
Popping popping!
“Sure enough…” You Shiwen clenched his fists!
“Grandpa, this bastard Chuck wants to die? Will Wan Ziwen anger us because of Chuck?” Zhang Xiang anxiously asked.
“What a terrifying spirit!”
The owner of the Zhang family is somber! !
Chuck’s reluctance, he did not expect!
“Does Chuck think?”
Zhang Family head was shocked! !
Ten thousand families went up and down because Chuck was angry!
Long Yimei shimmers!
The violent voice is full, Wan Ziwen’s smile expression is changing, the smile disappears, cold! Cold to the ice! !
“Chuck, what are you talking about?”
“I said, not willing!!”
Chuck dropped the flowers in his hand and took off the groom’s sign on his chest.
Throw it very simply!
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes are icy, “You say it again!!”
“I don’t want it! You didn’t hear it. I can say it again. I don’t want to marry you. What are you?
Marry you?” Chuck shook his head!
Wan Ziwen’s fists clenched and squeaked! !
“Homeowner, this kid doesn’t know any good! Let me kill him!”
“Well, it’s mad!”
“Chuck, look for death!”
Ten thousand families have gone crazy!
The murderous is pervasive, but they are the first family. What kind of embarrassing and beating face appear in such a big day today? ?
“Chuck, I advise you to think about it again!” Long Yi said coldly!
Chuck shrugged and took off his tailor-made suit.
“Chuck, I ask you, since you promised to marry me, why do you want to do this today? I ask you!!!”
Wan Ziwen’s voice is sharp!
“Why? It’s up to you to ask yourself!” Chuck’s eyes shivered to the extreme! !
“Ask me?” Wan Ziwen raised his eyebrows!
Long Yimei blinked.
“Yes, do you really think I don’t know anything? You called this Long Yi, assassinated my mother, assassinated Logan, Black Rose, and assassinated my wife. These things, do you think I really don’t know?”
Chuck is hoarse!
Wan Ziwen suddenly smiled slightly, “Yo, you know? So, the unwillingness of three words just now is a little revenge on me, right?”
“Yes, let your face lose!” Chuck untied his tie!
“Then you have worked hard, but it’s useless. The audience is basically people from my Wan Family. Who dares to laugh at me? Who dares to say me?” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly!
She glanced at the public!
No one dared to laugh from all walks of life!
However, a person suddenly chuckled, yes!
This man is Yu Shiwen!
“Wan Ziwen, do you have today? Was it rejected? You lost your face?” You Shiwen said with a smile.
“You Shiwen, are you going to die, right?” Wan Ziwen was instantly cold! !
“No! The person who is dying today, I don’t know who it is!”
You Shiwen didn’t say much.
Wan Ziwen suddenly smiled again, “It turns out that you guys have colluded well, not bad…
Chuck, I killed your mother, killed Logan, and killed the black rose. However, how can you treat me? You forget Now, this is my place of Wan Ziwen??”
“So, your consideration is still not comprehensive, but I don’t care about you. You just marry me honestly and be my man. When you enjoy it, otherwise, I won’t let you go today! !you choose!”
“I’m here to revenge for my mom! What do you think I will choose?” Chuck’s eyes were cold, and his scarlet eyes were full of hate!
Hate to Wan Ziwen! !
This woman is so vicious!
“I’ll ask you again, marry me honestly, or die! Don’t choose the wrong one!” Wan Ziwen was extremely angry!
People from all over the family have never seen Wan Ziwen so angry!
She was angry today!
She hopefully married Chuck and came to the scene!
Chuck is the first man she fell in love with!
She was not willing to kill!
“No!” Chuck shook his head!
“Then you choose to die? Chuck, I said you are stupid, what can you do alone? What can you do?” Wan Ziwen Meimu red blood!
She was disappointed!
Disappointed with Chuck! !
“Okay, since you are so ruthless, then I won’t be affectionate anymore, Long Yi grabs him for me!!” Wan Ziwen backed away!
A crowd came!
Protected Wan Ziwen!
In the audience, many bodyguards of 10,000 families poured in!
Chuck is weak, but he is expressionless!
“I said Chuck, you are really stupid. If your mother is there, you may have a chance, and you?
The obedient and honestly catch the hand! I will shoot, you will die if you die!”
Long Yi said coldly!
“It’s you who assassinated my mother! It’s you!” Chuck was angry!
“Yes, it was me who killed me. I forced your mother into the water. When I saw her washed away by the water, I pushed her car and caused the illusion of accident! How can you take me?”
Long Yi smiled slightly. !
Chuck, it’s not worth seeing her!
“How? Long Yi, today, I am going to avenge my mom and them. You have done these things wrong. You should never touch the people around me, you should not!”
Chuck’s aura is fully open, and today he wants to avenge himself! !

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