My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 906

Watch the audience!
Everyone from all over the 10,000 family sneered at Chuck!
Alone, what other storms do you want to set off in Wanjia? ?
Today you can enjoy a slaughter!
Chuck didn’t know what to do, and slapped Wanjia’s face fiercely. Today, he has to pay a price!
“Hush! You Shiwen, don’t move! My business and you haven’t started yet, I haven’t reached you yet!”
Wan Ziwen was suddenly lazy.
book=net You Shiwen clenched her fists, Wan Ziwen thought… very interesting!
Simply today, let’s completely change the pattern! !
“You Zhang family, don’t move!”
Wan Ziwen is still lazy.
“Today was killed by Chuck, why did Qingyang give birth to such a broom star!!!” Zhang Xiang was extremely angry.
She was scared, Wan Ziwen’s eyes were terrifying!
“Chuck, you chose this path yourself, you are yourself! Long Yi, hold me to him!” Wan Ziwen said coldly! !
Chuck let her face off today!
She… was angry! !
Chuck must be seized!
Dragon comes step by step!
“Chuck, you know how long your mother has resisted in my hands! Know?”
Long Yi kept smiling!
In her opinion, what is Chuck? ?
An unaffordable Adou!
Can she kill Karen li, but not Karen li’s son? ?
She comes in one step!
The fighting style is amazing!
“Huh, I always knew that Long Yi was the first master of our 10,000 family, but I didn’t see her shot, but I saw it today!”
“Yeah, Long Yi’s skill is so good, Chuck this spicy chicken, I think it is possible to be spiked!”
“Affirmative! Chuck’s spicy chicken is also suitable for playing with Long Yi? But ah, then, Long Yi’s legs are so beautiful, long and straight…”
“Don’t think about it, the whole Wanjia, except the owner, will you try Long Yi?”
“Uh, I dare not!”
“Don’t say it, see Chuck’s rubbish being cleaned up by Long Yi!”
The whole family felt that Chuck would be spiked!
However, Chuck became more and more angry, and he seemed to be an angry lion, and he had reached the extreme! !
“I made the road collapse, her head was broken, her head was bleeding, and then I beat her, she fell back and down, everywhere fell into the wind, there is no such god as rumored…” Long Yi smiled slightly!
She wants to anger Chuck!
Directly kill Chuck, what’s the point! ?
See what strength Chuck can have!
Anyway, it is also Karen li’s pro son!
“you wanna die!!”
Chuck jumped out! !
He used all his strength to punch out!
Long Yi kept smiling!
She also punched!
Chuck retreated, Long Yi remained motionless, “Not bad, not far from me!”
She kicked her long legs!
Chuck was kicked and fell out!
It can’t be avoided!
Long Yi is very strong!
“I can make your mom lose all the time, you? It will only be simpler. I will ask you again, just stop it? Or rebel?”
The dragon came slowly.
Chuck rose coldly from the ground, he attacked again!
“I don’t know what you have to lose your strength in Wanjia? You are really embarrassing your mother’s face, she will at least be forbearing! And what do you have? On this occasion, have you been addicted to it? Then I was beaten? Are you really? Not a man! Are you stupid, you know?”
Dragon comes step by step!
The strength of her fighting appeared, and she punched it!
Chuck’s eyes were blood red, he resisted with his fists, bang! !
Chuck backed off again!
Long Yi was another kick, Chuck couldn’t avoid it, was kicked out ten meters, and fell heavily on the table, embarrassed!
Red wine, food spilled all over the place! !
“You’re too slow, I heard that you went to your Wuxia Wumen for further study, and you broke your mom’s record? Is this what you call further education? Not so good! Sure enough, Yanxia Wumen is not good, You see me, and you didn’t go to that kind of place for further study, and you, your mother, still can’t beat me!”
Long Yi smiled slightly.
“It’s really spicy chicken!”
“Just like this kind of person, this kind of strength, I haven’t counted it?? Still in this wild?”
Wanjia is sneering!
When Chuck was beaten, they were still very comfortable!
“I know your strength,” Chuck got up from the ruins.
“Oh, got it? How?” Long Yi stepped closer.
“Almost worse than my mother!” Chuck shook his head, his eyes still red.
“Poor? I’m alive, she’s dead, that’s the gap between her and me. Well, I won’t tell you more, you… Hey? What are you doing?”
Long Yi smiled a bit stunned.
Wow! !
Chuck took off a ring in his hand and threw it aside. This little ring, the floor was smashed into a deep hole, and it was cracked! !
Wow! !
Chuck took off another ring in his hand!
Dropped on the ground, the same pit!
Chuck took off the ring of his feet, which was also thrown to the ground and the floor cracked!
Silent! !
Ten thousand families were shocked!
This guy has a weight of one or two hundred kilograms?
Was he always playing Long Yi in this state? ?
Chuck moved his hands and feet, jumped, moved his neck, Chuck squinted, “Now it’s much easier, then, Long Yi, now is my real strength!”

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