My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 907

“Chuck you…”
Long Yi was stunned for three seconds and suddenly smiled.
“Not bad, you four hundred kilograms?”
Long Yi was surprised.
No wonder Chuck’s actions were so clumsy!
There are more than two hundred kilograms on me!
“Not only, as heavy as you!” Chuck shrugged!
After removing the weight, walking vigorously!
With a weight of more than two hundred kilograms, how long has Chuck been wearing it? Almost a year.
Nor is it, from the beginning of tens of kilograms, recently added to more than two hundred kilograms! !
Chuck always wear!
Let go today because today is desperate!
“As heavy as me?” Long Yi smiled slightly.
“Yes, two hundred and five.” Chuck shrugged.
Long Yi’s smile stopped and her eyes shone, “Are you scolding me?”
“Then, I can’t spare you!” Long Yi suddenly dispatched! !
This speed caused Wanjia to boil again and again!
What about Chuck?
In the face of absolute strength, you are useless!
“It turns out that way,” You Shiwen suddenly realized.
At the location of the league, she knew why the gap with Chuck widened in a short time.
Chuck is exercising all the time!
Ordinary people don’t say more than two hundred kilograms, even thirty kilograms are panting when walking.
However, Chuck has a weight of more than two hundred kilograms. It seems that he is used to it.
This adaptation is directly added to the load of 300 kg, and there is no problem!
“It turns out that this is so, with so many weights, it can still be the same as ordinary people.
Then, the fire dragon has died to the point of injustice…” The Zhang family head was already at a loss.
He suddenly knew why the fire dragon was knocked down by Chuck a few times!
Because Chuck’s strength can do it!
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes shone, “Chuck, Chuck, you just want to kill me? In order to kill me, do you bear the weight? Are you tired?”
She is angry and disappointed!
You should not like people like Chuck, it is not worth it!
The dragon came with a punch, unloaded Chuck, light as a swallow, and dodged away!
Long Yimei’s eyes shone, she was shocked, so fast!
What if Chuck had this habit? ?
Then did Karen li at that time also have this habit of carrying weight?
Why didn’t Karen li take off the weight at that juncture?
I don’t deserve to let her offload? ?
No, she didn’t have time to unload the weight, she was forced not to retreat by herself, she had no time to unload!
It must be like this! !
“When are you going to escape?” Long Yi said coldly!
Ten thousand families were shocked, how could Chuck dodge so fast!
Chuck is as light as a bird, as if a kite without lines is flashing!
Long Yi retreats!
Chuck almost kicked her!
Long Yi was cold, “Huh, I didn’t expect you to be able to surprise me, but you are here too!”
Long Yi suddenly broke out!
Chuck is already here!
The speed is amazing!
Long Yi stepped back three steps! !
Wanjia was shocked from top to bottom. . Retreated!
“Long Yi, what are you doing? Grab me!!!” Wan Ziwen said coldly!
“The owner waits a moment! I will catch him immediately!”
Long Yi was already irritated. She didn’t expect Chuck to bear the weight, and even more so, after Chuck unloaded, the speed would be so fast! !
“Stop me!” Long Yi said coldly, hitting with a punch!
The power of this punch is too great!
Chuck squinted, the hard resistance of fist to fist!
Snapped! !
Neither of them moved!
Fist fit!
Chuck is expressionless, but sad in his heart!
“I now know that if you didn’t attack my mom, you would never kill my mom,”
Chuck understands that it is a pity that his mother has been secretly calculated and it is impossible!
Chuck acidified his heart into strength!
Long Yi’s face was cold, “Is it? I didn’t expect you to have this day! But compared with me, you still have a big gap! I will show you the gap between you and me, because I am the first in the world. !!!”
Long Yi retracted her fist and kicked her long legs!
A kick!
Chuck resisted with his arm, but was kicked out three meters!
Chuck’s lines are not hurt. The weight on him has already transformed Chuck’s body into steel!
With Long Yi’s foot, Chuck’s hard resistance is fine!
The two are fighting, either Chuck was kicked or Long Yi was beaten!
The whole family has been shocked!
Long Yike is the No. 1 master of the Wan Family, but after five minutes have passed, the two of them have no difference!
Shouldn’t Long Yi kill Chuck? ?
You Shiwen beautiful eyes shone, “So you grew up so much… However, today, what do you think?”
She didn’t understand, Chuck was fighting alone, what about his confidence? ?
boom! !
Long Yi was kicked by Chuck!
Long Yi stepped back and almost fell to the ground!
“Long Yi, what are you doing? Grab me! Grab Chuck!” Wan Ziwen screamed for the first time!
“Homeowner, I have the same strength as Chuck! Even if I play one day, it is impossible to win or lose,” Long Yi said, bowing his head.
Wan Ziwen slapped Long Yi on the face!
Long Yi didn’t dare to say, “Sorry, Master!”
Wan Ziwen’s cold eyes turned her beautiful eyes, “Chuck, this is your confidence today?
Surprise me! However, you don’t know how many bodyguards of my Wanjia come out! Get me!

Wanzi is out!
In the crowd of people from all over the world, one by one appeared!
Everyone is cold!
There are two other men, these two men are masters comparable to Long Yi!
“Huh, look at what Chuck is proud of!”
“He will definitely be caught by the people of my family! I am optimistic!”
There is a lot of ridicule in Wanjia. You should know that there is no shortage of people in Wanjia. Long Yi can’t solve it.
You Chuck is ready to be stepped on! !

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