My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 908

All the bodyguards facing Wanjia appeared!
Wan Ziwen’s sneer, Long Yi’s revenge eyes!
Chuck leisurely!
You Shiwen clenched his fists! She will give Chuck a hand! !
“Chuck, how can this guy fight? With so many superb bodyguards, can Chuck have been able to fight? There are no brains, this time she will be killed!”
Zhang Xiang said angrily that Chuck is a mindless thing. Can a person fight so many people?
I thought it was a fairy!
Zhang Family sighed.
“Unexpectedly, I succeeded again.” Chuck suddenly smiled!
However, this laugh brought revenge! !
“If what I say is to make my face clean, it is the so-called success, it is considered a success, but for me, it is painless and itchy, and now it will be caught by my people!!”
Wan Ziwen resumed laziness!
What else can make her fluctuate? ?
No more!
“No, didn’t you go to Youjia with me? I don’t know what I did at You Tianle’s wedding at that time?” Chuck smiled slightly.
But this laughed, gritted his teeth! !
What did You Shiwen think of in an instant, understand!
Wan Ziwen raised her eyebrows, “Oh, what you said was that when You Tianle and Logan got married, they brought an undetected bomb?”
“What? He has a bomb? Impossible!!”
Wanjia boils up and down!
“Yes, guess how many I brought this time?? I tell, there must be more than one!” Chuck smiled slightly!
“Oh, how many are there?” Wan Ziwen also kept a lazy smile.
“Come, show one.” Chuck took out one and smashed it towards Wan Ziwen!
Wan Zi’s tattoos don’t change color, don’t retreat at all!
Because there was a person who jumped up and caught the bomb!
A dead man who is not afraid of death! !
The bomb exploded and flesh and blood flew! !
This bomb exploded into a blood mist!
Ten thousand families were shocked!
Chuck’s eyes were cold!
“How many more? Continue to chant,” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, she was walking, “Know why my Wanjia can be the first secret family for so long? Because my Wanjia people are not afraid of death, continue to throw chant! Yes How much to throw!”
“Not good!” You Shiwen was instantly cold!
“This strategy, did you take the bomb? This madman! Will he blow us to death?” Zhang Xiang was angry!
“I have to say, it’s still a bit of a brain. I reproduced the situation when I was controlling the scene alone like Youjia, but well, I’m not You Tianle, and I won’t be bluffed. Before throwing, I want to show something, see After that, maybe you will obediently obey! Long Yi, haven’t you brought her out yet?!”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
Long Yi went to take people.
“Is it?” You Shiwen was shocked!
Chuck’s eyes were trembling, yes, who? ?
Long Yi dragged out a person, yes, haggard Yvette!
“Wife, are you still alive?” Chuck was shocked!
His eyes were blood red, water drops appeared, and Chuck wept!
He thought that this man who grew up with himself died, and Chuck was so sad!
However, she stood alive in front of Chuck.
It’s just… haggard, white lips…
However, it is still so beautiful.
“It really is Yvette…” You Shiwen murmured to herself.
“Her husband…” Yvette burst into tears and saw Chuck again. The regrets of her life were gone.
“Wan Ziwen, let her go!” Chuck was furious!
“Release? What is the right to let me release? Put down all the bombs in my hand, I let Yvette!”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
“No!” Yvette shook his head in tears.
Let go, the next step is to die!
“Chuck, don’t let go, don’t!!!” You Shiwen also said.
Chuck clenched his fists, and he looked at the haggard Yvette, who was distressed, “Wife, still alive, still alive…”
“Chuck, I have no patience! I thought I was You Tianle? Wrong, no one can play with me, it’s still far away! Let go of all the bombs in my hands! Hurry up!!!”
“No, no…” Yvette wants to kill himself!
“Yvette, dare!” Chuck roared!
“I dare, I dare!” Yvette shook his head, “I can see it again, I have enough, to avenge Karen li!
“Wan Ziwen! This is all my bombs! This is all!”
Chuck caught a bomb in his hand, a lot!
Yvette despaired, “No.”
Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, “Very well, go, get these bombs!”
“Yes, the owner!”
Walking alone, Chuck dropped the bomb in his hand, “Let her go!”
“No! Don’t believe it, there must be a bomb hidden in my body. Search me!” Wan Ziwen smiled lazily.
This person was searching for Chuck’s body, but it was gone.
“It’s over.” You Shiwen sighed.
“Chuck, a bastard, a dumbass, why did you kill us?” Zhang Xiang was angry.
“Let her go!”
Chuck said coldly!
“Well, I always talked and counted! Long Yi, let her go!” Wan Ziwen shrugged!
Long Yi let Yvette!
Yvette stepped closer to Chuck step by step. She just wanted to hug Chuck. Today, she died, she thought, could Chuck go out!
Wan Ziwen suddenly smiled! Raised his hand and snapped his fingers!
One place, a hot bullet shot out!
Directly facing Yvette! !
“No!” Chuck was furious!
Yvette stopped, she was not afraid of death, she guilt hurt Chuck!
Chuck was shocked!
You Shiwen was shocked.
Zhang Family’s beard is about to jump up, his turbid eyes are blood red, “Qingyang, it’s my Qingyang!!”
Yvette turned around, there was a man on the ground, the bullet penetrated his body!
He lies on the ground!
Spit blood!
“This is? Zhang Qingyang? How did he come in?” Wan Ziwen liu frowned.
“I… he’s not bad, mixed in!” Long Yi said with a bowed head.
Chuck ran over and burst into tears, “Zhang… Dad, Dad.”
Chuck covered Zhang Qingyang’s wound, and blood came out uncontrollably. Zhang Qingyang’s face was pale, and he was at ease and relieved, “I can only do this, I’m sorry… Karen, I came down to find it, apologize… …”
“Dad!” Chuck grabbed Zhang Qingyang’s hand tightly and burst into tears!
“Wan Ziwen, Wan Ziwen!!!” Chuck’s eyes shot cold, his blood-red eyes as if the beast was roaring! !
Wan Ziwen is complacent, “Chuck, after all, I can’t play with me!”
“Is it?” Chuck put his fingers in his mouth and took out three bombs. This is hidden in his mouth, because it is small and can be hidden!
Wan Ziwen Liu Liu’s eyebrows were upright, “! Only three, useless! Hold me two of them!!!”
“Yes, the owner!”
The people of the 10,000 family deserve to die!
However, Long Yi suddenly changed color, turned around and saw that, Wan Ziwen Liu Liu frowned, “What’s wrong?”
“Someone is breaking into our Wanjia!” Long Yi looked ugly!
“Who!!” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes are cold!

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