My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 909

“For the time being, it is not clear!!”
The sensor that Long Yi carried with him sensed that someone had broken in!
However, it does not matter. The security of Wanjia is the most stringent security in the world, easy to defend and difficult to attack!
It’s useless for these people to break in!
Because, it is impossible to break in!
The reason is very simple, that is, here is Wanjia! !
No one has successfully broken in yet!
Not before, not today, not even in the future! !
“Long Yi, you let me down again and again!” Wan Ziwen said coldly!
“Sorry, Master, I will deal with this matter immediately!” Long Yi said.
There was a lot of discussion from all over the family, but they heard Long Yi saying that someone had come in! ?
who is it? ?
Who has this courage?
Chuck looked out, who came in? ?
He did not know that the only thing he wanted to do now was to kill Wan Ziwen! !
After Chuckla and Yvette, she was tortured without much energy.
Chuck wanted to take her out, however, how to take it?
Chuck came to Wanjia, holding a mortal heart.
Because, to deal with people like Wan Ziwen, as far as Chuck’s existing conditions are concerned, there is no other possibility, and some are only… !
Therefore, Chuck left three things Alice gave!
Yvette is still alive, Chuck is very pleased and sees hope.
Chuck just saw Yvette’s moment, he also wanted to take Yvette away and fly away, to live in seclusion together!
However, his dad shot to the ground!
My mother was assassinated, Logan, Black Rose…
Chuck can’t pass this hurdle!
Can’t pass it!
In this situation, how did Chuck take Yvette away? Can’t take it.
The moment I walked out of this door, it was an escape, it was to give up my mother’s grace, can Chuck be like this?
He can’t do it!
“Wife, I may be sorry, I want…” Chuck said.
“I know what you are going to do, and I will accompany you together, like… When I was a kid, when the two of us went to school together…”
Yvette was tired, yet she smiled.
At this point, there is no other way. Let’s die. At least be able to die with Chuck, and it’s… worth it.
“Husband, who broke in from outside, were you prepared?” Yvette asked.
“No, I didn’t call anyone!”
Chuck denied that even if it was Betty, Chuck did not call, but Chuck forced Betty not to come!
“Then, maybe Wan Ziwen’s enemy is not necessarily.”
“Well, maybe!!”
Chuck shrugged. He looked very light. Suddenly, You Shiwen looked over and she was close!
Chuck shook his head, he wanted to die with Wan Ziwen!
So, what does You Shiwen get close to?
Wan Ziwen died, and it was not difficult to control Wanjia with the ability to You Shiwen!
Betty is not difficult to control everything left by her mother!
Because, You Shiwen certainly won’t hit Betty’s idea!
This may be the best result in Chuck’s mind!
You Shiwen wants to step forward!
Chuck still shook his head!
You Shiwen was silent for three seconds, her eyes turned red.
“Chuck, what do you expect?” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
Long Yi controlled the situation outside and she was assured.
She raised her hand and snapped her fingers!
Wanjia’s bodyguard is close!
Three things, the bodyguards of 10,000 families swarmed up, not enough!
Chuck’s eyes stared at Wan Ziwen, he had an idea in his heart, how to pull Wan Ziwen to die together!
“How could this be?” Long Yi was surprised!
“What’s going on?” Wan Ziwen asked coldly.
“There are a lot of first-class masters up here! Is this? Let me see who they are!”
The instrument in Long Yi’s hand caught the picture of a person coming up, and one of them was a woman.
Long Yi used Wanjia’s network to check, and the woman’s information came out clearly.
“This is the autumn water of Wuxia in Xiaxia?”
Long Yimei was chilled, and she found out.
“Wumen? Do they dare to come up? Hold me, I want to ask, who instructed me!” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
“Yes, owner, I will deal with it immediately!”
boom! !
Suddenly, something popped up!
Blasted the protection of Wanjia!
Long Yimei shone, “I thought it would be great to have this?”
Long Yi said coldly that she took out a sniper rifle and pointed it at a helicopter outside!
She pulled the trigger! !
Bullets fired crazy!
It was so accurate to have hit the fuel tank of this plane!
The plane exploded!
However, a person jumped off the plane and took a parachute!
The man floated down, Long Yi smiled disdainfully, and the trigger pulled!
Bullets fired crazy!
Long Yiliu’s eyebrows fell, his marksmanship hit every shot, could not hit this person?
She looked at it with the aiming instrument, but only one second passed. She was stunned and saw the incredible thing, “impossible, impossible!”
“Long Yi, what’s wrong with you? Fuss!” Wan Ziwen has always been calm!
It’s okay to break in, there are many people in Wanjia!
“She, she, still alive!” Long Yi was overwhelmed by a pair of beautiful eyes!
“Who is still alive?”
“Karen li!!” Long Yi took a breath of air!

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