My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 910

Chuck was shocked!
What did Long Yi say? Mom is still alive? ?
Wasn’t Mom assassinated by Long Yi?
The body was washed away by the river, and it has not been found yet!
Could it be?
Mom is really not dead? So the body has never been found?
may? ?
Yvette looked up, her eyes were looking, she was complicated in a moment, “It’s her, it’s really her…”
For Yvette herself, she hopes that Li Qing will die, but when it really dies, Yvette is complicated.
Very tangled emotions!
Seeing her at the moment, Yvette felt a sudden. . Relieve!
“It turns out that you are not dead yet?”
You Shiwen is gratified. You Shiwen always felt sorry for her death!
You Shiwen has not played well with her! !
“Grandpa, did you see that Karen li’s bitch wasn’t dead? Not dead at all!!!” Zhang Xiang was also shocked!
The owner of the Zhang family is at a loss!
In the end what happened? ?
The parachute fell, a person leaped out, a pistol shot out, bang!
Killed the sniper rifle in Long Yi’s hand!
She jumped in the air and landed lightly!
The audience was stunned!
She didn’t look at it, and shot at a place!
It’s screaming!
A sniper from Wanjia died!
Eyebrow shot!
She is another shot!
Another sniper died!
Wan Ziwen appeared surprised, “Are you still dead?”
She turned her eyes and stared at Long Yi. This look was asking, you let me down again! !
“You, how could you not die?” Long Yi couldn’t believe it!
She saw with her own eyes that Karen li jumped into the turbulent river itself. What kind of fierce river might Karen li not die?
“Don’t you know that I can hold my breath under water for more than twenty minutes?” Karen li said lightly.
Only one person in the audience knows this matter!
That is Yvette!
When she assassinated Karen li for the first time, she used capsule poison, but she was poisoned herself, but Karen li did nothing at all.
At that time, Yvette knew a horrible thing, Karen li could hold his breath for more than 20
minutes! !
“You! Did you deliberately jump down?” Long Yi was angry!
“Yes, the situation at that time also forced me to jump down,” Karen li shrugged and came step by step!
“You really believe in yourself, jumping in that situation is a life of nine deaths!” Long Yi sneered coldly.
“Yes, it is a life of nine deaths! However, jumping down to live, this is just the smallest reason!”
“What big reason do you have?” Long Yi sneered coldly.
“Yes, my son, Chuck, I hope he can grow up quickly, inherit everything quickly, and force him quickly, so I thought of this method… Ceer, I hope you don’t blame me!” Karen li smiled.
Her eyes are red, the kind of miss for her loved ones!
“Mom!” Chuck really cried.
“Alas.” Karen li responded.
“Huh, you are making excuses for your escape. At that time, you can’t do it without jumping!”
Long Yi was angry!
“No! You can jump, or you can jump, because I broke my hand at that time, and I have no problem with you,” Karen li shrugged.
“Ridiculous! Do you think I will believe it!! You have been beaten down by me!!”
“This is what I let you see. You have to know that I was carrying nearly 300 kilograms to fight you, what do you say?”
“What? Are you really?” Long Yi was taken aback!
“Yes, what are you doing? You… I also think that I have planned something for a long time, and it should be almost the same, so I chose to jump!” Karen li said with a shrug.
“Oh, what else do you plan?” Wan Ziwen lazily smiled.
“A lot, as early as 20 years ago, I went to Wumen for further study, and they promised me a condition, that is… All the people helped me once, thinking about it, it is best to use it now!”
Karen li said.
“Oh, they haven’t attacked yet!” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly.
“No, almost! There are two sharpshooters to help, it’s not difficult! Because, I came up and figured out the layout of your Wanjia, and it’s hard to beat me!”
“What? You, Logan, did you save the black rose?” Long Yi was angry!
“Yes, it’s me!”
“Mum, Aunt Logan, they are still alive with black roses?” Chuck cried.
“Well, alive! Now that the injury has recovered, I’m attacking with coach Qiu Shui and I are worried about you, so…”
Suddenly, Karen li found Zhang Qingyang lying on the floor, Karen li was shocked!
She ran over with red eyes and listened to her heartbeat against her chest!
“Mom, Dad…” Chuck could not speak.
“I know, I know… I didn’t know at first, then I checked it myself, and I got it,” Karen li muttered to herself.
Chuck was stunned. Betty said that his mother was searching for clues to the secret family for a while. When she arrived at the Zhang family, her mother suddenly stopped checking and remained silent for one night. Perhaps, that night, the mother Her clever association knows everything.
Only, she pretended not to know…
Mom may want to retain this hard-won feeling, but… it’s counterproductive! Dad didn’t move while lying on the ground…

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