My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 94

The fat man was completely shocked, 200 million, without blinking his eyes, this woman is too rich.
He hesitated, he was able to give out 200 million people like this. He and she are not of the same grade at all. The fat man came over and gritted his teeth, “Who are you?”
“Knowing your place is worth 100 million at most, and why would I transfer 200 million to you?” Karen Li was calm.
“No, I don’t know.”
The obese man shook his head.
“Because I don’t want to see you in this place!” Karen Li said.
The fat man is angry, is this taking money to let himself go?
He wants to get angry. After all, he has been fighting here for too many years, and he has his own contacts, which forces him to go, which undoubtedly breaks his own financial path!
But at such a close distance, he already felt a bit of pressure, and he dared not look into Karen Li’s eyes.
To know this feeling, he only met a few shopping tycoons when he went to the capital. Could it be that this woman in front of him is a super Baller?
But why haven’t I heard of it…
When he thought of this, he suddenly thought of a major event in the sea market recently, that is, Ye Se Hotel was acquired by a lady Karen Li, at a price of close to 3 billion! !
Is it the one in front of you?
When the obese man thought of this, he felt cold sweat behind his back.
He has a net worth of several hundred million, and there is still a bar in the house. People 3 billion please buy a five-star hotel. This time, less than half a month, and now another 200 million to buy his own bar. This is really unpredictable. !
He felt like a flood of water rushed into the Dragon King Temple.
“What are you panicking?” Karen Li looked at him, her voice still so weak.
“Are you Ms. Karen Li?” the obese man asked tentatively.
Karen Li tapped his finger on the table, and if he didn’t hear it, “Come and sign, I will give you three days to leave here, remember, don’t show up in front of me! I hate it if you show up in front of me again, I will let He will disappear forever!”
This kind of oppression is strong!
The fat man shivered, he walked over immediately, signed it, and pressed his fingerprints.
He stood rigorously at a loss.
Betty put away the contract on the table, staring at the fat man with narrowed eyes.
Just now Betty’s ruthlessness has already shocked him, the obese man is entangled, and even more nervous, can he be able to take out three billion people so easily, then is it easy to fix himself!
“I will refund 50 million to you.” The fat man gritted his teeth and said.
“This is no longer your place, you can go.” Karen Li said.
“No, I will refund 100 million to you. I want to make friends with you,” the fat man said hurriedly.
He felt in his heart that he had already offended a person who he could not afford to offend. He felt that one hundred million might kill him. The longer he got, the more afraid he was.
Karen Li narrowed her eyes, “Don’t go?”
Betty walked out with a cold air!
The fat man trembled with fright, and Limala left the blue-haired girl lying on the ground, and the blue-haired girl was awakened.
“Dad, has the matter been resolved? Ah, Dad, how are they doing well, hit them, call someone!” The blue-haired girl struggled.
“All her mother is your fault!”
The obese man was angrily raised his hand and slapped it down. With a slap, the blue-haired woman covered her cheek with her hand, her face dumbfounded, “Dad, you…”
The fat man dragged the blue-haired girl out. When he finally went out, the blue-haired girl was shocked. Why did his dad beat him?
“Then I’ll go and start dealing with the bar.” Betty said.
“Today is too late, tomorrow is fine, you ask someone to come over and design again, I don’t want to see any previous things in this bar,” Karen Li said.
“Yes.” Betty nodded.
Chuck was surprised. Is this all knocked down and redecorated? My mother is too courageous, Chuck asked, “Mom, doesn’t this store need to invest a lot of money?”
Although Chuck knows that his mother is rich, this bar is absolutely luxurious and decorated like this, and it is even possible to knock down the building and rebuild it. After all, his mother has great powers!
It may take three to four billion, which is really a top bar.
“Maybe a little more than 300 million.” Karen Li said.
Chuck smiled, and said that he could come over for a drink anytime? Karen Li shook his head, “Yes, but you need to have a degree of alcohol, not more than a degree, then you can come three times a month. When you don’t drink, you can come anytime. You know what I mean?”
Chuck nodded, his mother is good for her health, drinking alcohol hurts her body.
“The most important thing is that you must not drive while drinking!” Karen Li was particularly serious.
“If you let me know that you committed this, I will be angry, so remember!” Karen Li’s tone was serious, but his eyes were spoiled.
Chuck smiled, he doesn’t like drinking, let’s talk about it! If I had a car accident while drinking and driving, it would be useless to have more money.
Karen Li only glanced at Charlotte in the corner. Charlotte was completely stunned, because in just a few minutes, she had witnessed a 200 million yuan business so successful…
Is everything true just now?
“I don’t care about your private life, but you can’t mess around with women, you can’t force them, and you can’t play with them! If there are women, you have to stand up like a man!” Karen Li became serious again.
Chucken said, “I know, and, Mom, you think too much, I don’t have that feeling for these two,”
“Two more?”
Karen Li patted Chuck on the forehead, “Don’t learn well!!”
Chuck was helpless. As a mother, Karen Li should establish a correct view of woman for herself. After all, she is a woman herself.
Karen Li stood up and said, “Go, accompany me to eat supper.”
“Mom, how can I leave this situation?”
Chuck was helpless, Lara was still drunk, and Charlotte was in shock. He had to arrange for the two of them.
“Okay, you handle it yourself.” Karen Li and Betty walked out, Chuck thought of something, and chased them out, “Mom, I need money in the square recently, I…”
Karen Li walked in front, raised his hand and waved, “I see.”
Within a minute of this sentence, Chuck received the bank account text message, and his mother called himself another five million.
Chuck was pleasantly surprised.
He put the phone in his pocket and walked in with a sigh of relief. When he saw Charlotte, he still looked at himself. Chuck was helpless, so he could only walk over and see that Lara had fallen asleep. He really didn’t know how much he had drunk.
“I’ll take the two of you back. Can you let Lara live in your house today?” Chuck said. He still thought that Lara could be rectified today, but Chuck was a little disappointed that he would come out like this.
“The place where I live with is too small, and there are two roommates…” Charlotte said.
“What should I do then? I’ll open a room for you two.” Chuck could only say that.
“Or, let’s go to your house.” Charlotte said while biting her lip. She was very nervous when she asked this question. Wouldn’t it be too proactive?
But today, Chuck was shocked to her again, she wanted to take the initiative, otherwise there might be no chance in the future.
“Go to my house?” Chuck was surprised. Although there are other rooms in his house,…
Chuck struggled and didn’t want Lara to enter his home, Charlotte was okay, Lara, Chuck really didn’t want to.
“Open the room, it’s more convenient,” Chuck said.
“En.” Charlotte felt lost and disappointed
Is he really not interested in himself?
She bit her lip and gave up her dignity, “Chuck, I know you have many women, but I don’t mind being one of them. As long as you want, come to me when you need it, or I’ll come to you, look like this OK?”
Chuck was stunned. He glanced at Charlotte again. To tell the truth, Charlotte is pretty, but Chuck is really not interested in her for the time being, let alone his mother said, don’t play with women.
“Uh, I’ll talk about it next time,” Chuck could only say that.
“En,” Charlotte lowered her head, feeling bitter in her heart, “Do you think I am too peaceful?”
How do you say this? Compared to Lara’s, Yvette’s, and even Zelda’s, she was pretty unremarkable, but her legs were pretty good.
Charlotte saw Chuck’s gaze on her legs, and she was relieved that she had strong confidence in her legs. Everything she wore before looked good. Everyone said that, regardless of men and women, Charlotte and others. No, just legs!
Then I still have a chance!
Charlotte thought so much better in her heart. Charlotte grabbed Chuck’s hand, Chuck was stunned, this…this is…
Charlotte blushed, “Think, stretch out your hand at any time.”
Chuck nodded.
Charlotte wanted to help Lara up, but Lara’s drunk body became soft and collapsed. It was not a girl who could hold her up, she could only Chuck.
Chuck hugged Lara and looked down and saw her in front of her. It was still a temptation for him to look so close. Chuck admits that, but you can’t think about it. Chuck hugged Lara and walked outside. Charlotte followed.
There is a hotel near the bar. The front desk saw Chuck holding one, and another one behind him. He was surprised and opened the room for Chuck with a weird look. After arriving in the room, Lara was so drunk that she wanted to take off her clothes, Chuck Naturally, she did not refuse. Seeing that Lara took off her coat, she actually fell to the ground in a daze. Chuck had no choice but to help her up. It’s okay if she didn’t help. Lara actually vomited. Spit on Chuck.
Chuck was dumbfounded.
Lara fell to the ground and continued to sleep, Charlotte hurried over, “I’m sorry, my cousin didn’t mean it,”
Chuck wants to take Lara’s thigh, what the hell is this? That’s how I thanked you for helping you?
It’s vomiting all over, what should I do? Lara slept like a dead pig.
“Why don’t you go in for a shower, take off your clothes, I will wash you, and then use a hair dryer to dry you, and it will only take ten minutes.” Charlotte said in a low voice, she was really sorry.
That’s all. Chuck took off his clothes and went to take a bath. Charlotte washed Chuck’s clothes. She looked inside through the frosted glass. She was ashamed. How can I put it to say, she knew that women were actually very erotic, and she admitted to herself Also color, I can’t help but peek.
But Chuck is not strong, but he looks strong and feels a lot.
Charlotte thought in her heart. After washing her clothes quickly, Chuck came out wrapped in a bath towel. He just wanted to play in it.
After all, he is also a man. In this environment, Chuck went to Charlotte, even with Lara. Anyway, Lara was drunk and Charlotte would be more cooperative, but Chuck couldn’t do it after thinking about it carefully!
First of all, Chuck really didn’t feel much about Charlotte, and even less for Lara. Lara was in a better figure. For others, Chuck hated her, but today Lara is like this. Chuck still feels a little guilty in his heart, and it is even more impossible to take advantage of her. Dangerous.
So stop thinking about it.
Chuck sat by the bed and looked at Lara on the ground. She was miserable enough today. She was drunk and beaten again, so she couldn’t sleep on the ground like this.
He hesitated, he better helped her and carried her to the bed.
Lara was still talking nonsense, “Thou tyrant, come, come… I don’t care what you look like, it’s better to be about the same as Chuck… come!”
Chuck was surprised, Lara actually imagined the “Baller” as herself? Chuck really didn’t expect Lara to hate herself very much? Do you look down on yourself? Does Lara actually like herself in her bones? ? This should be impossible!
Chuck stared at Lara on the bed.

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