My Love, Enlighten Me

Chapter: 106

Shengding Media.
Mu Tingxiao was in a meeting when the phone on the conference table suddenly vibrated.
He lowered his eyes to look at the phone, and with a single glance, the cold expression on his face eased.
Immediately, he picked up the phone and walked out of the conference room.
As soon as he left, the high-level people underneath who hadn’t dared to make a splash became active and asked Gu Zhiyan: “Mr. Gu, who is calling the president?”
“Who could it be? His wife!” Gu Zhiyan could guess that Mu Nuannuan was calling him without looking at Mu Tingxiao’s cell phone.
“The president also has a wife?”
“That’s not true. People with a temper like him can also find a wife. I don’t even have any…”

Closing the door of the meeting room, Mu Tingxiao answered the phone.
Before he could say anything, Mu Nuannuan’s voice rang: “Where are you going to work? I’ll give you a lunch at noon.”
Her voice was already soft, but at this time she deliberately slowed down her intonation, appearing a little gentle.
Mu Nuannuan wants to give him a lunch box?
Did he hear it wrong, or did she take the wrong medicine today?
“You are at home?”
“Then I’ll come back to eat.”
“It’s okay.” Anyway, her purpose is not to give him food.

At noon, “Mu Jiachen” came back on time.
Mu Nuannuan brought the soup to the table and saw him enter the restaurant.
“It’s just time to come back, so I can eat.” Mu Nuannuan still hadn’t taken off her apron, standing at the other end of the dining table, looking at him with a smile.
Mu Tingxiao was slightly stunned, he thought Mu Nuannuan today was a bit weird.
But he didn’t show it, he glanced at her calmly, then sat down and started eating.
Mu Nuannuan found that “Mu Jiachen” was very attentive when doing anything, even eating, as if only the dishes in front of him were in his eyes, and he would not look at other things.
Mu Nuannuan took out her mobile phone from her pocket and took a clear profile photo of “Mu Jiachen”.
“Mu Jiachen” seemed to turn his head to look at her, her eyes as deep as ink seemed to be able to see through.
Mu Nuannuan was worried, he shouldn’t have noticed that she shot him!
As a result, “Mu Jiachen” just asked: “You don’t want to eat?”
“I’m not too hungry yet, you can eat first.” Mu Nuannuan said as she took off her apron and went out.
After Mu Jiachen left after eating, Mu Nuannuan also went out.
She took the bus to the rental house, and when she left, she still brought a lot of food at home.
Xiao Mu Jiachen was spreading out on the sofa to play games, with a bag of torn potato chips on hand, and the potato chips were spilled everywhere.
“Have you had lunch?” Mu Nuannuan picked up things on the floor as she walked towards him.
Xiao Mu Jiachen raised his eyelids and glanced at her: “No.”
Mu Nuannuan felt that the child was too naughty, and ran away from home across the ocean because of playing games.
“What do you plan to do if I don’t come? Don’t contact the family, plan to starve to death here?”
Without raising his head, he said, “It’s impossible to starve to death. The big deal is to rob the bank.”
The tone is still very serious.
Mu Nuannuan: “…”
Finally, after playing a game, he opened the meal that Mu Nuannuan brought him and started eating. After taking two bites, he suddenly raised his head with a surprised expression: “I will eat this restaurant next time. !”
Mu Nuannuan pointed at the corner of his mouth and motioned to the rice grains there: “I made it myself.”
He reached out his hand and touched the corner of his mouth, and then said astonishingly: “Be my girlfriend!”
Mu Nuannuan: “…”
Seeing that Mu Nuannuan didn’t speak, he took the initiative to say: “Although I am very poor now, when I can play professional games, I can make money to buy you bags, clothes and cosmetics. Think about it.”
Women like to buy these things, his mother is like that, buying and buying every day.
Mu Nuannuan couldn’t laugh or cry with that serious tone.
“Don’t talk nonsense, I’m already married.” Mu Nuannuan said, turning the phone to the picture of “Mu Jiachen” taken earlier and showing him: “Do you know this man?”
Xiao Mu Jiachen only took a look and said, “My cousin, where did you sneak a photo?”
After speaking, he said in a panic: “Where is he? I treat you as a friend, and you let him catch me back!”
“No!” Mu Nuannuan felt that the child responded very quickly: “Which cousin of yours?”
“Mu Tingxiao! My mother and his dad are brothers and sisters, and he is just my cousin!” After he finished speaking, he lowered his head to pick up rice, and said vaguely: “It’s delicious, you and you Husband divorced and be my girlfriend. Your husband allows you to live in this kind of place. He must take the money to raise a mistress, and divorce him as soon as possible. I am young and handsome with unlimited potential…
The shock and anger in Mu Nuannuan’s heart broke her power instantly after hearing Xiao Mu Jiachen’s words.
“What do you know as a child!”
He self-consciously continued: “Although my cousin looks okay, but he has a bad temper and is very terrible. People like him can’t find a girlfriend. I heard that his My wife is an ugly monster, hahahaha…”
Mu Nuannuan’s face turned black all of a sudden, and she said blankly: “Are you going to keep going like this? When will you contact your parents?”
“I won’t contact them unless they ask me to play games.”
“They will be anxious!”
“No, they are used to it, so I will go a little longer this time, and take a longer time to attract their attention and attention.”
“…” Mu Nuannuan didn’t know what to say.
Turned out to be a habitual offender running away from home.
His parents are also… casual.
He is only a half-year-old child, and she is not good at telling “Mu Jiachen” about him now, and she can’t really leave it alone, so she can just take care of him temporarily.
On the way back, Mu Nuannuan received a call from Mu Liyan.
“Nuan Nuan, how are you talking with Mu Tingxiao? When will he come forward to help us?”
Mu Nuannuan sighed and said, “There was so much money missing on the black card. He thought I had spent too much money, so he took the black card back, and he didn’t want to see me all day.”
“This is not good, you must ask him to help us.”
“I will try my best, Dad, don’t worry.”
“Of course I can rest assured. After all, you are a filial child, especially to your mother… She has been used to an easy life these years. If the Mu family fails to recover, I don’t care, but I can’t bear to let your mother live in that kind of diet. Day…”
Mu Liyan, like Xiao Chuhe, thought that Mu Nuannuan cared about Xiao Chuhe, so he deliberately said this so that Mu Nuannuan could do his best to help him.
Mu Nuannuan paused, her tone sounded a little moved: “Well, I understand.”
After hanging up the phone, Mu Nuannuan snorted and put the phone back into her bag.
Want her to ask Mu Tingxiao to help the Mu family? impossible.

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