Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1004

After he finished speaking word by word, Chen Feng was finally scared.

“You investigated us? But you have been with us yesterday. How could you possibly do it? If not, then you knew our identity before we came.” Chen Feng immediately deduced.

Qin Dabao did not stop the movements in his hands, but comforted him: “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

He smiled at Chen Feng as he spoke, but how could Chen Feng put down his vigilance because of this.

Qin Dabao didn’t mind, and just continued: “When you came in yesterday, I really regarded you as passers-by who came to find your relatives, but I knew that it was last night.”

Chen Feng thought about last night, but he didn’t think the two guys killed by him would tell him these things.

But Qin Dabao didn’t continue to explain, so he couldn’t ask any more questions.

“Then now that you know our identity, what do you want?” Chen Feng asked still vigilantly.

Qin Dabao smiled and said, “I am not interested in your identity. Someone came over and asked me to kill you before, but I refused. So now I will not do this to you. If you leave, you can leave at any time.”

Chen Feng was a little surprised.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“You may not even know that they are a group of mice, but when they grow up, it is also annoying. I don’t know if you have heard of the tattooed ghost.”

Chen Feng looked surprised and said, “Is it them?”

Qin Dabao was also surprised: “You actually know them, how exactly did you offend these guys, you actually provoke them to chase you down.”

Chen Feng naturally shook his head.

Qin Dabao didn’t question Chen Feng either, and said, “It’s no wonder that these guys are always inaccurate. They think one thing and do one thing. Who knows how they know you, they want to kill you.”

Chen Feng asked suspiciously, “You seem to be familiar with them?”

Qin Dabao did not deny it, but just nodded and said, “Know some.”

There was no follow-up, but the way Chen Feng looked at him didn’t think it was just that simple.

The water in the pot was already boiling, Qin Dabao stood up, took out some noodles from the bag on the side and went in.

Then he said to Chen Feng: “There is nothing else in the morning. If you don’t like the noodles, you can only empty your stomach first.”

Chen Feng didn’t speak either. He just watched and thought about it. He asked, “May I ask you a question?”

Qin Dabao stirred the water in the pot and smiled: “You just asked more than one question.”

Chen Feng shrugged and said, “It’s just that this question is a little bit nasty, maybe you won’t answer it.”

Qin Dabao said directly: “Then don’t ask, I won’t answer. Even if you say it, I still won’t answer, but I won’t feel ashamed of it.”

But Chen Feng still said, “What are you hiding here for? And the wife and children you told me last night are true?”

Qin Dabao said, “These are two questions. Which one do you want me to answer?”

Chen Feng looked at him and thought for a while, and said: “It’s still the first one.”

“This is what you said, I won’t answer.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect him to say that, so he said again, “Then the second question?”

Qin Dabao stopped his movements, looked at Chen Feng, and said, “They were indeed dead, but it was not because of a car accident, but because they were killed.”

Chen Feng was also slightly surprised, and said, “It’s those guys.”

Chen Feng thought of his attitude towards the tattooed ogre, so he asked directly.

But this time Qin Dabao completely ignored him.

The noodles boiled in the pot after a while, and Qin Dabao put some salt in the pot and picked up the noodles.

“This is for you. Those two girls wait to get up. You can figure it out by yourself. I won’t have another bowl.”

Chen Feng looked at the clear soup noodles, it was really white without a trace of oil stars, but seeing what Qin Dabao was eating was really good, he had to eat it aside.

After eating breakfast and looking at the time, Long Ling and the others should have been awake a long time ago, and they don’t know why they haven’t come out until now.

Chen Feng knocked on the door, and a weak voice came from inside.

After he went in, he realized that the two women inside had a fever, as if the temperature was still very high.

I originally wanted to leave today, but looking at the current situation, it is estimated that I can only stay for another day.

Qin Dabao saw it too, but smiled at Chen Feng, as if waiting for Chen Feng and his request.

Chen Feng had no choice but to ask, Qin Dabao readily agreed.

After feeding the two of them and taking antipyretics, and the temperature dropped, Chen Feng walked out in relief.

“Thank you.” Chen Feng thanked again.

“What are you polite? I don’t have any grudges with you, and it doesn’t hurt me to help you.”

Although that was the case, it was a personal choice whether to do it or not. Even if he refused, Chen Feng would not be able to say anything. After all, the other party did not have this obligation.

But as for whether it will evolve into violence in the future, it is unclear.

After retiring, Qin Dabao suddenly asked, “Do you know who rushed to Qianjia yesterday?”

Chen Feng sat beside him, nodded, and said, “It’s Molang. Apart from them, I can’t think of any other possibilities.”

Qin Dabao said, “It’s them, do you also have enemies with Molang? Otherwise, you won’t run away so fast.”

Chen Feng didn’t have anything to hide, so he said directly: “There are indeed some hatreds.”

“Would you like to go back and see the Qianjia, now that group of guys have also retired, you should not see them now when you go back.”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I won’t go back for the time being. If there are still people alive in the Qianjia, then they will hide in the secret room and they can’t die if they want to die. If they are all dead, they will naturally be of no use to go back. No.”

Qin Dabao didn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until the night that Long Ling was a little awake. Seeing Chen Feng aside, she seemed relieved and ready to continue sleeping, but Chen Feng stopped her.

Chen Feng borrowed the stove to cook some gruel, although Long Ling was reluctant to eat, but Chen Feng forced her to drink some, at least with energy to resist better.

After a while, Feng Qi woke up, and he did the same.

After this rest to the second day, the two talents really had some spirit.

When they came outside, they changed clothes that they had already done, and when they saw Qin Dabao, they also smiled at him.

Qin Dabao said heartily: “If you rest a little longer, your body hasn’t recovered yet.”

But Long Ling, both doctors, naturally knew that a little exercise at this time would be more conducive to recovery. Accompanied by Chen Feng, they strolled around.

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