Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 105

Zhou Li stopped the movement in her hand and looked back. Only then did she see the stinky silk in her eyes just now, and her eyes were blood red!
The next second, Chen Feng’s figure rushed over like lightning.
In Zhou Li’s horrified eyes, with just a slap, Zhou Li’s whole body was directly slapped and hit the wall heavily.
For an instant, Zhou Li felt that she was falling apart, her bones were broken into unknown pieces.
More than a dozen bloody teeth popped out of his mouth!
Yan Chunmei shuddered on the side and took two steps back unconsciously.
But Chen Feng’s icy gaze locked her instantly. Although Chen Feng didn’t see Yan Chunmei act on Xia Mengyao when he came in, he could speculate that this Yan Chunmei was the instigator!
Just a Zhou Li, she is not so bold.
“What are you doing? I warn you, it’s illegal to hit someone!” Yan Chunmei sternly shouted.
“Why hit her?!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth with rage in his eyes.
“This stinky bitch, she spilled milk tea on me, what happened to me hitting her?!” Yan Chunmei said confidently.
“Good! Very good!” Chen Feng clenched his fists and said coldly.
“Don’t come here, I’ll report if you dare to come…” Yan Chunmei tried to scare Chen Feng by calling the police, but before the police word was spoken, Chen Feng’s big hand fell on her face.
Call the police? It’s useless for you to find the King of Heaven!
With a slap, Yan Chunmei slapped Yan Chunmei in the same place twice, and Yan Chunmei’s face full of heavy makeup swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Yan Chunmei was stunned in the same place, only seeing Venus in her eyes. After reacting, she suddenly screamed hysterically and rushed towards Chen Feng: “My old lady killed you!”
Chen Feng grinned, slapped again, and slammed Yan Chunmei’s face fiercely, directly fanning out a few bloody teeth.
Yan Chunmei was fanned to the ground and began to cry for her father and mother.
Chen Feng did not intend to let her go. He took a step forward, raised his foot and stepped on the back of Yan Chunmei’s hand.
Crush it hard!
Yan Chunmei’s hand bones were directly crushed by Chen Feng!
A pig-killing howl sounded, and the tearing pain made the veins of Yan Chunmei’s forehead violent, and his face rose to the color of pig liver.
Zhou Li was still groaning on the side, but when she saw this scene, she was so frightened that there was a wet feeling in her crotch.
Zhou Li struggled to get up, trying to run.
Chen Feng sneered, but he didn’t give her a chance at all. He kicked Zhou Li and kicked Zhou Li.
Then Zhou Li only felt that a big foot was stepped on the back of her hand.
“Do not……”
Before the words were spoken, heart-piercing pain came from the back of his hand.
Zhou Li’s hand bones were also violently trampled by Chen Feng!
This is the price of daring to offend Xia Mengyao!
Chen Feng’s eyes were cold, he hadn’t been so angry for a long time.
He couldn’t think of killing him, but he just took Xia Mengyao out to go shopping, and he came across such a lifeless thing.
“Chen Feng…” At this time, Xia Mengyao woke up leisurely.
“Mengyao, are you all right.” Chen Feng hurriedly rushed to Xia Mengyao and took Xia Mengyao in his arms.
“Woo, Chen Feng, I hurt.” Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes were full of tears, she just wanted to buy a bag, why did she run into people like Zhou Li and Yan Chunmei.
Chen Feng’s heart ached for a while, Xia Mengyao had never suffered such grievances.
“It’s okay, I’ll take you to the hospital.” Chen Feng took a deep breath and said. Then he glanced at Yan Chunmei and Zhou Li who were still groaning on the ground, and a cold killing intent flashed across his eyes!
Damn these two bitches!
“Boom boom boom”
At this time, a man in a black suit ran over with a group of security guards.
It is impossible not to attract the attention of the shopping malls.
The man in black suit is the security manager of the mall, Wang Daquan.
As soon as Wang Daquan entered the store, he saw Zhou Li and Yan Chunmei lying on the ground groaning. They looked very miserable at the moment, their faces were as swollen as a pig’s head, and the back of their hands was dripping with blood.
Obviously, the instigator was Chen Feng.
Wang Daquan glanced at Chen Feng with his angry eyes.
For such a big incident in the mall, he, the security manager, cannot escape the blame.
“Did you?” Wang Daquan asked furiously.
“Don’t you ask what happened?” Chen Feng’s tone also became cold when Wang Daquan got angry at himself without asking why.
“I asked if you did it?! You just need to answer me, yes or no!” Wang Daquan roared.
“It was this bastard who beat me! Quickly kill him!” Yan Chunmei screamed, her face full of spite.
“Catch him!” Wang Daquan said viciously.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s face is already extremely cold: “I will give you one last chance to figure out what the situation is!”
“No, I’ll let you kneel down and explain to me!” Wang Daquan’s face was frightened. He must find a way to shift all the responsibility to Chen Feng.
Seven or eight security guards swarmed up, and Chen Feng sneered and rushed over like a tiger descending from the mountain.
In less than ten seconds, seven or eight young and strong security guards fell to the ground, and no one was standing!
Upon seeing this scene, Wang Daquan’s face turned pale, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
Encountered a stubble!
“Do you want me to kneel down and explain to you?” Chen Feng asked with a gloomy expression.
“Gudong” sounded.
Wang Daquan swallowed.
“Trash, you trash!” Yan Chunmei screamed, seven or eight security guards, one of them was beaten, but she never beaten it!
“Shut up!” Wang Daquan cursed in anger. Chen Feng obviously has the skill in his hand. For such a person, how many security guards come to deliver food.
“Dare to scold me?!” Yan Chunmei’s eyes widened.
“You wait, you trash, and that bastard, you all have to die today!” Yan Chunmei cursed hysterically, and then took out the phone.
“Husband, someone wants to kill me! You don’t care!”
“This bastard is very good at fighting. Bring more people!”
Chen Feng watched Yan Chunmei call someone coldly, but didn’t stop him. He wanted to see what else Yan Chunmei could call!
On the side of Wang Daquan, cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and Yan Chunmei was obviously not simple. This really called someone, and he would suffer.
“This eldest brother, and this eldest sister, or you will save me face and settle it.” Wang Daquan said with sad expression.
“Give you face? What are you!”
“Wait for my old lady’s people to come, my old lady will make you a trash to give my old lady kneel on the ground to school dog barking!”
“And that bastard, my old lady must break every bone in his body today!”
Yan Chunmei’s face was full of resentment, but her attitude was still arrogant at the moment.

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