Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1063

When hearing this voice, almost all of them opened their eyes. It seemed that they were the same as Chen Feng, and they couldn’t fall asleep.

The direction of the sound was very close, and the person in the Sea Lion Tower whispered, “Listening to the sound, that person is running for his life, and behind him there are very light footsteps chasing him.”

Chen Feng didn’t hear these subtle voices, but there was no need to question them, because he soon saw the guy chasing behind.

He is a very ordinary guy. Chen Feng has seen him in the crowd before, but now it seems that his previous impression should be wrong.

However, it seems that the man who is only 30 years old makes no sound when he walks, or even walks slowly, but the chased guy always seems to be unable to escape his chase.

The escaping in front finally saw Chen Feng and the others, and he hurriedly called for help.

But none of Chen Feng who knew the situation stepped forward to make a shot, and when the man finally leaned in, he suddenly rushed forward, as if he had tripped over something.

But Qianhiro Ken exclaimed, “What a quick hidden weapon.”

Chen Feng was also taken aback. Although it is very dark here, Chen Feng is confident that if it is really a hidden weapon, he should be able to see it, or just hear the sound of breaking through the sky.

But he neither saw nor heard anything, but the guy not far away did not stand up after he fell. Except that he was dead, Chen Feng didn’t think he would lie down after he fell. there.

After this person died, the chaser directly faced Chen Feng and the others. He could see a few people standing in front of the stone gate, and he stood there, no longer walking forward.

“Brother, please report your name.”

The people in the Sea Lion Tower took the initiative to say.

If speaking, the Sea Lion House has a list of participants this time, but obviously the person in front of him will not be the fake name reported on the list, and they will ask this question too.

The man said faintly, “I’m sorry to disturb some of you.”

The person in the Sea Lion Tower said: “This is not an important thing. I just want to come and see that the stone gate is now completely closed. And here is the only way out.”

The man took a serious look at Shimen before he said, “You want to tell me that only you can open the Shimen, and you can only go through you when you want to go out?”

“Almost the same meaning, but unfortunately, we have no way to open this door, but you don’t have to worry, we know how to open him, but now we need some help from you.”

Chen Feng finally understood what he meant, and it turned out that he wanted to recruit this person over.

But after thinking about it, Chen Feng understood what he meant. Maybe he felt that in front of Qianjia’s force, he just knew that there was not much protection in the secret area, so he would only see the strength of this person. , And talked to him about the truth, hoping to let him balance their respective situations after joining the group.

After knowing this, anyone must seriously consider their own survival issues, but that person coldly said: “I never thought about going out!”

This remark not only shocked the people who persuaded him in the Sea Lion Tower, but also made Chen Feng and the others wonder how there are still people who are unwilling to go out.

Could it be that he came here deliberately, and deliberately wanted to die.

Naturally, ordinary people can’t understand it.

“Since you have to choose to stay here, why kill people? Is it possible that you are here to kill people.”

“I killed him to save him. He was already delirious. Even if I didn’t kill him and approached you, you would still kill him.”

Hearing what he said, everyone thought of the two guys who had been poisoned by the psychedelic poison before. Maybe this guy who flees just saw something terrifying chasing him.

Naturally, Chen Feng had also thought about whether he was lying, but since he could kill the opponent instantly, then there was no reason for him to run in front of Chen Feng and the others.

So his words are still credible.

“Since you are not trying to kill or hunt for treasures, is there any reason you have to stay here to let you choose to die here.” Chen Feng asked curiously.

The man looked at Chen Feng, his eyes were very cold, as if he was dead still. He looked around, everything here seemed to be so dark, but he looked at it and felt very calm, and he had never It’s been so peaceful.

He said to Chen Feng: “I don’t care where I will die. I just came here and then fell in love with it, so I don’t want to leave.”

This is really a very strange reason. No one can understand. Chen Feng is even more confused, but Qian Xueqiu seems to understand something. He said: “Death is not an easy choice, but you choose to be quiet. Dying, I think you must have unresolved grief in your heart. I won’t ask why, just hope you can see the world more.”

Listening to Qian Xueqiu’s words, the man naturally turned his gaze to Qian Xueqiu. He was a little annoyed, as if he had been seen through his heart. This was something he didn’t want to expose.

“You don’t understand anything, so why can you say me?”

“I really don’t understand anything, but I know life is precious.”

The person’s eyes became cold, as if he could penetrate Qian Xueqiu, and he said fiercely: “If you dare to say one more word, I will kill you.”

Immediately, Chen Feng and the others became nervous. They knew the strength of this person. If they wanted to kill Qian Xueqiu, it would be just a matter of flicks.

The child even looked at Qian Xueqiu and told him not to say more with his eyes, but Qian Xueqiu seemed to have not seen it. He said to himself: “Don’t punish yourself with other people’s mistakes.”

After he finished speaking, everyone thought that the man was going to do something, but he was silent. He just glanced at Qian Xueqiu quietly, then turned and left without saying a word, not knowing whether he understood it or not, but I feel extremely lonely from the back.

Maybe this is life. When you are in pain, cowardly death is the only choice.

After the person left, the vicinity of Shimen fell into silence again.

However, everyone was no longer able to rest safely, and simply got up and prepared for the next thing.

In fact, it was just looking for the whereabouts of the dark shadow.

Each ate some dry food, drank some water, and started to explore downward along yesterday’s road.

The place is very big. It was only one-third of the way yesterday. If you continue to walk, you should get away from their goal very quickly.

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