Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1065

But the two didn’t seem to be a real life-and-death duel. Aggie just wanted to teach him the words he had just said. Finally, Aggie punched the man in the chest, which opened the distance.

People coughed slightly, and it seemed that the power of the punch was not weak. He slowly said, “But even if you don’t agree with those stolen things, you will tell him that he is a complete man. thief.”

The words were heavier than before, Aggie’s reaction should have been greater, but he just glared at the other person, his lips moved, and there seemed to be no way to say what he wanted to say.

Standing there looking at Aji and the others, Chen Feng didn’t know what had happened, but suddenly there was a loud noise and everyone woke up.

They looked in the direction of the sound, not too far from here, and immediately thought that maybe the mausoleum had been opened, and they simply ignored Aji. A few people in the Sea Lion Tower rushed in the first place, Qianjia and Chen Feng naturally. Not to be outdone, but also ran over with Qian Xueqiu.

Aji originally wanted to stop them, but the man said, “What the hell is this? His business has nothing to do with you. You have to lean towards you. In the end, you can only be injured.”

Aji said paranoidly, “I don’t care.”

Saying that he could catch up immediately, the man shook his head, not knowing whether he was sighing Aji’s persistence, or regretting that he had not succeeded in persuading the other party, but he also followed.

On the rocky wall, there are countless murals carved with dragons, or Luan birds. Although simple and unpretentious, the entire huge drawing surprised everyone who saw this scene.

A straight and flat road, with numerous stone lamps lit on both sides, leading directly to the rock wall, and the two stone gates on the rock wall have been opened. Chen Feng and the others are standing at the other end of the road, looking forward, inside the stone gate. It is a piece of darkness.

“That’s Taihao Mausoleum.” The people in the Sea Lion Tower called out in shock.

The man rushed towards Shimen after he finished speaking, but before he was halfway there, suddenly a huge spear flew out from the rock wall and shot at the person just now at a very fast speed. , A dodge escaped this fatal danger.

But where he was just now, the spear has been inserted deeply into the ground, and the smooth ground has cracked into the surroundings.

Leaning on the stone lamp in a panic, I thought I had passed the catastrophe, but I did not expect to touch the hand on the stone lamp, and took it back abruptly, seeming to be stung by something.

Chen Feng and the others also noticed his actions. They didn’t even figure out what happened, they watched the guy scratching his hair frantically, but after a while, his head was bled.

The scene was extremely cruel, he abruptly scratched his scalp, and then he bleeds to death.

Such a brutal toxicity is really rare, and it also deterred Chen Feng and the others, preventing them from entering rashly.

And Aji had already come to his side. He looked at the people and the people who had died not far away and had become corpses, and he knew what happened after thinking about it.

“This is the consequence of you wanting to break in.” He can also explain to everyone.

The people in the Sea Lion Tower immediately looked at him angrily, and some even took action, trying to make him speak out the possible danger.

But Aji also easily avoided the past, he said: “If you feel confident to go in, then I won’t stop you.”

Seeing that they could not subdue Aji, the people in the Sea Lion Tower said to Qianhiro Ken, “Since you have arrived here, are you still going to go back? This guy must know something. Let him speak so that we can go out safely.”

Just want Qianhiro Ken to take action against Aggie.

But Qianxunqian looked at Qian Xueqiu and seemed to be asking for his opinion. Qian Xueqiu said: “We naturally want to go out, but this Mr. Aji is kind to me, and I really can’t do anything to do with him. This is ungrateful.”

As he said this, the people in the Sea Lion Tower became even more annoyed, and said, “Now that you still care about this meaningless thing, you just wait to be locked in here for the rest of your life.”

Qian Xueqiu shook his head and ignored him. He just looked at Aji. He said, “Mr. Aji, you don’t want us to enter, but you can’t always keep us trapped here. Our idea is very simple. , That is to leave here.”

Aji knew that this request was not too much, but he still hesitated.

“I’m really sorry, for his sake, I can only wrong you all.”

“When are you going to be crazy?” The person before stood up again and asked Aji.

Aji turned to see him and said, “I can do anything for him, including murder.”

The man shook his head, he seemed to have lost patience with Aji, and said: “If this is the case, I can only let you stay with me.”

After speaking, his wrist shook quickly, and something flew past in an instant.

Aji turned over and dodged immediately, but then another thing flew over. The thing was very thin. It was really impossible to see his appearance in the dimness, but the hidden weapon that Aji had just avoided was deeply nailed aside. On the stone lamp.

I saw a tiny hole left on the stone lamp, which penetrated directly.

It’s almost something like a steel needle, but with such a strength, even a stone pier of more than ten centimeters can be penetrated, which shows how strong the man’s wrist strength is.

People can’t help but feel a little more jealous about his strength.

After avoiding a few times in a row, Aji’s movements began to be a little chaotic, and without the agility he had just now, it seemed that he had been forced to the end.

A steel needle passed through his body and directly brought up a bloody flower. Aji knelt and sat there weakly, his eyes full of unwillingness, but he was helpless.

“Do you think you won?” Aji said, “You have already lost. From the moment you were given up by him, you were a loser.”

The man’s mood fluctuated slightly, but he maintained a very flat posture and slowly said, “I will not blame anyone, nor will I blame him. Everything was what I deserved, so I chose to stay. Here, in this place where he most hopes to come, and then slowly die.”

Everything seemed to be related to that dark shadow, whether it was Aggie or this mysterious guy.

And choosing to come here, the reason for everything should be caused by the dark shadow.

But looking at the road in front of him, there is still Aji kneeling down there, all he can think of is that they have to go inside on their own, even if they know that it is a dangerous road.

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