Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1103

Lin Lu naturally wanted to refuse. She didn’t like that kind of environment. In her thoughts, there was always chaos in it, and it was also a place where a group of inconsistent talents would go.

Everyone has pressure, and different people have different ways of releasing pressure. The bar is not really as unbearable as Lin Lu thought, it is just accidental catharsis by some very stressed people.

But Lin Lu didn’t think so.

Chen Feng had to drag her away, and after letting her witness it with her own eyes, she naturally wouldn’t say it again.

Chen Feng didn’t own his own car in Magic City. The two of them could only sit in Lin Lu’s car. It was a mini BMW, but it was also the top version. The performance was not bad, and it was compact, which was actually quite suitable for Lin Lu.

But Chen Feng hesitated for a while before sitting in. He always felt that this kind of car was not atmospheric enough, and it was still going to the bar. It seemed that the owner of this kind of car would not go to that kind of place, and always felt that it would not be a good ride.

When he arrived, Lin Lu still seemed a little reluctant.

Chen Feng said, “Don’t worry, I can absolutely guarantee that no one will come to disturb you. You just have a look, and then drink until you are slightly drunk, and I will send you back.”

Lin Lu felt a little relieved after hearing Chen Feng’s words.

Following Chen Feng into the bar, there were indeed some noisy noises coming from inside, and Lin Lu frowned because of this.

Chen Feng didn’t say anything, but just took her to the bar and said to the bartender: “Bring her a glass of ladies’ wine, and then give me a glass of whiskey.”

Lin Lu is very grateful for Chen Feng’s caring, and since she has come here, she wouldn’t want to go back immediately, perhaps as Chen Feng said, it’s best to drink until a little drunk.

She looked around, people would be more indulgent, they would be drunk with alcohol, maybe they could forget the momentary troubles.

The bartender handed over a glass of white wine and a glass of whiskey. Chen Feng handed the glass of white wine to Lin Lu, and he tasted a sip of whiskey before saying to Lin Lu: “The existence of the bar just makes people feel that this is a In a reasonably crazy place, they don’t have to worry about seeing their ugly drinking behavior, because they are all the same people here.”

Lin Lu also relaxed. She said to Chen Feng, “Do you want me to come over just to see my ugly state of being drunk?”

Chen Feng’s original intention was naturally different, but he just said the purpose here, and he closed his mouth in embarrassment.

It was noisy all around, and Chen Feng drank with Lin Lu again, and they searched for other topics, such as their preferences and usual entertainment.

And under the influence of alcohol, there was nothing to say before, but I also spoke out as much as I felt like a friend that I became more and more familiar with.

After Lin Lu drank some, her face turned a little red. She knew that she was almost there, but she was reluctant to go back like this. After thinking about it, she didn’t think Chen Summit had done anything to her, so she relaxed and continued. Drink it.

Chen Feng didn’t notice this, he just liked the feeling of being taken away by alcohol.

But once a person loses his sanity, he will always do some crazy things, and there are so many unreasonable people gathered here, so it is easier for some things to happen than other places.

A violent sound rang not far from Chen Feng and the others. Although both of them were slightly drunk, their consciousness was still sober.

They all looked in the direction of the sound.

It seemed that someone had fallen to the ground, and Chen Feng was unwilling to pay attention to this kind of thing. He also promised Lin Lu that this kind of thing would not find her, so it’s best not to get in there now.

But on the contrary, Lin Lu was a little curious, she looked there, carefully.

Chen Feng had no choice but to look over.

The fallen guy looked like a waiter, responsible for serving wine and other goods to the guests, but now he was stepped on the ground with a foot, pressed his shoulders, and couldn’t stand up.

The owner of the bar has been mediating in the past, but the drunk guy will not let him go so easily, relying on his drunken state, it is simply reckless.

But there are still some sober people to stop this, but it seems that this guy is quite capable of fighting, even if he is drunk and his feet are unstable, it is still very difficult for three or two people to get close.

So the scene was a little stalemate down.

Lin Lu said, “Mr. Chen, do you want to help them?”

Lin Lu knew that Chen Feng was good, so she said so. After all, she had seen with her own eyes how Chen Feng dealt with the gangsters who broke into her home.

But Chen Feng really didn’t want to cause trouble, but now that Lin Lu had spoken, he thought about it and agreed.

“Okay, but I think it’s because of your face when you accompany me to the bar.” Chen Feng smiled at Lin Lu.

Lin Lu also laughed.

And Chen Feng walked over, and someone stopped him and said, “Don’t watch the excitement here anymore, it’s already troublesome enough.”

Chen Feng said: “I have studied martial arts, maybe I can subdue him.”

When the people next to him heard that Chen Feng had learned martial arts, he immediately became energetic, and hurriedly moved to Chen Feng’s side and said, “Can you really stop that guy?”

Chen Feng said: “You can give it a try.”

Although Chen Feng said this, it was better than others who had no way at all now.

“All give way.” The person standing in front of Chen Feng immediately shouted at the others.

Hearing the sound, he immediately gave up a path, and Chen Feng felt a little too solemn.

But the waiter that the person stepped on was really painful, and even had to endure the other person’s constant movement on his body. Chen Feng couldn’t bear it, so he walked over.

Seeing someone coming, the drunk man naturally thought he was coming to stop him. He shouted, “Are you guys wanting to beg me?”

Chen Feng didn’t bother to discuss anything with this kind of guy, he just walked straight over.

The drunk man immediately pushed towards Chen Feng. The speed was indeed very fast. It is estimated that this guy does not fight less often, but in Chen Feng’s eyes, it is just the speed of an ant. He avoided the past and then grabbed this. The guy’s wrist, and then his own strength sent him out.

The drunkard fell directly to the ground, eating shit.

And once he fell, the people who had suffered a loss in his hands just now were not so good-tempered to bypass him, and several people rushed to subdue him.

Chen Feng also picked up the guy who fell on the ground. The man quickly thanked Chen Feng, and even applause came from the whole bar. They were cheering Chen Feng.

But Chen Feng didn’t think there was any honor for this kind of thing. He waved his hand and walked to the side of Lin Lu.

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