Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1106

Chen Feng asked Xu Fu to meet. He hadn’t decided on a good place yet, and Xu Fu immediately said that he had arranged it. Chen Feng had no choice but to listen to Xu Fu’s. The two even didn’t even decide what to talk about on the phone. For them, this kind of meeting is just a meeting between friends.

The last place the two met was by the river.

This is also a good leisure place that Xu Fuyi found. He told Chen Feng that if you want to eat the best crabs at this time, then it must be right to go there.

Chen Feng didn’t have any interest yet, but when Xu Fu said it, he became more curious about what kind of delicious it was that Xu Fu admired so much.

When it comes to the place, it still looks luxurious, and ordinary people can’t consume it, but it can be used only as a pastime here occasionally.

When Chen Feng arrived, there were still a lot of people here, and they couldn’t stop in the parking lot. As expected, business was good.

But Chen Feng naturally didn’t need to worry about anything. Since Xu Fu chose a place, he naturally arranged it properly. Even if he didn’t have a place when he booked, Chen Feng wanted to come and use Xu Fu’s ability in the magic city to solve it easily.

When he arrived, there were even people standing at the door waiting for him.

“Is it Chen Shao?” It was a young man who seemed very capable.

Chen Feng was also a little surprised, but still nodded, “I am.”

“Xu Shao is already waiting for you in the private room, please come with me.”

Someone seemed to have noticed Chen Feng, and those who were still waiting glanced at Chen Feng with a little dissatisfaction, but in such a place, they didn’t dare to make trouble, so naturally it still couldn’t happen.

Chen Feng followed the man into the room and came to a private room. Xu Fu was already waiting inside, not just him, there was a woman beside him.

The woman is very beautiful, her face is very fair and delicate, and her figure is even more slender, but there is a natural fascination between the woman’s eyebrows, which makes people look at, and she is deeply fascinated by her.

Although Chen Feng has seen many beautiful women, he still has two more eyes on this woman, but he also knows that this woman must be Xu Fu’s forbidden, and he will not do anything rude.

When Xu Fu saw Chen Feng coming in, he hurriedly waved at him and smiled: “You are too slow. If you can’t come, I’ll eat myself first.”

Chen Feng smiled and looked at him, knowing that there was no barrier between the two of them because of what happened last time. He also smiled and said, “You have to eat first. I definitely don’t mind.”

Xu Fu smiled and said, “You said that you don’t mind, but you must turn around and leave when you arrive.”

Talking and laughing, Chen Feng also walked to the table.

A rather large table, but only the three of them.

Xu Fu introduced to Chen Feng: “She’s Lu Xin. She is my girlfriend. I want to come with me this time. I have no choice but to bring her over. If my brother minds, I will let her go back.”

With that said, he turned towards Lu Xin and said to Chen Feng, “Brother!”

Lu Xinqian smiled and shouted to Chen Feng: “Hello, Brother Chen!”

Chen Feng just nodded, naturally he wouldn’t take Xu Fu’s words seriously, and naturally it was impossible to let Lu Xin go.

And speaking of one more woman here, she wouldn’t do anything ridiculous.

“You are really a beautiful girl, such a beautiful girl, you have to wait and see, and you can’t admit it openly if you say what it is? Or I will give you a task and chase her. ”

Although Chen Feng’s words were a bit nosy, but his relationship with Xu Fu, this kind of joke was nothing.

Lu Xin smiled on the side and said, “Brother Chen, it’s not Xu Shao who chased me. I chased him, but he dislikes me a bit more ordinary, so he refuses to admit it.”

With that said, she glanced at Xu Fu with a faint resentment.

When Xu Fu was suddenly questioned by the two, he also said unnaturally: “Young Master Chen, do you want to harm me? I dare not be like you. I don’t care about you at home.”

Chen Feng knows that Xu Fu is talking about his wife, the lady, but looking at Lu Xin’s appearance, he probably knows what Xu Fu is like, but in this way she is still next to Xu Fu, so it is not difficult to think of what she wants. What is it?

But since Xu Fu can bring her to Chen Feng, it can be regarded as basically confirming Lu Xin’s status, and Lu Xin must have good abilities if he wants to come, and then he can firmly grasp a guy like Xu Fu.

Chen Feng didn’t say anything more. The few people just talked about some relaxed topics, but most of them were just Chen Feng and Xu Fu talking.

After a while, the dishes I ordered came up. Naturally, the most eye-catching crabs were the crabs, which Xu Fu admired the most.

“You come first. This is an authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crab, and the chef here is a chef. I once wanted him to be a private chef for me, but he refused, so I had to run here to eat it. These dishes. But the taste is absolutely good.”

After that, Chen Feng was not polite and brought one.

And looking at Xu Fu, he didn’t do it himself, but Lu Xin beside him was doing the shelling work for him, and he seemed quite skilled.

Xu Fu saw that Chen Feng noticed this, and said, “Shao Chen, if you feel that you are causing trouble, I will ask Xin’er to prescribe one for you too. She does these very meticulously, and it is much better than my own random eating. ”

Chen Feng scolded with a smile: “I am not a class enemy like you, I’d better come by myself.”

Xu Fu was always polite, but he didn’t take it seriously.

The crab was creamy, and when Chen Feng ate two or three and couldn’t eat anymore, Xu Fu did the same, except that Lu Xin ate less, but she was a woman, and she might not have that big appetite.

“How about it, isn’t it good!” Xu Fu said with a smile.

Chen Feng naturally nodded and said, “It’s really good, next time I have a chance, I’m looking for you, don’t mind.”

“Absolutely no problem.”

Both of them drank a little bit of alcohol, but compared to the previous two times, only this time they were not drunk.

Chen Feng fell silent, and Xu Fu knew what he meant. He probably wanted to say something business. He said to Lu Xin, “My brother and I will go outside. If you don’t want to stay here, go back first. I’ll find you again.”

Lu Xin nodded and agreed.

The river in the magic capital is muddy, he carries the mud and sand from the upper side, and a lot of it, so no matter what the environment is, he is naturally muddy.

But this does not prevent him from being mighty, coming with the majestic momentum, and heading towards the estuary.

Standing on the riverside, the wind at night is very cool, and pedestrians personally watch a lot.

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