Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1111

It was too late to separate from Liu Xing, but Chen Feng still wanted to tell Lin Lu this message.

“Do you have time now?” Chen Feng asked on the phone.

Lin Lu who received Chen Feng’s call was actually very strange, and it was still such a late call. Now that she heard Chen Feng asking her if she had time, she would naturally think of something unhealthy.

“What do you want to do?” She said a little flustered.

Chen Feng did not hear her reaction, so he just said according to his own meaning: “I want to talk to you about something, so…”

Lin Lu was even more panicked. She was afraid that Chen Summit would tell her some private things, and it seemed that it was not unusual for a wealthy person like Chen Feng to raise a few lovers outside.

Could it be that Chen Feng also fell in love with himself and wanted to make himself his mistress.

Lin Lu’s thoughts were chaotic, and she didn’t know how she thought of this possibility.

“Maybe it’s just about normal work?” Lin Lu told herself.

“This is something at work that can’t wait until daylight, not at this time, and I have to go out and talk about it. Can’t it be said clearly on the phone?”

Lin Lu wanted to persuade herself, but it seemed to become more difficult.

And Chen Feng wondered why there was no voice, he asked again, “Is there no time? Then forget it.”

But because of the ghost, Lin Lu listened to Chen Feng about to hang up, and she immediately said, “No, I’m free.”

Chen Feng didn’t think much about Lin Lu’s strange behavior. He just said, “Well, wait for me to go downstairs to your house.”

Lin Lu was puzzled: “Huh? Are you coming to my house?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Well, no.” As she said, she ended the call like a fire. She was afraid that she might be discovered by Chen Feng if she continued.

Chen Feng did think about telling her directly over the phone, but he thought about this kind of joy. If there was someone beside him sharing everything, then he would be twice as happy.

And he also knew that Lin Lu lived alone, so he had to meet with Lin Lu before telling him about Yuan Xinhai.

Because it was at night, Lin Lu actually took off her makeup at home alone, but now that she heard Chen Feng was coming to see her, it might be too late for her makeup. She could only simply apply a layer of powder, draw the eyebrow line, and then put on a set. It looks like a simple dress, at least it doesn’t look formal, but it doesn’t look casual either.

She waited until everything was ready before she went downstairs, but she didn’t expect where Chen Feng was already waiting, and looking at it, he didn’t urge her.

Lin Lu said apologetically, “You won’t wait for a long time!”

Chen Feng shook his head and said, “It’s just arrived.”

Lin Lu uttered, “You…what are you looking for?”

Chen Feng wondered why Lin Lu looked a little nervous, but naturally he couldn’t know what Lin Lu was thinking, he just thought she might not be used to coming out at night.

“I want to tell you a good news.”

“Good news?” Lin Lu wondered.

Chen Feng nodded and said, “Do you know where I went today?”

Lin Lu heard what Chen Feng said, something different from what she thought, she seemed to be relieved, but she didn’t know what it was like in her heart, and she seemed to be a little lost.

But she still had a serious expression on her face and asked, “Is it about work?”

Chen Feng nodded again and said, “You guessed it? I went to meet some people who forced our products to be taken off the shelves. I thought that something unpleasant might happen between us, but I didn’t expect the other party to know me. After I talked to him, he actually agreed to let our products go back.”

After Chen Feng finished speaking, Lin Lu was also happy. She was surprised and said, “What you said is true?”

“I’m not boring enough to make you happy with this kind of thing.” Chen Feng chuckled lightly.

Lin Lu laughed. She might want more moves, but because of Chen Feng’s relationship in front of her, she still remained reserved.

“If this is the case, I really want to tell the people in the company about this matter quickly. I think they will be happy too.” Lin Lu smiled.

Chen Feng looked at Lin Lu. It was originally at night. Since he had already told Lin Lu about the matter, Chen Feng said, “Since I have told you this information, I won’t disturb you to rest. I’ll go back first. NS.”

But when Chen Feng said that she was going back, Lin Lu felt a little uncomfortable. She couldn’t help but said, “Are you going to my house for a cup of tea?”

This word came out of a woman’s mouth. It was already very active. It was not the first time that Chen Feng had contact with a woman. According to his understanding, this sentence was an invitation.

But he was very surprised, how could Lin Lu say this, it seemed that he had never released a good impression on Lin Lu, but after thinking about it, looking at Lin Lu’s expression, Chen Feng probably thought of something.

He is not the kind of incomprehensible person, so he smiled and said, “Well, come here, I am also a little thirsty.”

But after Lin Lu finished speaking, she already regretted it, and she even kept cursing at herself, how could she say this kind of thing, it was really shameless.

But now Chen Feng also agreed. She couldn’t say anything to refuse, so she lowered her head and silently walked towards the corridor first.

Chen Feng followed, and all Lin Lu’s expressions, Chen Feng was in his eyes, but he couldn’t say it. He found that he liked the nervous process of looking at others, and that kind of teasing would make him. Find it interesting.

Followed Lin Lu into her house. Chen Feng had already come in before, so he was very familiar with the layout of this place, and it was a woman’s home, everything was in order and clean.

Chen Feng sat on the sofa unceremoniously, and Lin Lu asked, “What do you want to drink, the drink is still boiled water.”

Chen Feng asked, “Is there any wine?”

Lin Lu was surprised: “Wine?”

She looked at Chen Feng as if she simply wanted to drink, and had no other thoughts. She just thought that she was thinking too much.

She thought for a while, and said, “There seems to be only some wine at home. Would you like to have some?”

Chen Feng nodded.

When Lin Lu went to get the wine, Chen Feng also looked at the room. The layout here is very simple, but it is also full of warmth, and some of the smell of Lin Lu can be smelled in the air, which is very fragrant.

Chen Feng was not very interested, but now he feels that Lin Lu seems to be a good choice.

Lin Lu walked up to Chen Feng with two glasses and a bottle of red wine, and then placed things in front of Chen Feng a little cramped.

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