Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1112

“I thought I could drink a little bit of this wine when I couldn’t sleep,” Lin Lu explained.

Although she didn’t know why she had to explain this kind of thing to Chen Feng, it might just be that two people would have nothing to say in the room, and he was looking for some topics.

Chen Feng smiled and said, “Then you may not think about going to bed less now.”

Lin Lu didn’t understand Chen Feng’s meaning. She looked at Chen Feng in confusion, but Chen Feng didn’t seem to mean to explain.

And Chen Feng had already begun to put the glasses in front of the two of them. He opened the corks of the wine and slowly poured one-third of the red wine into each glass, and put one of them in Lin Lin. In front of Lu.

Lin Lu still hesitated, but Chen Feng already raised one of the wine glasses and motioned to Lin Lu.

Lin Lu didn’t know what she was thinking, but she was already past the age of a girl, and she actually knew what might happen after she got drunk.

But when she looked at Chen Feng, she didn’t have any thoughts of resistance in her heart. It was not so much resistance, as she might have acquiesced to this matter in her heart.

She silently picked up the glass of wine, and then smiled slightly.

“Cheers!” she said.

And this sentence already means that Lin Lu has decided to accept all the things that may happen next.

The autumn scenery is charming, and the night scene is even worse. The sea breeze has come to the city before the fallen leaves have fallen.

The sensual and entertaining, the delicate breath of the woman made the room more beautiful.

Chen Feng also didn’t think that all the beauty could be so simple, maybe this is the purpose of God creating men and women, and that is to let them get the meaning of life in this kind of entertainment.

The night seemed to have accelerated, and he passed a lot faster than usual, and Chen Feng got up lazily.

While Lin Lu on the side was awakened, Chen Feng said softly, “Sleep for a while.”

Lin Lu snorted softly, but now she hid in the quilt a little shyly, not even seeing her whole face.

Chen Feng just smiled. He got up, opened the curtains, and saw the long-lost sun after yesterday, and everything in front of him seemed to be much better than yesterday, whether it was work or between Lin Lu relation.

Chen Feng didn’t stay here much in the end.

The jewelry issue was quickly resolved, and Chen Feng’s previous gold also got a good sales channel, and with a stable supply of gold, this is a stable income.

But what happened in the magic city did not end in such a simple way.

Although Yuan Xinhai gave up the acquisition of Lisa, his layout has already been completed, just waiting for Xu Fu’s own admission.

And it was not too late. Xu Fu had already planned to enter it, so by the middle of the month, Xu Fu broke into the field Yuan Xinhai was already waiting for with the funds returned from other places.

And then, a lot of acquisitions and capital competition between them, whether it is price advantage or advertising, these undoubtedly cost a lot of money.

But for a while, the two sides did not decide the outcome.

In Yuan Xinhai’s villa, he was sitting in the study at this time, but he couldn’t get anything in his mood at all. All he was thinking about were only those things that happened outside.

Since the war with Xu Fu, they must have invested a lot of money, and it looks like they will invest more money in the future.

But if this goes on, he is a little afraid that he will not be able to persist, and at that moment, it is also a complete failure for him.

At this time, the door was knocked, and he knew that he was called Yuan Cheng.

“Come in.”

After Yuan Cheng walked in, he didn’t seem to be too happy, even his face was a little gloomy.

“Is the current situation unhappy?” Yuan Xinhai asked.

Yuan Cheng nodded and said, “Although Xu Fu has been held back in the jewelry industry, in Xu Fu’s other businesses, those people are still completely vulnerable. Xu Fu quit.”

Yuan Xinhai also had a headache. Originally, he planned to wait until Xu Fu invested money in the current industry, then the place would naturally break through, but he still underestimated Xu Fu. This guy had already thought of this possibility.

“Tell them that if they want to defeat Xu Fu, then they must put in 12 points of effort, otherwise they can only look at Xu Fu in the magic capital in the future. And they are a group of failed dogs.” Yuan Xinhai was angry. Said.

In fact, this sentence is not Yuan Xinhai telling himself that if he also loses, then his fate will not be better than others, and maybe because he is the leader, he will receive special care from Xu Fu. .

Yuan Cheng nodded and said, “I have already told them about these things, but the main thing is not whether they take it seriously, but that they really don’t have that much money.”

In addition to his anger, Yuan Xinhai finally calmed himself down.

He thought for a while, and asked Yuan Cheng in a calm tone: “Then what help do you think we can get? Without the help of external funds, those of us might still not be able to win Xu Fu.”

Yuan Cheng knew that this was Yuan Xinhai’s weakness. Only in this situation would he ask others what he should do, and generally he would just arrange everything according to his own ideas.

Yuan Cheng has indeed thought about this issue. He said: “If there is anyone else who can help us, I think that Chen Shao might be a good assistant.”

Yuan Xinhai was startled and asked in confusion, “Is it possible? I heard that he and Xu Fu have a good relationship. How could he deal with Xu Fu for us.”

Yuan Cheng shook his head, and said, “Brothers can turn against each other. They are just friends. They can’t do anything for profit. As long as we promise to give him most of the benefits, I think he will be moved. .”

Yuan Xinhai didn’t think that what Yuan Cheng said was unreasonable, but if he gave up most of the benefits, it would mean that they would only be able to eat a small part of it themselves, and these were different from what he had planned.

“Let me think about it again, after all, there is still no result.”

Yuan Cheng actually knew that his idea was not easily accepted by Yuan Xinhai, but he still said it. He just wanted to see how determined Yuan Xinhai was to defeat Xu Fu, but now he knew that Yuan Xinhai was only for himself.

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