Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1115

Lin Xiangyu slowly fell asleep in this kind of dream.

It’s dawn, the street lights have not gone out, and there are pedestrians on both sides of the road. This is the beginning of another day in a city.

Chen Feng never expected Yuan Cheng to come back and find himself, and he came only by himself.

Chen Feng didn’t know how he found the hotel he was in. Maybe they had already investigated Chen Feng after leaving Yuan’s house that day.

However, the leak of the address did not have any impact on Chen Feng. He looked at Yuan Cheng standing at the door and said, “Let’s go to the restaurant below to talk. I think you must have something to tell me. ”

Yuan Cheng nodded politely.

When he came to the restaurant below, Chen Feng ordered a breakfast, and then sat opposite Yuan Cheng. He said, “You came to me because of Xu Fu’s affairs, right?”

Chen Feng knows what Xu Fu did to Yuan Cheng, but Yuan Cheng still doesn’t know what the relationship between Chen Feng and Xu Fu is.

The purpose of his coming here is naturally to hope that Chen Feng can join in this struggle.

He nodded and said: “Shao Chen, I think you can see that Xu Fu is unpopular in the whole demon. Although he is strong, there are many people who hate him. This kind of person can be strong for a while, but not strong. A generation.”

Chen Feng smiled and nodded, and said, “I can see it, but what does it have to do with me? Even if he loses, he is still my brother. What’s more, it seems that he will not lose yet.”

Yuan Cheng shook his head and said, “I know that the current situation is not good for us. We still underestimated Xu Fu. He has a lot of money, but if this battle is lost, it will only be remembered by people. Someone once stood up and resisted. I can’t even pick up any other waves anymore.”

Chen Feng said, “Then it will be done soon, you will never let me help you deal with my brother, will you?”

Although Chen Feng was joking, Yuan Cheng said seriously: “That’s what I think. If Chen Shao can enter it, I can assure Chen Shao that we can let Chen take as much power as Xu Fu this time. Choose less first.”

Chen Feng still froze for a moment. He didn’t expect that he just said casually that Yuan Chengzhen took it seriously, or that he had thought about it from the beginning.

Chen Feng said, “Does Yuan Xinhai know if you do this kind of thing?”

Yuan Cheng was silent for a while and said, “To be honest, my foster father didn’t know, he was actually not willing to give up this part of the benefits.”

Chen Feng was curious, he didn’t know why Yuan Cheng would tell him so frankly.

“If that’s the case, I can’t believe you anymore, and you don’t seem to tell me this either.”

Yuan Chengdao: “I told Shao Chen this, at least I want Shao Chen to know my sincerity, and this time the victory or defeat is no longer on my foster father, he is destined to lose, so if I want to win, I want Chen Shaocai. Is the key to it.”

Chen Feng said, “You believe that I will do things that are detrimental to my own brother.”

Yuan Cheng nodded and said, “No one’s heart can’t be moved by interests. If Chen Shao is willing to join in, I can help Chen Shao.”

Chen Feng was stunned. He didn’t expect Yuan Cheng, who hadn’t been impressed by Xu Fu immediately before, would consider finding his own way out, and his way out was actually him.

And Chen Feng, who knew Yuan Cheng’s situation, did not doubt his words, because only in this way could Yuan Cheng get more of what he wanted, instead of being by the side of a loser, or someone who looked down on him at all.

If Chen Feng really has an idea, then Yuan Cheng’s suggestion is his best way. He can easily harvest Xu Fu and Yuan Xinhai, and with Yuan Cheng’s internal response, he can do it very smoothly.

At that time, how the whole Demon Capital would say that it was something in Xu Fu’s palm, all this was only his Chen Feng’s.

Even Yuan Chengcheng felt that Chen Feng would not be able to refuse this huge gift, but unfortunately, Chen Feng was really not interested in these. He had a lot of money, and he could not use up his luxurious life for ten lifetimes.

“If I am an ambitious person, maybe I will agree to it, or if you know my assets, you may not come and beg me, but if neither of these two happens, then I will not go. Do these things.” Chen Feng said lightly.

Yuan Cheng was stunned. He looked at Chen Feng. Maybe he could understand the first condition that Chen Feng said. But the next day, he was very surprised. How could someone dislike him for having too much money.

Yuan Cheng didn’t understand, but Chen Feng wouldn’t explain anything to him. He just set aside the leftover breakfast plate while he stood up and walked outside, ignoring Yuan Cheng. .

Looking at Chen Feng’s back, Yuan Cheng was very lost. The road he found himself, but this road had not been crossed out, it had already died.

At this time, the only path he could choose was Xu Fu and his adoptive father, but Yuan Chengzhen was not reconciled.

The next day, at three o’clock in the afternoon, at the same place, Yuan Cheng came here again.

Today’s weather is a bit windy, and it’s easy to get lost when blowing sand and dust, so when people walk past, they always cover their faces with their hands to stop the dust.

After Xu Fu learned from Chen Feng that Yuan Cheng had gone to find him, he had already guessed that Yuan Cheng would find him soon, because at this time she had nowhere to go.

“It seems that he is ready to be a traitor,” Xu Fu said to Lu Xin.

Lu Xin smiled and said, “He is like this now, like a dog.”

Xu Fu said, “But even if it is a dog, it is also a dog that bites its owner, but it is really not a good dog. Like this, the end result is death.”

And Yuan Cheng, who was sitting there, had been waiting here for an hour, and it was three o’clock, but now it’s four o’clock.

If it is usual, Yuan Cheng, who hates being late, may have gone, but now it’s different. He needs to see Xu Fu. Even if he doesn’t come here today, he must wait until that time to make sure that Xu Fu is really not coming before he can leave. .

Naturally, Xu Fu did this deliberately. Even though he had already arrived, he was only watching from a distance.

“Is it okay? He has been waiting for an hour, and it looks like he really succumbed.” Lu Xin said to Xu Fu who was resting by the side.

Xu Fu opened his eyes and said, “Well, since you said yes, then we will go to see him and see if he can wagging his tail to me like a dog.”

After speaking, Xu Fu walked towards Yuan Cheng.

Lu Xin didn’t keep up. According to Xu Fu, he didn’t want a dog’s eyes to look more on her.

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