Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1131

The guy on the side replied, “It seems that Mr. Chen is really going to rectify the group. We should still be a human being with our tails clamped. It is better to be more careful. It’s not so good.”

For a while, many people were shaking their heads, and they might not have thought that this would be the case. They still underestimated Chen Feng’s courage.

Outside the meeting room, Liu Xing chased him at this time.

“I didn’t expect that President Chen would be so aggressive when he started the fire, but it made me impressed.” Liu Xing joked with Chen Feng.

Chen Feng also gave a wry smile and said, “It seems that I was too polite to you, making you think that I am a good person to get along with. I can tell you that if you do something wrong, I’m afraid I don’t need me to move you. , They have put you on the brazier for roasting.”

Liu Xing smiled and said, “I know that when I was in the city, I didn’t like these executives so much. On the contrary, the employees below have a better impression of me.”

Chen Feng said, “It’s up to you. I don’t ask for how clean this place is. After all, the water is clear and there are no fish. I just need to keep moving forward. You can turn one eye and close one eye for other things, then just watch and do it. Well, I don’t think I need to talk about it, you should also know the truth.”

Liu Xing nodded, and said: “I understand these naturally. It is not the first time I have fought against these people. In fact, I know what they think, but it seems that these people can’t get around the word greed, and finally destroy. Theirs will also be these two words.”

“It’s fine if you know. There’s nothing else here. You will get familiar with the company’s process later. I will ask someone to make a notice. I think all your induction ceremonies will be completed soon. Now, go to my office to drink. Let’s have a glass.” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Liu Xing said, “This is not good. This is during working hours. If people see it, the image of you and me in the company will not be very good.”

Chen Feng exaggeratedly said, “I am the boss of this company. Did they find that I was drinking and punish me for failing.”

But Liu Xing still refused. He had his own principles, and he worked seriously when he was working, and he also wanted to see other affairs.

Chen Feng didn’t stop him, so he had to go back to the office alone.

He took out a bottle of red wine that he cherished in the cubicle, and wanted to drink a little out of his interest.

But then there was the sound of footsteps outside the door, followed by a knock on the door.

Chen Feng had to put down the wine bottle and let the other party in.

And the one who came in was a woman, very delicate and capable.

Chen Feng knew her, and he asked, “Why are you here?”

The woman is not welcome, and sits directly at the desk: “Why can’t I come, this is the Chen family, but you are not Chen Feng’s.”

Chen Feng was helpless. This woman was called Jin Yue, the sister of his mother, but her family was also rich, but she still had to go out and do things by herself. She joined the family company for training since she was a teenager, and she is less than thirty. He has become the de facto owner of the family company at the age of.

Compared to Chen Feng, who only ate mixed meals, he naturally didn’t know where the height went. Maybe Xu Fu could still compare with her.

“But it’s weird that no one will stop you when you come in? It’s not good for me to come in. I don’t want to escape easily.”

Jin Yue said irritably, “Who would be against you? You have practiced martial arts for so many years. Anyone will be your opponent.”

Chen Feng was speechless, and it was not easy for him to joke about Jin Yue, a knowledgeable acquaintance.

Since it is Jin Yue, he doesn’t care about drinking. He raised the bottle and asked, “Are you going to have some?”


Jin Yue doesn’t seem to care about drinking during work hours.

So Chen Feng opened the wine stopper and arrived in front of Jin Yue with two glasses of wine.

“Let’s talk, although I don’t know how you got here, but you must have something to come to me!”

Jin Yue straightened out the black skirt, the pair of black silk legs still seemed to dazzle the man.

She said, “Why, can’t I come and see my brother.”

“Naturally, it’s just that you are a workaholic. I don’t know you will think of your brother who doesn’t know where you abandoned him.” Chen Feng laughed.

Jin Yue glanced at Chen Feng. She and Chen Feng had a good relationship, but they were not so good that they would come and take a look. Moreover, as Chen Feng said, she is more related to the company’s affairs.

“Anyway, you think so, so I won’t do any polite questioning.”

“You should have been like this a long time ago. Is this like you? If you perform some kind of sister and brother drama with me, it will make me uncomfortable.”

Jin Yue gave Chen Feng a blank look again, and said, “You just don’t want to see your sister and me.”

Chen Feng was also afraid that she would really get angry, and he was really afraid. At least he hadn’t dared to fight her head-on since he was a child. He flees every time, and now it seems to be a conditioned reflex, he said hurriedly.

“You better talk about it.”

Jin Yue eased up and said, “I want to borrow someone from you!”

Chen Feng looked at Jin Yue in astonishment and said, “You don’t want to borrow Liu Xing with me, but I just brought it back from Demon Capital. Your message is too fast!”

“Just say whether you borrow it or not! Anyway, I have already spoken it.”

Chen Feng also resolutely said: “Don’t borrow, this person is useful to me.”

“You really refused so simply?”


Jin Yue didn’t seem to expect Chen Shengeng to refuse this way. If it was before, Chen Feng would always let her. Jin Yue didn’t know if Chen Feng was afraid of her, or he didn’t care much because of these things.

But this time Chen Feng refused, and she was still surprised.

“Then how are you willing to lend this person to me?” Jin Yue said softly.

Chen Feng did not answer immediately, but curiously asked, “Sister Yue, why are you interested in this guy? Do you know that he is a very powerful person?”

Jin Yue thought for a while and said, “Actually, I know him because of someone. He asked me to draw him over if I had a chance, and soon I knew that he was here with you.

I know that you have never cared much about the company’s affairs. Naturally, I can’t let this person rotten to you. You are a mess here. ”

Chen Feng also gave a wry smile: “Although I am not caring about the company’s affairs, but you say this is a mess, I can’t bear it. My annual accounting statements are still profitable.”

But Jin Yue also said unceremoniously: “According to the way you manage the company, you can just put a pig in your place.”

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