Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 1133

Autumn leaves fall, and the evening sun sets, it seems that everything is coming to an end.

After coming out of the company, Chen Feng was just a person. He wanted to have a drink with Liu, but this guy is also a workaholic. He actually asked for overtime on the first day of work, which made Chen Feng not know that he should be criticized. Still have to praise him.

So now it’s just him heading home alone, there is no entertainment, and he has nowhere to go if he doesn’t go home.

The car drove through the downtown area, towards the villa area on the outskirts, on a slightly secluded road, and there seemed to be an investigation in front of it.

This kind of thing is naturally possible when driving. Chen Feng didn’t think it was strange, so he stopped and drove to the side of the road.

The man in bright yellow and white clothes walked up to Chen Feng with the baton.

“Sir, the road ahead is under construction and there is no way to pass. Please take a detour.”

Chen Feng looked there, and it seemed that everyone here was taking a detour. Although he didn’t know what was going on ahead, he wasn’t the only way to go back.

“Okay!” He promised to turn the body.

But just now the guy suddenly stretched out a long knife and pierced it against Chen Feng’s chest.

This guy is not simple, he is not an ordinary person, he has great strength, and his speed is also very fast.

Caught off guard, Chen Feng was pierced with his clothes, but fortunately, he reacted quickly and immediately put down the car seat and retreated to the back seat.

But this guy chased after him and ran to the back to open the rear door of Chen Feng’s car.

The moment he opened the door, Chen Feng kicked him out.

The scene of the fight immediately attracted the attention of others, but seeing the knife in his hand immediately shocked those people.

No one dared to get out of the car, or even flee here in a hurry, no matter what.

Chen Feng also got out of the car. Several other companions of this guy came over and looked at Chen Feng. One of them said: “Chen Shao, I heard that you have a hidden treasure in your hand. Our brothers are very greedy. So I want to come and watch you.”

Chen Feng sneered. These guys didn’t seem to know that they were great, or they just thought they could deal with him.

“You are the bravest group of gangsters I have ever seen. Didn’t you think you could beat me before you came to me?”

They seemed to be stunned by what I said, knowing that Chen Feng had treasures here, they came in anxiously, and didn’t even inquire about Chen Feng’s strength.

One of the guys couldn’t help but said, “Shao Chen, what is so good about you as a rich man? Can you deal with a few of us alone?”

Chen Feng really didn’t expect these guys to be so stupid, but he didn’t bother to talk nonsense with them, and said directly: “Then you guys will go together. Am I still anxious to go back?”

Several people looked at each other and didn’t seem to understand what medicine Chen Feng was selling, but one of them said, “Whatever he is thinking, when he knows that we are great, he will naturally beg for mercy.”

With that, he rushed up by himself.

Then the others rushed up along with them.

The first to fall was also the first to rush up. Chen Feng grabbed an arm and took it off directly. It was impossible to pretend to come back with his own strength. He could only Weeping in pain, Chen Feng kicked it out.

And the second time he saw this scene, he was naturally scared, but he could not run anymore. Chen Feng grinned at him and immediately followed, and with another kick, he flew out, and then There was no wailing, as if he passed out in pain.

The other few finally knew Chen Feng’s strength up to now, and they also understood why Chen Feng said such words just now, but it was too late.

His lying down is only a matter of order.

Chen Feng wiped his hands, and he really didn’t expect to encounter such a self-defeating guy.

“You’ve been watching for so long, so you have to come out to meet you?” Chen Feng said to the back of the forest on the side.

But no one responded.

Chen Feng said again: “If you don’t come out again, then I will leave. I don’t have the patience to play this kind of game with you.”

And this time someone finally came out from behind the tree.

She was wearing a black kerchief. Chen Feng could not see her face, but her slender figure could probably guess that she was a woman. Naturally, it might not be, just a guess.

“Are you in a group with them?” Chen Feng asked.

But the woman shook her head and said, “No, I just met here by accident.”

The clear voice made Chen Feng think that the other party was a woman.

“But when you dress up now, don’t you really do bad things too?”

“I just don’t want to be recognized!”

“Could it be that you are very beautiful and it would be troublesome to be recognized?” Chen Feng said with a light smile.

“I don’t have this kind of thought, but no matter what I look like, I just don’t want people to recognize it.” The other party responded flatly, making Chen Feng feel dull.

“Then what do you think, if you say that, you always have a purpose.”

“I heard that you got the Secret Treasure of Taihao, I want to take a look, and I will return it to you later.”

Chen Feng was stunned, but he didn’t expect this message to spread so quickly.

“They have the same purpose as you, but now they are already lying on the ground. Although I don’t like the perverts that provoke me, but if you really provoke me, I won’t be merciful. You and them will only be The same fate.”

Chen Feng naturally wanted to scare her to leave, but the woman in black said, “I am different from them. They want to take it away, and I borrow it. After seeing it, I will return it to you immediately.”

Chen Feng was stunned for a moment. Is this person trying to deceive, but her serious appearance always makes people want to believe her involuntarily.

“Forget it, I can’t even see your face, how can I believe you, if you take things away, I don’t even know where to find you.

If you don’t want to grab it, then you can go. I won’t stop you. I am still anxious to go back. ”

With that, Chen Feng was about to return to the car.

“Hold on!” The woman in black suddenly stopped Chen Feng: “I don’t want to fight with you, and I may not be able to beat you, but I can trade things with you.”

Chen Feng turned around again, looked at her, and asked curiously, “Then what do you have to exchange with me? You also know that Taihao’s secret possession is a very precious thing, not an ordinary thing, and it is not easy to exchange. .”

The woman nodded and said, “I know, I will exchange my most precious things with you.”

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