Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 114

The triangular-eyed young man nodded and said, “It’s broken, then I’m afraid you can only walk by yourself today.”
“How can I let this brother walk over?” Sun Liang raised a joking gesture at the corner of his mouth.
“Then Brother Liang, what do you mean?” the triangular-eyed youth asked.
“Give this brother one hundred yuan and let this brother take a taxi.” Sun Liang said.
“Haha, no problem.” Triangular eyes smiled and took a hundred yuan from the wallet, threw it in front of Chen Feng, and said, “Here, this is one hundred yuan. Take it for a taxi. If it’s not enough, I will ask for it.”
After speaking, the two got into the car door and walked away.
Chen Feng’s face became cold, this Xu Dongliang was a bit interesting.
Originally, he didn’t plan to care about Xia Mengyao’s face with people like Xu Dongliang. After all, they were Xia Mengyao’s classmates, but he didn’t care. Now these people are actively looking for things. If he keeps shrinking again, wouldn’t he give these people Face up.
Chen Feng took a deep breath and prepared to call the driver to send him there.
At this time, a pink Ferrari stopped behind Chen Feng, and the window was drawn down, revealing a delicate and pretty face.
“Shao Chen?” the man in the car tentatively asked.
Chen Feng turned around and realized that the person who called himself was actually Liu Yiyi.
“What are you doing here?” After all I have seen it two or three times. Chen Feng still has some impressions of Liu Yiyi. Although Liu Yiyi is a little stubborn and has a lot of bad tempers from rich ladies, in general, Liu Yiyi still has a heartfelt heart. Not bad.
“Shao Chen, I’m going to school here. It’s over now. I just saw you when I was about to go home.” Liu Yiyi stuck out his tongue and said carefully.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, but he had forgotten that Liu Yiyi was a student of Jinling University.
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t stink a face this time, Liu Yiyi’s courage has also grown a lot, and asked with a smile: “Chen Shao, where are you going? Do you want me to send you off?”
Chen Feng frowned, and let Liu Yiyi send him a ride. The driver didn’t know when he rushed over.
So Chen Feng said: “I’m going to Huaqi Mansion, please trouble you.”
“No trouble, no trouble.” Liu Yiyi shook her head hurriedly. This was a chance to be alone with Chen Feng, so she didn’t dare to find it troublesome.
Then Chen Feng sat in the co-pilot.
This scene was naturally seen by many students at the school gate. Liu Yiyi is the school flower of Jinling University, and also the eldest lady of the Liu family. On weekdays, she is famous for her arrogance. In the school, her suitor can From the south campus to the north campus, I have never seen any suitor she gave a good face.
Her Ferrari, except for a few close friends, has not pulled any man.
But today, Liu Yiyi not only let a man get in the car, but she also stopped and let this man sit in her co-pilot. What does it mean?
And what is the identity of this man?
Someone immediately took a photo of Chen Feng getting on the bus and posted it to the campus forum. Fifteen minutes later, the Jinling University forum burst open…
At this time, Chen Feng didn’t know so much. He squinted his eyes and didn’t even look at Liu Yiyi from start to finish. This made Liu Yiyi who was driving a car very tasteful, and his mood was extremely complicated.
As the school bachelor of Jinling University, she let a man get in her car for the first time, but the man didn’t even look at her from start to finish. Is he so bad?
Liu Yiyi sighed. She knew very well that Chen Feng was not pretending to be deep with her at all, but was really not interested in her.
At the same time, Liu Yiyi was also a little curious about what the two women who appeared at the airport last time had to do with Chen Feng.
Half an hour later, Liu Yiyi drove the car to Huaqi Mansion.
“Chen Shao, do you want me to wait for you here and send you back after you finish eating?” Liu Yiyi asked, as if he was Chen Feng’s driver.
“Um…” Chen Feng hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, you can go back quickly. I will take a taxi after dinner.”
Although he walked rightly, but if Xia Mengyao saw Liu Yiyi, I am afraid it would still be difficult to explain. Women have always been very sensitive in this regard.
“Oh.” Liu Yiyi pouted with disappointment.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything and left hurriedly.
At the same time, Xu Dongliang also happened to stop the car.
After getting out of the car, Xu Dongliang walked to Xia Mengyao and started talking with Xia Mengyao, faintly showing off the career he had made in the past few years.
Standing behind Wang Jiameng saw this scene, her eyes were full of jealousy. She did not expect that everyone said that Xia Mengyao was a junior, and Xu Dongliang still did not give up on Xia Mengyao.
Li Xue on the side was not focused on Xu Dongliang and Xia Mengyao at this time.
“Jiameng, look at the back of the man who got off the Ferrari over there. He looks like the husband of Xia Mengyao.” Li Xue pulled on Wang Jiameng’s clothes and pointed to the distance strangely.
Wang Jiameng also took a look, then frowned, as if it really looked a bit like.
“Maybe it’s just like that, Xia Mengyao’s wasteful husband is just a takeaway. How could he get off Ferrari.” Wang Jiameng said casually.
Li Xue also breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Well, I should have read it wrong, that trash, it should still be in Sun Liang’s car at the moment, and I haven’t come over.”
Wang Jiameng nodded and said, “Let’s go first, keep up with Xia Mengyao, the sassy fox, lest she hook up with Brother Liang while we are away.”
“Yes, right, keep up.” After speaking, the two hurriedly followed.
After a few people entered the hall, they discovered that Chen Feng was already waiting at the front desk, but there were no other people like Sun Liang beside him.
Li Xue suddenly became more puzzled, and couldn’t help but ask: “Why are you here so soon? What about Sun Liang?”
“They are still behind, I’m here first.” Chen Feng said.
“In the back? Are you not in the same car?” Li Xue was even more suspicious.
“No, his car is full. I took a taxi myself.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“Taking a taxi is faster than us?” Li Xue looked at Chen Feng like an idiot. She was certain that the person who got off the pink Ferrari just now was Chen Feng. She was right.
“Why can’t the taxi be faster than you?” Chen Feng shrugged and said.
“You…” Li Xue was a little angry, this trash, dare to talk back to herself.
“Well, Li Xue, don’t say anything, let’s go in first.” Wang Jiameng frowned and said.
Chen Feng’s cover up like this is probably really a problem, and the Ferrari just now was a pink Ferrari, and the owner looked like a woman.
Chen Feng got out of a woman’s car and kept it under cover. Obviously, he and that woman have a shameful relationship. At this time, Wang Jiameng will naturally not puncture. She has to investigate clearly and then use this Go against Xia Mengyao.

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