Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 115

Under the leadership of Yingbin, Xu Dongliang advanced into the box. A few minutes later, Sun Liang and others followed.
As soon as he walked in, Sun Liang saw Chen Feng sitting next to Xia Mengyao, his expression was shocked, isn’t this kid taking a taxi? How come faster than yourself?
Although he was surprised, Sun Liang didn’t ask any more.
Everyone sat down one by one, Xia Mengyao naturally sat next to Chen Feng, and Xu Dongliang did not shy away, sitting directly next to Xia Mengyao, and Chen Feng was full of gunpowder.
Wang Jiameng sat down next to Xu Dongliang, using the fullness of his chest from time to time to rub against Xu Dongliang’s arm intentionally or unintentionally, in order to arouse Xu Dongliang’s desire.
The crowd was divided into four tables. In Chen Feng’s table, except for him and Xia Mengyao, everyone else had a good relationship with Xu Dongliang. Xu Dongliang’s two younger brothers, Sun Liang and the triangular-eyed youth Wang Chao were among them.
“Waiter, let’s get a few bottles of Lafite first.” Xu Dongliang ordered lightly.
“In addition, if you want to eat anything, just order it yourself. Don’t save me money. I said that I will treat you tonight.” Xu Dongliang smiled at everyone and said.
“Brother Liang, then I’m not welcome.”
“I have long heard that the food here is a must in Jinling. I couldn’t eat it before. Today, I can eat meat for Brother Tuoliang, haha.”
“Mengyao, I often come here to eat. The Kobe veal here is very good. Let me have one for you.” Xu Dongliang took the menu and said with a polite expression.
Xia Mengyao frowned slightly. Just about to refuse, Chen Feng spoke first: “No, Mengyao doesn’t like beef, she prefers fish. Just order this Xihucuyu fish.”
Xu Dongliang was a little angry: “I’m ordering Mengyao, what does it have to do with you?”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Mengyao is my wife. What do you think it has to do with me? If you don’t believe me, ask, Mengyao herself, what kind of food does she like?”
“Just Xihucuyu, I really like fish.” Xia Mengyao smiled sweetly.
Xu Dongliang’s face is even more ugly, isn’t it to say that Xia Mengyao’s marriage was unsatisfactory? And she cheated as a junior, why is she still on Chen Feng’s side now?
Doesn’t she know that she has over 100 million in assets now!
“Hey, you guys figure out whether the priority is good or not. It’s Brother Liang who is the guest today, not you. What big tail wolf are you pretending to be here?” Li Xue couldn’t stand it anymore, and the cup in her hand was put abruptly and started Reprimanded Chen Feng.
“Did I ask him to invite me?” Chen Feng said lightly, meaning it was obvious that I can pay for it by himself, without being invited by others.
“Don’t be shameless! Brother Liang’s treat is to give you face, or else you, a poor food delivery person, can come here to eat?” Sun Liang patted the table and looked at Chen Feng coldly.
“That’s right, the price here is one or two thousand, which is different from those fast food restaurants that cost ten or eight yuan on the roadside. Brother Liang, if you don’t treat your guests, let’s not talk about eating, you even have the door here. I can’t get in either.” Li Xue said coldly.
“I can’t afford to eat here? Which one of your eyes sees that I can’t afford to eat here?” Chen Feng sneered at Li Xue and Sun Liang. If he wanted to, let alone eat here. It is not a problem to buy the entire Huaqi Mansion!
“Oh, I’m still pretending, don’t think I don’t know your details, you will deliver the food to death, and the salary will cost 6,000 yuan, but do you know how much the meal is here? Million!”
“You have to say that you can afford to eat, that’s fine. If you have the ability, you should learn from Brother Xueliang and buy all of our orders. Don’t just buy your own orders. Who knows if you take months of salary? Pretending to be coercion.” Li Xue was full of sarcasm. Although the food here is expensive, if Chen Feng is the only one, he can still use one or two months’ salary to pretend to be coercive. It is not something that can be solved by one or two months’ salary. At least five or six years’ salary, four to five million yuan!
“If I really bought all of you, what should you do?” Chen Feng asked lightly.
“If you really bought all of our orders, I would kneel before you and call your father.” Li Xue blurted out, she didn’t believe that Chen Feng could really spend so much money!
“Sure?” Chen Feng seemed to smile.
“Of course it is!” Li Xue raised her voice. She could see what clothes Chen Feng was wearing. The maximum was only 300 yuan. Such a person would spend hundreds of thousands to invite people to dinner? What an international joke!
“Okay, I hope you remember what you said. After everyone has finished eating, I will pay the bill.” Chen Feng said lightly.
Li Xue was stunned, this waste was taken seriously? He wouldn’t really want to use hundreds of thousands to pretend to be force.
“You’re not kidding, there are so many of us, and the consumption is at least four to five million yuan. Can you afford it?” Li Xue suspiciously. She thinks Chen Feng is now just for the sake of face. Well, when it’s time to check out, he will definitely find an excuse to slip away.
“When you finish eating, you will know that I can’t afford it anymore.” Chen Feng was as calm as ever.
“What should you do if you ran away halfway through the meal?” Li Xue still didn’t believe that Chen Feng would really pay.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “My wife is still here, where can I go.”
Now it was Li Xue’s turn to be uneasy. She felt that Chen Feng seemed really emboldened, and then Li Xue thought about the scene where Chen Feng got off the pink Ferrari before. This waste, wouldn’t it really have that much money?
But suspicion turned to suspicion, Li Xue knew that at this time, she must not admit counsel, if Chen Feng was pretending to be forced, then she admitted counsel, but missed the opportunity to slap Chen Feng in the face.
“Okay, it’s a deal. If you really buy all of our orders, I will kneel down and call you Dad.” Li Xue said fiercely. Even if Chen Feng didn’t pretend to be forceful, she really paid the bill. Kneeling down and calling Chen Feng’s father, and Chen Feng has to pay hundreds of thousands. Depending on Chen Feng’s conditions, it has absolutely nothing to do with Fu Yu. Hundreds of thousands may be all his savings. Please take all of his savings. Even if people pretend to be successful when they eat, Chen Feng will definitely bleed when he comes home.
“Okay, you are ready to kneel down and call Dad.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Looking at Li Xue’s expression, she obviously felt that hundreds of thousands were a lot to her, but what she didn’t know was that she had ten in her card. One hundred million, one billion, the interest alone is almost hundreds of thousands a month.
Xia Mengyao didn’t say a word from beginning to end. She didn’t know exactly how much money Chen Feng had, but it was definitely more than a few hundred thousand. Li Xue thought she could embarrass Chen Feng with money, so she was too naive.
“Okay, then Chen Shao will pay for the entire consumption tonight.” Xu Dongliang sneered. He doesn’t mind Chen Feng stealing his limelight. Diaosi is Diaosi. If Chen Feng thought he bought an order once, he could leave Diaosi. As for his identity, it can only be said that he thought of the world too simple.

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