Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 116

“Since Chen Shao pays the bill, please hurry up if everyone wants to eat.” Sun Liang said in a grotesque manner. Since Chen Feng wants to pretend to be forced, he must be prepared to pay the price. He will be polite to Xu Dongliang, but he is not. Will be polite to Chen Feng.
“Waiter, I want three servings of Ice Harrier Jiuwei Fish!” Wang Chao said with a big wave of his hand.
“Waiter, do you have Romani Conti here? Two bottles if you have!”
Under the leadership of Wang Chao and Sun Liang, everyone began to order dishes, and they all picked expensive ones. Originally, they only planned to order one or two servings. After Chen Feng paid the bill, they naturally turned into three or four servings. As for wine, Whatever the wine was expensive, they ordered what they wanted. The purpose was simple, to make Chen Feng bleed and pay the price.
Xu Dongliang nodded in satisfaction. These people are not lost because they are their classmates, and they still know how to look at their faces.
Wang Jiameng put his mouth close to Xu Dongliang’s ear, and asked in a low voice: “Brother Liang, if this waste is pretending to be forced, what should I do if I can’t pay the bill?”
Wang Jiameng’s meaning is obvious. If Chen Feng cannot afford to pay, it is impossible for Huaqi Mansion to allow so many of them to eat Bawang’s meal, so in the end, they may still have to pay, or Xu Dongliang alone. money.
Xu Dongliang’s face changed, and he realized this possibility. If Chen Feng really couldn’t pay, then he would only lose face, and people like himself would probably lose money.
There is even a high probability that he will lose money alone, because the sky is falling and he is going to top the tall man.
Thinking of this, Xu Dongliang hurriedly coughed twice and reminded: “Everyone’s order is enough to eat. Don’t order too much. In case someone doesn’t have the money to pay, you may have to buy this order yourself. .”
Xu Dongliang’s words still played a big role. Many people who wanted to pit Chen Feng also stopped ordering. They were not stupid. In case Chen Feng really had no money, he was trying to be poor, then they If you order forty to fifty thousand dishes, it is yourself, not to mention Xu Dongliang, no matter how rich Xu Dongliang is, it is impossible to buy them two or three million orders at once.
Seeing the crowd, Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, and only ordered more than one million dishes, he was so afraid of you? He thought that these people could at least order three or four million dishes, but he didn’t expect that if he only ordered one million, he was scared.
I originally wanted you to have a good meal, but if you don’t live up to it, you can’t blame me. Chen Feng thought in his heart that he really planned to invite these people to dinner, and didn’t joke with Li Xue.
Soon, the waiter brought up the dishes ordered by everyone, and Xu Dongliang has been observing Chen Feng’s expression. If Chen Feng shows a little timidity, then he can be sure that Chen Feng is pretending to be forced. Unfortunately, Chen Feng was calm from beginning to end, without blinking his eyes.
Xu Dongliang suddenly became suspicious. This food delivery guy wouldn’t really have that money, right? You know, even though he has just reminded everyone to order less food, he has already ordered more than one million dishes, more than one million, even if it is him, it will hurt. Where is the confidence?
Li Xue’s mood at this time was not much different from that of Xu Dongliang. She hoped that Chen Feng had no money and Chen Feng had money, which was very complicated.
Halfway through the food, Wang Jiameng couldn’t sit still. She found that Xu Dongliang’s gaze had been on Xia Mengyao, and she didn’t even look at herself.
Wang Jiameng’s jealousy immediately ignited, and she must not sit still like this!
Wang Jiameng finally made a decision and got up and ran to the bathroom. To make things easier for a while, Wang Jiameng took off his underwear, then came back and sat next to Xu Dongliang.
“Brother Liang, it’s so boring to just eat food, or let’s drink a bar.” Wang Jiameng said to Xu Dongliang affectionately, and the fragrant breath in his mouth kept beating on Xu Dongliang’s face.
Feeling the soft touch on his shoulders, Xu Dongliang suddenly felt a little bit disheartened. His lower abdomen was hot and he was also a veteran of flowers, how could he not tell that Wang Jiameng was seducing himself, this little wave hoof.
Since Xia Mengyao can’t be done, it’s not bad to do this little wave hoof first, Xu Dongliang rolled his eyes and thought.
“Good, good! Then let’s drink, waiter, come here with a few bottles of Moutai!” Xu Dongliang waved his hand and said.
In a short while, a few bottles of Moutai were brought up, all of which were the finest Guojiao old Moutai.
“Chen Feng, how’s your drinking?” Wang Jiameng suddenly looked at Chen Feng and asked.
Chen Feng frowned and said lightly: “It’s okay.”
“It’s okay?” Wang Jiameng raised a playful corner of his mouth, and continued: “How does it compare to Brother Liang?”
“I haven’t drank it together, how can I know?” Chen Feng said calmly, but in his heart he probably guessed Wang Jiameng’s purpose.
“Isn’t there a chance now?” Wang Jiameng laughed. Since she decided to hook up with Xu Dongliang, she had to let Xu Dongliang see her value first, and right now, hitting Chen Feng was the only one who let Xu Dongliang see her value. opportunity.
Xu Dongliang sees Chen Feng unhappy, and as long as he helps Xu Dongliang make Chen Feng foolish, Xu Dongliang will be very happy.
She knows how much Xu Dongliang drinks. She was called a lion in the wine when she was in college, and Xu Dongliang never lost in the wine market.
When Wang Jiameng said this, Xu Dongliang also immediately understood Wang Jiameng’s meaning. Everyone is a man, and in front of his own woman, he naturally cannot admit that he is inferior to another man.
At this time, even if Chen Feng couldn’t drink, he would only listen to the scalp saying that he could drink, otherwise, he would have no face in front of Xia Mengyao.
Xu Dongliang was a little excited, but Wang Jiameng’s little wave hoof was still useful.
“Well, Young Master Chen, dare you to compare your drinking with me? Of course, if Young Master Chen doesn’t dare, just say it straight, and I won’t force it.” Xu Dongliang laughed and said, he is a dignified man, Chen Feng has only two choices. Either he will give up, or he will fight with him. If he fights with him, Xu Dongliang really hasn’t been afraid of anyone. Let alone Chen Feng, even ten Chen Fengs together will not be enough for him. for drink.
At that time, as long as Chen Feng gets drunk, he has a way to make Chen Feng embarrassed, and Xia Mengyao can let him play, maybe he can take Wang Jiameng, the little wave hoof, for a double flight.
“Are you sure you want to compare drinks with me?” Chen Feng’s expression was a little strange.
“Why? Don’t you dare?” Xu Dongliang raised his brows and said.
Chen Feng shook his head and said with a smile: “There is nothing to be afraid of, I’m just afraid you will regret it for a while.”
“Regret?” Xu Dongliang sneered, “I don’t have these two words regret in Xu Dongliang’s dictionary!”

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