Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 123

“Wang Jiameng, don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking about.” Xia Mengyao gave Wang Jiameng a cold look, and then laughed at herself: “I used to be blind, so I thought you were my friend. After today, there will be nothing to do with you!”
Wang Jiameng’s face changed for a while, but she didn’t say anything.
“Chen Feng, let’s go.” After Xia Mengyao finished speaking, she took Chen Feng’s hand. She would never come back to any class reunion in the future. None of these people treated her as classmates. Even Wang Jiameng, the only friend she recognized, made her completely chilled this time.
“Xia Mengyao, stop!” At this moment, Li Xue angrily stopped in front of Xia Mengyao, and said in an unkind tone: “Sister Yue told you to pass to give you face. Don’t know what is good or bad.”
After Wang Jiameng said this, Li Xue also reacted. Du Ziyue let Xia Mengyao go over, and he must still want to trouble Xia Mengyao. If Xia Mengyao slipped now, wouldn’t it have escaped, and Chen Feng’s hatred of beating her? She can’t report it either.
“Go away!” Xia Mengyao said in a cold tone, and didn’t bother to be polite with Li Xue.
“Xia Mengyao, I warn you, you are not a student now. When you offended Sister Yue, the school teacher will still protect you, but now, no teacher will protect you. You must dare to be disobedient this time. Let Sister Yue lose face, guess what would Sister Yue do to you?” Li Xue put her arms around her chest and sneered. Back then, Du Ziyue chased a rich second generation who liked Xia Mengyao and confessed to Xia Mengyao, but was Xia Mengyao refused.
At that time, Du Ziyue was mad and went to Xia Mengyao’s dormitory, called a few people, dragged Xia Mengyao out of the dormitory, and threw it into the school’s Jinbo Lake. It was the twelfth lunar month, if it weren’t for the school’s teacher. Save, Xia Mengyao will definitely freeze to death in the lake.
This is the case. After Xia Mengyao was rescued, she was almost disfigured by Du Ziyue. Later, Xia Mengyao saw Du Ziyue and walked around like a mouse and a cat.
However, Du Ziyue never meant to let Xia Mengyao go. Although he had never found Xia Mengyao trouble again, all kinds of minor troubles came in two days.
Xia Mengyao’s pretty face was pale again. Du Ziyue of the year did leave her with a great psychological shadow. Even now, she would often have nightmares and dream that she was drowned. I have to say that Du Ziyue really became her heart. Nightmare.
“Who is that sister Yue you said? What did she do to Mengyao?” Chen Feng frowned when he saw Xia Mengyao’s fearful look. He wanted to know what Du Ziyue did to Xia Mengyao. After three or four years, Xia Mengyao still feared her so much.
“Huh, our sister Yue has a big background, I’ll tell you, what should I do if you want to scare you into a stinky cock?” Li Xue snorted disdainfully. Her words also meant to excite Chen Feng. Seeing Xia Mengyao was He didn’t dare to face Du Ziyue, so he could only hit Chen Feng with his idea.
“Say! I want to see what she has come from!” Chen Feng’s tone was cold.
“Okay, stinky cock silk, then you can listen well, our sister Yue, full name Du Ziyue, is the daughter of the Du family in Jinling!” Li Xue’s expression was extremely triumphant, as if she was the daughter of the Du family.
“The Du family?” Chen Feng frowned. He seemed to have heard Li Yan say that this family was one of the nine second-line families in Jinling, which was slightly more powerful than the Bai family, but for Chen Feng, it was just Just a slightly stronger ant.
Seeing Chen Feng’s doubts, Li Xue’s face was even more proud: “Soil buns, don’t you know our Jinling Du family?”
Without waiting for Chen Feng to answer, Li Xue smiled disdainfully, and then said: “Yes, you are a hillbilly from Cangzhou, how could you know that the Du family is such a rich man.”
“To tell you the truth, the Du family is in the entertainment industry. In Jinling, the Du family is a well-deserved leader in entertainment. The dozens of entertainment companies in Jinling are all Du family’s industries. You know, such as Liu Yan and Wang Junsheng, these are household names. All of the big stars were all cultivated by the Du family.”
“Of course, the entertainment industry I’m talking about is just part of the Du family floating on the water. The Du family also has a lot of business in real estate and catering, but I told you this country boy, it’s no different from playing the piano to a bull.”
Xu Dongliang was silent, and Li Xue said nothing wrong. The energy of the Du family is indeed far beyond imagination. The reason why he has gotten so far now that he can own his own clothing factory is not how strong he is. But when he was in school, he was fortunate enough to have a few meals with Du Ziyue, and he got into the eyes of Du Ziyue.
After graduation, after being promoted by Du Ziyue, he set up his own production line and got a lot of clothing orders, which is where he is today.
The richer he is, the better he understands how much energy the Du family behind Du Ziyue has. It can be said that if ordinary people don’t have the chance to guard against the sky, they will not have access to the level of the Du family.
The Du family is a well-deserved privileged class in modern society!
“I don’t want to know how awesome the Du family you are talking about is, I just want to know, what did Du Ziyue do to Mengyao back then?” Chen Feng said in a cold voice, he didn’t even look at the Yang family of the first-line family. , Let alone a Du family.
“Do you really want to listen?” Li Xue asked with a sarcasm.
“Husband, it’s all over, don’t you ask…” At this moment, Xia Mengyao suddenly spoke, even with a hint of pleading on Qiao’s face.
Chen Feng shook his head: “There is no past, Mengyao, if Du Ziyue really made you wronged back then, I will let her give it back a hundred times!”
“A hundred times back? Hahaha! Chen Feng, you laughed at me! Are you afraid that the wind will flash your tongue when you say such a big thing? Just like you, our sister Yue can be crushed to death with a finger, Yue Sister doesn’t trouble you, you should burn incense and worship your ancestor. You still want to trouble Sister Yue.” Li Xue laughed and sneered, and Chen Fengruo thought that after having a meal at Huaqi Mansion, he could follow If the Du family wrestled, he would not take the Du family seriously.
“I will ask you one last time, Du Ziyue, what exactly did you do to Mengyao back then?” Chen Feng’s tone was cold, on the verge of outburst of anger.
“I didn’t do anything. It was your wife who did not know good or bad, seduce our sister Yue’s boyfriend, and then our sister Yue had someone dragged your wife out of the dormitory and threw it into Jinbo Lake. Oh, yes, it’s winter. Lake Jinbo, if it weren’t for the teacher to take care of things, your wife would have been frozen to death that time, alas…” At this point, Li Xue couldn’t help sighing, it seemed a bit regretful that Xia Mengyao was not frozen to death that year.
But Chen Feng’s face is already green!

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