Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 139

Just when Chen Feng was about to head back to Cangzhou, Li Li called.
“Chen Shao, what you asked me to investigate has come to fruition.”
Chen Feng frowned, and then remembered that he had asked Li Chao to investigate Jin Liu’an before.
“Say it.”
“Chen Shao, Jin Liuan did participate in a hunting operation three years ago, but the villain did not find out about the identity of the person being pursued and the information about the people who participated in the killing with him. Meaning, the hunt three years ago was a reward issued by someone, so many people who participated in the hunt at the time did not know the identity of the person being pursued and killed, and even because of the masked relationship, these hunters , I don’t know the identity of each other.” Li Li said truthfully.
“Where is Jin Liu’an now?” Chen Feng asked. The group of people who hunted him three years ago was indeed covered with face. At that time, he thought that all the people who pursued him knew each other, but if they offered a reward. , It’s normal if they don’t know each other, but although they cover their faces, Chen Feng remembers the number of martial arts they used. If they meet again, Chen Feng is still confident and can recognize it. .
“Chen Shao, Jin Liuan will take the disciples in the hall to Haoran Martial Arts Hall at five o’clock this afternoon to participate in a gambling fight.” Li Li said.
“Gambling?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes. To put it bluntly, it is kicking the field. However, gambling is more civilized than kicking the field. The kicking field is to directly hit people’s signs. The nature of, before the two sides fight, they will bet first, whoever wins takes the bet.
Hearing what Li Yan said, Jin Liuan took the initiative to take his disciples to the Haoran Martial Arts Hall to fight at home. This shows that Jin Liuan is very confident in his disciples and will win gambling battles out of the box.
However, if I were in the past, it would not be impossible…
Chen Feng smiled, and then asked the location of Haoran Martial Arts Hall.
Upon hearing that Chen Feng was going to Haoran Martial Arts Hall, Li Yan couldn’t help but sympathize with Jin Liu’an. He had just become a dark warrior within a few days, and before he had time to congratulate him, he offended Chen Feng. Jin Liu’an might not die now. It’s going to peel off.
At four o’clock in the afternoon, Chen Feng set off from the hospital on time. After Chen Feng left, there was a rickety figure at the door of the ward. It was Pang Dongqi.
Yang Tai’s personal bodyguard, the number one master of the Yang family!
The warriors in the middle of the dark Jin, looking at the Jinling martial arts world, are also among the top ten existences.
Pang Dongqi’s presence here did not intend to disadvantage Xia Mengyao, but came to protect Xia Mengyao.
Chen Feng asked Yang Tai to send someone to protect Xia Mengyao. Naturally, Yang Tai didn’t dare to neglect, and directly sent the most capable cadres under him.
Chen Feng knew about Pang Dongqi’s arrival, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to go to Haoran Martial Arts Hall at this time. With Pang Dongqi here, even if the Du’s family invited a tactical assassination team over, they wouldn’t want to hurt Xia Mengyao half a point.
When the martial artist reaches the mid-to-late stage of Anjin, his sensitivity will rise to a very high level, within a hundred meters of a radius, any disturbance can be sensed for the first time.
The realm of Mingjin judges the realm of a warrior based on the strength of the warrior’s control. In the early stage of Mingjin, the strength of a punch can be about 300 kilograms, which is equivalent to the weight of a wild horse. The warrior can defend the wild horses directly without falling into the wind.
In the mid-term warrior, the punched power is about 600 kg, 600 kg, which seems to be only half of the power of the warrior in the early Mingjin period, but in actual combat, the gap between the early Mingjin period and the mid-Mingjin period is not the same. Half of it can make up for it.
In the late period of Ming Jin, a warrior who has general control over power can reach about 900 kilograms of power, and can reach 1,000 kilograms or even 1100 kilograms of power when controlled. This is the weight of a small car. I want to lift it. A small car requires seven or eight normal adults, while the warriors in the late Ming Jin period only need one hand. This is the gap between the warriors and ordinary people!
Among ordinary people, those who can fight head-on with the warriors in the early Ming Jin period without losing the wind are only some of the top boxers in the world. Their peak strength is generally around 230, and the use of strength is more professional. However, although these boxers can fight head-on with the warriors in the early Ming Jin period, they want to defeat the warriors in the early Ming Jin period.
The reason why a warrior is called a warrior is not only because he has power, but also because he has martial arts skills and a special way of using power!
These are not understandable by ordinary people.
Although most warriors are in the same world as ordinary people, if you carefully distinguish them, the world of warriors and the world where ordinary people live are basically two different worlds!
The martial arts world has a default rule, that is, once you become a martial artist, you should try to interfere with ordinary people’s affairs as little as possible. In order to prevent someone from forcing interference, the martial arts community has also established a special martial arts association to supervise the martial artist.
Without supervision, the world of ordinary people would be messed up.
A few years earlier, there were ordinary warriors in the early days of Ming Jin who hid their identities to participate in the Olympics. In that Olympics, the gold medals in power events were swept away by these warriors, and even the record they set is still no one. Can be broken.
After the incident, it naturally attracted strong condemnation from the International Budo Association. In the end, it was the president of the China Budo Association who came forward to apologize and severely punished the warriors in the early Ming Jin period before the matter was suppressed.
You know, in this world, not only China has warriors, Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, Japan…Most countries with a long heritage have warriors, but they have different names.
Haoran Martial Arts Hall was built in the suburbs of Jinling. When Chen Feng arrived, there were only a few young people at the gate of the martial arts hall. These young people were wearing Haoran Martial Arts custom martial arts uniforms. The word Haoran.
Chen Feng glanced at it and found that although these young people were students of Haoran’s martial arts gym, none of them belonged to warriors. Instead, most of them were ordinary people. The only difference between these students and ordinary people was that they were compared. Ordinary people are more energetic and look more capable.
Chen Feng did not have the slightest surprise in this regard. If an ordinary person does not have the opportunity to become a warrior, it is harder than climbing to the sky. Most of these young people in front of them are idlers in the society. They may even What the warrior is not clear.
The reason why I came to Haoran Martial Arts Center was because I wanted to learn some martial arts such as Taekwondo and Karate. These young people are all students of Haoran Martial Arts Hall, not core students. Haoran Martial Arts Hall does not even teach them the real martial arts. Cultivation skills, because their roots have been finalized, the reason why they are accepted is just to earn some tuition and maintain a living, after all, the martial artist also has to eat.

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