Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 141

As soon as Chen Feng came in, he attracted the attention of most people in the museum.
Su Haoran frowned even more. Seeing Chen Feng’s sloppy appearance, he didn’t seem to be a martial artist, and he was still so young. How could such a person know Jin Liuan?
“Little friend knows Jin Liu’an?” Su Haoran asked. Although he was puzzled, Su Haoran was unwilling to lose his courtesy.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know yet.”
“What did the little friend do with Jin Liuan?” Su Haoran frowned.
“Fight.” Chen Feng said with a slight smile.
Su Haoran’s face turned black, and he asked Jin Liuan to fight? You are hanging by the birthday star, you are impatient.
Su Lingyu couldn’t help but laughed, and the laughter trembled.
“This brother, do you know who Jin Liuan is?” Zhao Dong said with a black face. He suspected that Chen Feng was here to make trouble. He was not even a martial artist. He wanted to fight with Jin Liuan. With a finger, Chen Feng can be killed.
“I know.” Chen Feng smiled.
“You know what a shit!” Zhao Dongbai glanced at Chen Feng and said angrily: “Little brother, to tell you the truth, Jin Liu’an is not something you can afford. If you are acquainted, you should leave our martial arts gym. Don’t mess with us.”
“I really came to fight with Jin Liu’an.” Chen Feng couldn’t help but smile, and no one believed the truth.
“Fight? It’s almost the same to die.” Zhao Dong snorted coldly.
“Hey, uncle, are you a martial artist?” Su Lingyu suddenly smiled and said.
Uncle? Chen Feng touched his nose, a little speechless, is he so old?
“Lingyu!” Su Haoran glared at Su Lingyu dissatisfiedly. This little girl is really getting more and more open-mouthed. Can you tell me about the martial artist casually?
Su Lingyu stuck out his tongue and made a face at Chen Feng.
“Does little friend have any hatred with Jin Liu’an?” Su Haoran asked. He could see that Chen Feng was not aimless, but he didn’t understand that Chen Feng was not even a martial artist. How did he get into Jin Liu’an.
“There are some hatreds.”
“Do you have to report?” Su Haoran raised an eyebrow.
“You must report it!” Chen Feng was decisive.
Su Haoran sighed and said, “Little friend, listen to my advice, leave our martial arts gym, Jin Liu’an, you can’t afford it.”
“If you don’t try, how can you know if you can’t afford it?” Chen Feng smiled. Su Haoran’s remarks were naturally for his own good, but Su Haoran seriously underestimated herself.
Su Haoran frowned, and suddenly felt a little dissatisfied with Chen Feng. It was so obvious that he had said so, why couldn’t Chen Feng listen to it.
“If that’s the case, let the little friend do it yourself.” Su Haoran said with a cold tone. Chen Feng had to seek death himself, and he couldn’t stop him.
“Okay.” Chen Feng smiled and walked aside.
People like Zhao Dong and Feng Yuan began to warm up and prepare for the upcoming gambling battle.
No one greeted Chen Feng, and Chen Feng settled down and began to look at the facilities in the martial arts hall. The training facilities of the Haoran martial arts hall were well prepared.
Practicing piles, sandbags, bench press… etc., everything.
At this time, Chen Feng’s gaze fell on a sandbag in the center of the martial arts hall, saying it was a sandbag, but it was clearly out of the scope of sandbags.
Because the sandbag is not sand, but iron sand.
Yes, iron sand.
Nearly two meters high, the thickness of a bucket, and sandbags filled with iron sand.
Just hanging there, it gives people a feeling of weight.
Most of the ordinary sandbags next to them are ten kilograms, 20 kilograms, and 30 kilograms in weight. These ordinary sandbags are for the students in the foreign hall to practice.
There are also some fifty kilograms and eighty kilograms of sandbags for martial artists to practice.
And the iron sand bag in front of Chen Feng’s eyes, it seemed to weigh 500 kilograms, and it would be difficult for ordinary martial artists to practice with it, let alone shake it.
“Hey, uncle, what are you looking at?” At this moment, a crisp voice rang behind him, and Chen Feng knew that it was the strange little girl just now without looking back.
“Look at the sandbags.” Chen Feng said lightly, this kind of iron sand sandbags are also found in the Chen family’s martial arts gym, but the Chen family’s iron sand sandbags are heavier than the current one, reaching 1,000 kilograms.
Su Lingyu was speechless, rolled his eyes, and said, “Of course I know you are looking at the sandbag.”
“You still ask if you know?” Chen Feng smiled and said.
Su Lingyu bit her silver teeth and said, “Hey, uncle, how do you talk?”
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng was stunned.
“Nothing!” Su Lingyu stomped his feet with anger. This guy is like a fool.
“Oh.” Chen Feng replied, and then moved his eyes to the iron sand bag.
Seeing Chen Feng ignored him, Su Lingyu suddenly became annoyed. What’s so good about breaking the sandbag? Is there a girl who looks so good?
No, you have to make fun of this fool! Su Lingyu was a little angry, but felt that he should punish Chen Feng for his rudeness.
“Uncle, do you want to try the feel of this sandbag?” Su Lingyu’s eyes rolled and said suddenly.
“Huh? How to try?” Chen Feng stared at Su Lingyu’s eyes, and said with a playful smile.
Being stared at by Chen Feng, Su Lingyu suddenly felt a little guilty for some reason, but still sternly said: “Just use your fist to try, uncle, you are like a normal sandbag. You can punch with all your strength and hit this iron sandbag to try. It feels like this iron sand bag.”
“Really?” Chen Feng’s eyes were even more playful. This Xiaoni wanted to play tricks on herself and see herself as ugly. You know, this is an iron sand bag weighing 500 kilograms. If an ordinary person punches it with all his strength, at least his wrist will be sprained, and heavier fractures are possible.
After all, this sandbag is filled with iron sand. If you use a meat punch to beat iron sand, it is equivalent to using a meat punch to beat steel. Ordinary people beat steel. Does it hurt?
“Yes.” Su Lingyu said sternly.
“Well, I’ll try.” Chen Feng smiled and said.
“Hee hee, come on, uncle.” Su Lingyu smiled, and a successful smile appeared in her beautiful eyes. Not surprisingly, Chen Feng would scream directly with this punch, even if he sprained his wrist. for sure. At that time, if Chen Feng begs himself to send him to the hospital, he must refuse to make this guy make a fool of himself.
Chen Feng walked to the iron sand bag, glanced at his fist, and prepared to punch.
“and many more!”
Seeing Chen Feng was standing and punching, Su Lingyu hurriedly stopped.
Chen Feng glanced at Su Lingyu suspiciously. What happened to this little girl.
“Uncle, your actions are not standard.”
Su Lingyu walked up and’kindly’ helped Chen Feng correct his actions: “Uncle, the punching bag relies on the waist to exert force, so you have to tie your horse stances before your waist can exert force. You stand up and hit directly like this. Not strong.”

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