Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 142

Chen Feng’s face twitched. This chick is really ruthless. If he is an ordinary person, and believe her nonsense, if he goes on this punch, he will definitely fracture and be hospitalized. After all, hitting with full force and hitting with a part of force are totally different Concepts.
“Okay, uncle, you can punch.” Su Lingyu’s beautiful eyes flashed a sly, big idiot, told you to be rude to Ben Guangniang, and see if this girl will not toss you to death.
Chen Feng jokes, this little girl is interesting, but if she wants to tease herself for nothing, she has to add some color, thinking of this, Chen Feng smiled and asked: “I said I can touch this sandbag, do you believe me? ?”
Su Lingyu rolled her eyes and said, “Uncle, don’t you be kidding me? Do you know how heavy this sandbag weighs? 500 kilograms, I just asked you to try the feel of the sandbag. I didn’t think it would make you move. sandbag.”
There was one more word left behind Su Lingyu, that was her big brother, Zhao Dong, who was almost half a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin, couldn’t touch this iron sand bag, not to mention ordinary people like Chen Feng.
“What if I can move?” Chen Feng asked.
“If you can move, I will do whatever you want.” Su Lingyu blurted out, but after speaking, Su Lingyu immediately regretted it. What if this guy asks to talk to her then?
No, what are you afraid of? This guy can’t touch iron sand bags at all. Thinking of this, Su Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief again, in the vernacular, anyone could say.
“Yes!” Su Lingyu smashed his cheeks, is Ben Guangniang the kind of rascal!
“Well, don’t regret it.” Chen Feng smiled, and hit the iron sand bag with a punch in his backhand.
“Why don’t you squat…” Su Lingyu also wanted to remind Chen Feng to squat and fight again, but the next second, the swaying iron sand sandbag made her swallow all the words.
Su Lingyu rubbed her eyes, she must be dazzled.
Yes, dizzy!
How could this fool be able to touch the iron sand bag that even the big brother can’t touch.
Su Lingyu rubbed her eyes fiercely again, this time her eyes were rubbed out of sour water, but she caught her sight and got a sandbag, still moving!
Although the shaking was not as great as before, it was still shaking.
Su Lingyu had nothing to say now. Although she didn’t want to admit it, Chen Feng did touch the 500 kg iron sandbag with a punch.
Seeing Chen Feng looking at him with a faint smile, Su Lingyu’s pretty face suddenly blushed.
“I’ll say yes first. Although you won the bet between us, I’m telling you, I’m not the kind of casual girl. If you dare to let me do that shy thing with you, I’ll fight Die you.” Su Lingyu threatened with a fan fist.
Chen Feng’s face is a little dark, Lao Tzu looks so dirty? Just you little girl film, you can’t be slapped with clothes off, and you do shameful things with you.
Seeing Chen Feng not speaking, Su Lingyu was a little proud, thinking Chen Feng must have been frightened by himself.
“Uncle, are you a martial artist?” Su Lingyu rolled her eyes and asked. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to hide so deep that even his father Su Haoran didn’t realize that Chen Feng was a martial artist.
“Don’t call me uncle, I’m only twenty-five years old.” Chen Feng said with a black face.
“I’m still an uncle at the age of twenty-five. I’m only eighteen. You are seven years older than me.” Su Lingyu took it for granted.
Chen Feng was a little tired. He turned out to be an uncle when he was seven years old.
“Uncle, what kind of warrior are you? The middle stage of Mingjin or the late stage of Mingjin?” Su Lingyu asked again. It is obvious that Chen Feng could not be the early stage of Mingjin. Su Lingyu felt that Chen Feng was very likely to be the latter stage of Mingjin.
Chen Feng shook his head. When he was seventeen, he crossed the threshold of Ming Jin and entered the gate of An Jin.
Su Lingyu opened his mouth wide, not Ming Jin, could it be Dark Jin?
how is this possible!
If Chen Feng is really twenty-five years old, then the 25-year-old An Jin? She can’t even think about it!
Because she had heard Su Haoran say that the fastest martial artist in the Jinling martial arts world to break through to Anjin was the big disciple of the Sect Master of Shenquan Sect. The first person in a hundred years!
Twenty-eight years old is the first person in the Jinling martial arts world in a century. How about Chen Feng twenty-five years old?
No, you must ask yourself clearly, is this guy a dark warrior?
“Uncle, are you a dark-powered warrior?” Su Lingyu asked again. If Chen Feng nodded, then she would probably be the Jinling martial arts world, the most enchanting genius in thousands of years.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng shook his head again. He spent three years in the Xia family. Although it was the worst three years in his life, it was also the three years in his life with the fastest cultivation speed.
Seeing Chen Feng’s denial, Su Lingyu breathed a sigh of relief, and just said, if this fool is a dark warrior, doesn’t it mean that he is a hundred times more talented than himself.
“No, you said that you were not in the middle stage of Mingjin, nor the late stage of Mingjin, let alone dark energy. How did you move the iron sand bag?” Su Lingyu suddenly reacted. It was a 500 kg iron sand bag. In the early days of Jin, the strength limit of the warrior was 300 kg. In theory, Chen Feng should not be able to touch the iron sand bag.
“Are you the legendary natural divine power?” Su Lingyu hurriedly said before Chen Feng could speak. Su Haoran once said that there are people in this world who are born with strength several times stronger than ordinary people of the same age. Once you become a warrior, you will have a greater advantage than other warriors, especially in terms of strength.
Chen Feng smiled, neither confessing nor denying it, since Su Lingyu had figured out the excuses for himself, then he didn’t have to think about how to make up.
Chen Feng did not speak, Su Lingyu naturally acquiesced when Chen Feng.
“Uncle, you are already twenty-five years old, you are still in the early stage of Mingjin, but you have to work hard, this girl broke through to the early stage of Mingjin at the age of 18. I’m afraid I can break through to Anjin.” Su Lingyu’s tone is a bit of ostentation. Of course, the so-called breakthrough to Anjin is purely she is bragging. Although she is genius, she wants to break through to Anjin at the age of twenty-five. , It is also impossible.
The training of a martial artist is more difficult as you go to the back. For some martial artists, it is common for some martial artists to get stuck for decades in a realm.
Just like Su Haoran, who broke through to the late Mingjin at the age of thirty-two, but this year, Su Haoran is fifty years old, he is still the late Mingjin, he was stuck in the late Mingjin for 18 years!
“Then, do I want to congratulate you in advance?” Chen Feng smiled, but this little nizi has a big tone. If ordinary people have no talent, no support from famous teachers and cultivation resources, they want to cultivate until they are twenty-five. In the late Jin period, it was simply a dream.

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