Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 143

The reason why he broke through to Anjin so quickly back then was that on the one hand, he could not do without his terrifying talent, on the other hand, it was also because his master was called Xiao Guozhong!
The real martial arts giant in the Chinese martial arts world! Be able to start a school, and be famous for its existence!
Under Xiao Guozhong’s teaching, Chen Fengshao took a detour for almost ten years.
One can imagine the importance of having a famous teacher.
“Congratulations, no need, but if this girl breaks through to An Jin, you come to this girl, this girl will cover you.” Su Lingyu waved his hand and said with a’modest’ expression.
“Okay, it’s settled.” Chen Feng smiled. This little Nizi has a thick face.
Seeing Chen Feng complimenting himself like this, Su Lingyu was a little embarrassed, this fool would not really believe his words.
Since this idiot is so foolish, can he fool him and let him take the stage for Haoran Martial Arts Hall for a while and have a fight with the people in King Kong Martial Arts Hall? Su Lingyu’s eyes rolled, and his idea was hit on Chen Feng again. Although Chen Feng was a martial artist in the early days of Ming Jin, his strength was beyond doubt.
The iron sand sandbag that can hit 500 kilograms is probably a bit stronger than the big brother. Let Chen Feng come to power and replace Feng Yuan, Haoran’s winning rate may increase a lot.
“Uncle, I promised to cover you in the future, you have to show it a little bit.” Su Lingyu said with a smile.
Chen Feng was stunned. Is this to benefit himself?
“What do you want me to say?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
“Ahem, it’s simple. We will have a 5 to 5 match between our martial arts center and King Kong martial arts center in a moment. You can fight for our Haoran martial arts center.” Su Lingyu blinked.
“What should I do if I lose?” Chen Feng did not directly agree, but asked instead.
“If you lose, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, we have to lose in Haoran Wushu, as long as the loss is not so ugly.” Su Lingyu waved his hand and said indifferently.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, and it seemed that even Haoran Wuguan himself had no confidence in this gambling fight.
“How is it?” Su Lingyu looked at Chen Feng expectantly and asked.
“Okay, I can play for your martial arts gym.” Chen Feng pondered a little and said, anyway, he was idle and idle, playing for the Haoran martial arts gym was just a warm-up before killing Jin Liu’an.
“Hehe, uncle, thank you.” Su Lingyu’s beautiful eyes were bent into a crescent.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, saying that you are welcome.
“Uncle, you are waiting here, I’ll tell my father.” Su Lingyu bounced away and came to Su Haoran: “Father, I found you a master, and he promised me to play for our martial arts gym in a while. .”
“Master?” Su Haoran glanced suspiciously at Su Lingyu. What kind of master would his daughter know?
“It’s the uncle who just came in and said to fight with Jin Liu’an, dad, don’t you know how powerful that uncle is…” Su Lingyu chattered and wanted to tell Su Haoran that Chen Feng punched the iron sand bag.
But before she could finish her words, Su Haoran snorted coldly: “Naughty! That kid is a master of farts, he is not even a martial artist!”
Su Lingyu was a little aggrieved and argued: “Father, he is a martial artist, and he is also a martial artist in the early Ming Jin period…”
“Junior sister, I think you were deceived by that kid. I have seen most Mingjin martial artists in the Jinling martial arts world, but this kid, I have a tight face.” Zhao Dong interrupted calmly. In his opinion, there is a high probability that Chen Feng is coveting Su Lingyu’s beauty. Even when he said that he was looking for Jin Liuan to fight this time, he was also trying to attract Su Lingyu’s attention. A girl like Su Lingyu who has never experienced the sinister heart is very It’s a lie.
“Okay, don’t say it! Let your brothers play in a while!” Su Haoran made the decision directly. After finishing speaking, he glanced at Zhao Dong and said, “Zhao Dong, keep your eyes on that kid, don’t Let that kid make trouble.”
“Yes, Master.” Zhao Dong respectfully nodded, and if he really wanted to let Chen Feng a non-warrior come on, the Haoran martial arts hall’s face might be lost.
After Su Haoran finished speaking, he left directly, and the people from the Diamond Martial Arts Hall came, and he was going to meet him.
“Junior sister, let that stinky boy get out quickly, don’t get out again, don’t blame me for being rude to him.” Zhao Dong said calmly.
Su Lingyu pouted dissatisfiedly, and then stomped away.
At the entrance of Haoran Martial Arts Hall, a middle-aged man wearing a black robe stood with his hands behind him. Behind the middle-aged man stood a dozen young people of various shapes.
The middle-aged man is Jin Liu’an, and the dozen young people behind him are all his disciples.
Looking at the four-character Haoran Martial Arts Hall in front of him, Jin Liu’an had no expression on his face, but his disciples were full of disdain.
At this time, Su Haoran took Feng Yuan and several others out.
“Congratulations, brother Lu’an, for breaking through the dark power! Add another talent to me in the Jinling martial arts world!” Su Haoran laughed while still in the middle door.
“Brother Haoran is polite, Lu’an is nothing but a mediocre, but it has nothing to do with the talent.” Jin Liuan smiled lightly, although he was very humble in words, the expression on his face was full of arrogance.
“Haha, why should Brother Lu’an be self-effacing? If Brother Lu’an is mediocre, there are not many talents in this world.” Su Haoran smiled and complimented.
“Brother Lu’an, the family has already prepared a dinner party. If Brother Lu’an doesn’t mind, let’s go to the dinner party with Su.” Su Haoran smiled.
“Brother Haoran, don’t rush for the dinner. The fighting between the disciples is the right thing.” Jin Liuan waved his hand and said with a smile.
“Brother Lu’an, look at what you said, what matters to eat? This person is iron, and rice is steel. Several of your disciples can’t eat enough and can’t display their full strength, so how can they be with my disciples? Fight.” Su Haoran smiled.
“Senior Su, do you value your disciples too much? Do you still need our stomachs to be beaten?” Behind Jin Liuan, a fair-skinned young man spoke with disdain, meaning that Su Haoran’s disciple was hungry. They can also play.
The smile on Su Haoran’s face was stiff, while Feng Yuan and the others clenched their fists in anger. Is there such a despise?
“Senior Su, let’s hold a fight first. Anyway, it won’t take ten minutes before the fight between us can end. When the fight is over, there is no time for the dinner party, and the food will not be cold.” Someone smiled and said. Although the ridicule this time was not as obvious as the fair-skinned youth in front of him, it was even more embarrassing. It meant that the people in Haoran’s martial arts gym could not hold it for ten minutes.
Jin Liuan heard the ridicule of several disciples, but he didn’t mean to stop it. After all, he has become a dark warrior. Compared with him, Su Haoran is no longer in the same class, and he doesn’t need it. Be polite to Su Haoran.

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