Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 144

Seeing that Jin Liuan didn’t squint and didn’t mean to care about his disciples, Su Haoran was even more angry, but in the presence of so many people, he couldn’t get angry, so he had to suppress the anger in his chest and calm down. Said: “Then hold a martial arts battle first, and then use the dinner party after the martial arts battle is over.”
Then the group entered the martial arts hall.
As soon as he entered the martial arts gym, Su Haoran saw Chen Feng who was standing with Su Lingyu. Su Haoran immediately became so angry that he looked at Zhao Dong dissatisfiedly and whispered: “Why is this kid still here? Didn’t you let him go?”
Zhao Dong was stunned, why didn’t Junior Sister rush this kid away.
“Master, I’m going to let him go now.” Zhao Dong said he was going to pass.
Su Haoran waved her hand: “Forget it, let him stand here and watch it. After watching the martial arts fight, so that he can know how self-defeating he is.”
“Yes, Master.” Zhao Dong nodded. He knew very well that Su Haoran was saving Chen Feng. He believed that if Chen Feng had eyes, he could see how terrifying Jin Liuan’s disciples were. He would definitely not trouble Jin Liu’an again, but ran as far as he could.
“Uncle, it’s starting, let’s go over and watch.” Su Lingyu was a little excited, and took Chen Feng’s arm and ran to the ring.
Feeling the plump touch coming from his arm, Chen Feng couldn’t help but feel a little helpless. Is this chick a real tiger or a fake tiger, don’t you understand the truth about whether men and women are giving or receiving marriage?
The arena is located in the center of the martial arts gymnasium. Because it is a ring for martial artists, this ring is much larger than a normal boxing ring, covering an area of ​​more than 50 square meters, and the floor is also made of solid steel. Even the full blow of the warrior could not leave the slightest trace on the floor.
There were many seats under the ring, but at this moment, only Su Haoran and Jin Liuan were seated, and the other disciples were all separated behind them.
Su Haoran and Jin Liu’an talked and laughed, and the disciples under the two men arranged the order of playing by themselves.
The two sides each have five people, and then take turns to go to the stage, one-on-one, and the loser steps down. The winner can choose to stay on the stage and play against the next opponent, or he can choose to step down and let others take the stage.
Whichever party runs out of five people first will be regarded as a failure. The rules are simple.
And the bets placed by the two parties are not about money, but about the area where students are recruited in Jinling City.
The winner can recruit students in more areas of Jinling City and expand the scale of the martial arts gym. The loser can only give up his original enrollment area and shrink a corner.
Regarding the bet, both sides are familiar with each other, so it will be decided very quickly which area to bet this year.
Afterwards, Zhao Dong took the agreement to Su Haoran, and Jin Liu’an’s eldest disciple also took a copy of the same agreement and walked to Jin Liu’an. Then, the bet could take effect only after both parties signed it.
Su Haoran got her hand, glanced around, and was about to sign her name.
But at this time, Jin Liu’an smiled and said: “Brother Haoran, you and I have been fighting for most of my life, and we have always won each other. Those enrollment areas are mine this year, and they will become mine next year. Your brother Haoran doesn’t think this is boring?”
“Brother Lu’an mean, want to add some color?” Su Haoran is also a smart person, and he understood what Jin Liuan meant in an instant. Also, Jin Liuan finally broke through to the early stage of Anjin this time. Take advantage of this opportunity to get more oil and water.
Jin Liu’an nodded, then glanced at Su Lingyu who was talking to Chen Feng not far away, and asked with a smile: “Brother Haoran, can Lingwo have a marriage contract?”
“Lingyu?” Su Haoran’s heart shuddered, Jin Liuan, an old thing, wouldn’t be looking at his daughter, right.
“Lingnu does not have a marriage contract yet.” Su Haoran bit her scalp and spoke. Although he has guessed Jin Liu’an’s thoughts, at this time, it is impossible to deceive Jin Liu’an. It can be found out.
Jin Liuan nodded slightly and said, “My son is also single at the moment.”
“Brother Lu’an mean?” Su Haoran breathed a sigh of relief after hearing that Jin Liu’an was talking about his own son. He had met Jin Liu’an’s son. Although he was not a martial artist, he was in business. He is extremely talented and can be called a dragon and phoenix. He broke into his own business at a young age. The company was listed in the United States years ago, and it is more than enough to match his daughter.
“Brother Haoran, it’s good for you and my family to become relatives.” Jin Liu’an directly expressed his intentions. He knew Su Lingyu’s talent, and he could be called a cultivating prodigy, if he was a man. In the Jinling martial arts world, there are definitely countless martial arts giants vying to accept her as a disciple.
But because it was his daughter’s body, Su Lingyu has been seldom asked, but Jin Liu’an wanted to try. He didn’t have any opinions about men and women. If Su Lingyu married into his Jin family, he would be a member of his Jin family. If Su Lingyu can be trained to become a talent, after his death in the future, the Jin family will not be protected.
“Brother Lu’an, I agree from the bottom of my heart that you and I become in-laws, but I am afraid that Brother Lu’an doesn’t know that young people nowadays pay attention to free love, unlike yours and me, when marriage is important, parents can It’s all right, so I’m going to ask the little girl’s opinion on this matter.” Su Haoran smiled. He didn’t resist being married to the Jin family. After all, Jin Liu’an is now a dark warrior, and he is in his prime. In the future, it is very likely that the martial arts will be more refined. At that time, the Jin family will be the top family in the Jinling platoon, and Su Lingyu can marry into the Jin family.
But in this matter, Su Haoran could not be too proactive, at least not as soon as Jin Liuan said, he agreed to marry Su Lingyu, it would appear that Su Haoran lowered Jin Liuan.
That’s why Su Haoran said, to ask Su Lingyu’s opinion.
Soon, Su Lingyu was called over.
“Uncle Jin is good.” Su Lingyu smiled sweetly. In front of outsiders, she has always been a good lady.
“Lingyu nephew is good.” Jin Liu’an smiled and nodded, very satisfied with Su Lingyu, beautiful, energetic, and simple, with high martial arts talents, such a daughter-in-law, but she can’t find her with a lantern.
“Father, why are you looking for me?” Su Lingyu turned his gaze to Su Haoran again.
Su Haoran didn’t say it directly, but asked, “Lingyu, have you seen your Uncle Jin’s son?”
“Uncle Jin’s son?” Su Lingyu frowned and shook his head: “It seems… I have seen it once.”
“Then how do you feel about your Uncle Jin’s son?” Su Haoran asked with a smile.

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