Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 145

“Not very good.” Su Lingyu is very direct. She admires the strong and likes the kind of masculine man, while Jin Liu’an’s son is an out-and-out nymph. Although he is handsome, but But it didn’t meet her vision at all.
Jin Liuan’s face was stiff, this little girl is really…upright
Su Haoran was also a little embarrassed, and she persuaded: “Daughter, your Uncle Jin’s son is actually very good. He has his own business at a young age. His company was listed in the U.S. last year. What is that? Ai Ling Cosmetics, you are a girl, you should have heard of it.”
“Father, don’t you want to marry me to him?” Su Lingyu asked with her cheeks puffed up. No matter how stupid she was, she could understand the meaning of Su Haoran’s words.
“Ahem,” Su Haoran coughed slightly, and said: “Daughter, you are not young anymore, and you should consider lifelong events, your Uncle Jin’s son…”
Before Su Haoran finished speaking, Su Lingyu interrupted: “Father, what makes me the boss is not young? I am only 18 years old this year. Moreover, Uncle Jin’s son is not my type.”
As soon as these words were spoken, Jin Liuan’s face suddenly became a little unsightly, Su Lingyu actually looked down upon her son?
Apart from his lack of martial arts talent, what else is bad about his son?
Seeing Jin Liu’an angry, Su Haoran glared at Su Lingyu hurriedly, and shouted: “Lingyu, how do you talk?! Your Uncle Jin’s son is a typical dragon and phoenix. How many girls squeezed their heads and wanted to marry you? Uncle Jin’s son can’t find a way, why are you still picking things up here!”
“Father!” Su Lingyu stomped his feet heavily, a mist appeared in her beautiful eyes, and she didn’t expect Su Haoran to say her in such a heavy tone.
“Okay.” Seemingly realizing that what he said was a bit heavy, Su Haoran slowed down and said: “If you don’t want to marry your Uncle Jin’s son, you can go and beg your seniors and brothers to let them win. After fighting, you don’t need to marry.”
Su Haoran said this to Su Lingyu as well as Jin Liuan.
Speaking to Su Lingyu, I want to remind Su Lingyu that Haoran Martial Arts Hall is now in a weak position. After all, Jin Liuan has already broken through to An Jin. If Su Haoran embarrass Jin Liuan this time, then in the future, King Kong Martial Art Hall will definitely not. After leaving the Haoran Martial Arts Hall, Jin Liuan would suppress Haoran Martial Art Hall everywhere. He hoped that Su Lingyu would understand his own difficulties.
Speaking of Jin Liu’an, it was to let Jin Liu’an see his attitude. He agreed with Su Lingyu’s marriage, but Su Lingyu himself did not agree. Then he had no choice. He wanted Su Lingyu to marry. Okay, you Jingang Wuguan. Winning the fighting, then Su Lingyu is the winner.
Su Haoran believed that Jin Liu’an should be able to see his sincerity, after all, the winning rate of King Kong Martial Arts Hall this time was close to 80%.
“Father, can I ask for foreign aid?” Su Lingyu asked with red eyes.
“Foreign aid?” Su Haoran was taken aback, “Is that the kid you were talking about?”
“Well, that’s the uncle.” Su Lingyu nodded heavily. Now that she has nothing to do, she can only pin all her hopes on Chen Feng. She also knows that Su Haoran is helpless. After all, Jin Liuan is a dark-powered warrior. As far as Haoran martial arts hall is concerned, dark-powered warrior is an insurmountable mountain.
“Is he really a martial artist?” Su Haoran was a little suspicious. Looking at Su Lingyu’s appearance, he obviously had great confidence in Chen Feng, but where did her confidence come from? No matter how he looked at that kid, he didn’t look like a warrior.
“Uncle he is a warrior, a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin.” Su Lingyu affirmed.
“Brother Lu’an, look…” Su Haoran shifted his gaze to Jin Liu’an. This matter depends on what Jin Liuan meant. After all, Chen Feng is not a member of Haoran’s martial arts gym. Let Chen Feng replace Haoran’s martial arts gym. Outbound, non-compliance.
“Haha, brother Haoran, since the woman is so confident in her friends, let him play on behalf of your pavilion.” Jin Liuan smiled heartily, a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin, he didn’t take it seriously. Among his disciples, someone broke through to the middle of Ming Jin a few days ago.
“But, niece Lingyu, if your friend goes to war and your Haoran martial arts school still loses, then you have to marry my ineffective son.” Jin Liuan smiled and looked at Su Lingyu again.
“Uncle Jin, don’t worry, uncle, he is going to lose, I must marry your son.” Su Lingyu categorically said that although she had only met Chen Feng for less than half an hour, she had an inexplicable trust in Chen Feng. .
“Good!” Jin Liuan readily agreed.
Then Su Lingyu found Chen Feng again, looked at Chen Feng miserably and said, “Uncle Uncle, you must help me this time.”
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng was confused. Isn’t this little Nizi okay?
“My dad bet with Jin Liu’an, he took me as the winner, saying that if the King Kong Martial Arts Club wins our Haoran Martial Arts Club, I must marry Jin Liu’an his son.” Su Lingyu said.
“You don’t want to marry?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
Su Lingyu hurriedly nodded: “Uncle, don’t you know, Jin Liu’an, his son, how his mother is, the last time I saw him, I even pointed at me, and I won’t marry him if I killed him.”
Nian Lanhua means? Chen Feng’s expression was a little strange.
“Uncle, if you don’t help me, I will buy a ticket to Africa.” Su Lingyu said.
“Why are you going to Africa?” Chen Feng didn’t react.
“Marriage escape.” Su Lingyu took it for granted. “Anyway, I can’t marry the dead girl. The people at the King Kong Martial Arts Center really want to win, so I ran away and went to Africa to work hard. I didn’t believe they could arrest me. come back.”
Chen Feng couldn’t laugh or cry, this little Nizi really dared to think.
“Uncle, do you have the heart to watch a beautiful girl like me go to Africa alone?” Su Lingyu looked at Chen Feng with eager eyes and began to sell miserably.
“Have a heart, what can’t you bear?” Chen Feng said solemnly.
Su Lingyu was speechless: “Uncle smelly, uncle bad, ignore you.”
“Okay, it’s funny, since you have said so, then I will let the people in the Diamond Martial Arts Hall stand upright and go down horizontally.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Really?” Su Lingyu glanced suspiciously at Chen Feng and said, “Uncle, you are not bragging, I just asked the seniors, and they said that some of Jin Liuan’s disciples have broken through to the middle of Ming Jin.”
“Ming Jin mid-term? Is it strong?” Chen Feng smiled playfully.
“Uncle, you are only at the early stage of the Jin Jin.” Su Lingyu curled her lips. Now she felt that Chen Feng was a little unreliable. The difference in combat power between the martial artists was upside down. Normal It is said that in the middle stage of Mingjin, three initial stages of Mingjin can be defended head-on without losing the wind.
Fighting at higher levels will only happen to certain genius warriors

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