Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 146

“What’s wrong in the early stage of Mingjin? In the early stage of Mingjin, you can’t beat the middle stage of Mingjin?” Chen Feng asked seriously. Perhaps in the eyes of Su Lingyu, there is an insurmountable sky between the early stage of Mingjin and the middle stage of Mingjin. But for him, this so-called ditch is a small ditch that can be crossed by lifting his foot. Since he started practicing martial arts, Xiao Guozhong’s requirement of him is that he must be invincible at the same level.
Therefore, every realm of Chen Feng has been polished extremely solidly. For him, the early Ming Jin and the middle Ming Jin were simply too simple.
“Okay, uncle, I believe you, you can beat the Mingjin mid-term, okay.” Su Lingyu smiled, but in his heart he decided not to bet all the treasures on Chen Feng. If for a while, the situation would be a little bit different. No, she booked a ticket to Africa and left Jinling overnight.
Chen Feng could see the distrust in Su Lingyu’s eyes, but he was too lazy to explain anything. When he got on stage, everything could be revealed.
“Uncle, let’s go over, the fighting has begun.” Su Lingyu said, pulling Chen Feng’s sleeve.
Then the two came to the ring.
Although Zhao Dong and the others still didn’t believe that Chen Feng was a warrior, Su Lingyu said so. They still decided to let Chen Feng replace the original Feng Yuan, but they ranked Chen Feng in the final position and finally played.
Of course, Chen Feng’s finale is not to look down on Chen Feng, but to hope that Chen Feng can retreat after watching the intense scenes of the first four games.
On the Haoran martial arts hall, the first person to come to power was Su Haoran’s second disciple, Lu Yuan.
Lu Yuan is the second master among the disciples of Haoran’s martial arts hall, second only to Zhao Dong.
The reason why Lu Yuan was arranged to come to power was to hope that Haoran Martial Arts Hall could get a good start. After all, the victory or defeat in the first battle was the key to morale.
“Senior Lu Yuan comes on stage. As long as Duan Hong and Chang Qiu are not sent to the King Kong Martial Arts Hall, then Senior Brother Lu Yuan should be able to win this game.” Su Lingyu analyzed from the side that she knew everything about the players in both martial arts. , Lu Yuan has stayed in the realm of Ming Jin’s early stage for five years, so he can be regarded as a veteran Ming Jin’s early stage, with rich combat experience.
Duan Hong and Chang Qiu are Jin Liu’an’s eldest and second disciples. Duan Hong is in the middle period of Ming Jin, and Chang Qiu is in the early period of Ming Jin. Needless to say, Duan Hong, in the middle period of Ming Jin, is the largest of the Jin Gang Wuguan this time. The hole card, as far as Yu Haoran’s martial arts hall is concerned, is almost invincible.
Although Chang Qiu was also in the early stage of Ming Jin, he was much richer in combat experience than Lu Yuan. Lu Yuan had less than 30% chance of winning against him.
The Haoran Martial Arts Hall naturally hopes that Duan Hong and Chang Qiu will not be sent in the first battle at the King Kong Martial Arts Hall, so that Haoran Martial Arts Hall has the possibility of winning.
Yes, one game, only one win.
Zhao Dong didn’t even think that they could play the fifth game with Haoran Martial Arts Center, because their strength did not allow it.
Their only hope is not to be shaved by the Vajra Martial Arts Hall.
If it loses five games in a row, then Haoran’s martial arts hall will lose face.
As for the loss of Haoran’s martial arts hall, Su Lingyu wants to marry. They don’t care about this. They know very well that Su Haoran wants Su Lingyu to marry. Su Haoran’s face, they naturally dare not refuse.
Soon, the King Kong Martial Arts Hall also sent someone to the stage. He was a short and fierce man, not Duan Hong and Chang Qiu.
Seeing the short man, Su Lingyu was a little happy: “It’s Zhang Shanyue!”
“Uncle, Brother Lu Yuan is determined to win. The name of the man at the head of the King Kong Martial Arts Center is Zhang Shanyue. He is the fifth disciple of Jin Liu’an. He fought against Senior Brother Lu Yuan last year, but in the hands of Senior Brother Lu Yuan, It didn’t even last ten tricks.”
Looking at Su Lingyu excitedly, Chen Feng couldn’t help but shook his head. This little Nizi was too happy.
Perhaps last year, Lu Yuan’s strength was indeed far superior to Zhang Shanyue.
But this year, Zhang Shanyue has obviously undergone earth-shaking changes. He has a calm temperament, confident eyes, and his own strength has reached the peak of Mingjin’s early stage, and he can break through to the middle of Mingjin almost at any time.
On the other hand, Lu Yuan, although he stayed for many years in the early days of Ming Jin, he lacked perseverance, and he was already a bit complacent.
In the comparison of spirit, energy and spirit, Lu Yuan is far behind Zhang Shanyue. If the two match up, Lu Yuan will be defeated within five rounds.
Su Lingyu couldn’t see all of this by himself. Not to mention Su Lingyu, the entire Haoran Martial Arts Hall, including Su Haoran himself, had a confident look on their faces, feeling that Lu Yuan had already won the battle.
It was the corner of Jin Liuan’s mouth with a little joking.
On the stage, Zhang Shanyue was expressionless, and Lu Yuan, who was opposite him, couldn’t hold back the joy on his face.
“Brother Shanyue, don’t worry, I will keep my hand this year.” Lu Yuan smiled and said. Last year, when he and Zhang Shanyue were in a fight, Zhang Shanyue refused to admit defeat, so he missed and broke Zhang Shanyue’s two ribs. The mountain went back and lay on the bed for a month before coming down.
Zhang Shanyue sneered: “Lu Yuan, if you want to die, just keep your hands!”
“Huh?” Lu Yuan raised his brows, “Brother Shanyue, what do you mean?”
“You’ll know in a while.” Zhang Shanyue said with a cold snort. After losing to Lu Yuan last year, he engraved Lu Yuan’s name on the bedside, reminding himself to always remember this humiliating battle.
In the past year, perhaps in the entire Diamond Martial Arts Hall, it is not him who has made the fastest progress, but he is definitely the one who has cultivated the hardest!
Paying his own reward, he succeeded in raising his power to 350 kg, which is almost the limit of an ordinary Mingjin fighter. In addition, after Jin Liuan broke through to Anjin a few days ago, he guided him in many ways to control his power. It can be said that he is definitely the top group among the warriors in the early days of Ming Jin.
Lu Yuan, an idiot, even dared to despise him. He really didn’t know how to write dead words!
“Okay, let’s start!” With Zhao Dong’s order, the fighting between the two officially began!
Lu Yuan took the lead, and he stomped his foot fiercely, and his whole body shot towards Zhang Shanyue like a sharp arrow from the string.
“The bells and whistles!”
Zhang Shanyue sneered, and it was a cannon punch that blasted towards Lu Yuan.
The iron fist broke through the air and slammed directly into the bridge of Lu Yuan’s nose.
Lu Yuan’s expression suddenly changed, why is he so strong? !
He felt Zhang Shanyue’s punch, and instantly sealed all his retreat!
In a hurry, Lu Yuan turned his head subconsciously, trying to avoid Zhang Shanyue’s powerful punch.
But Zhang Shanyue seemed to have anticipated this situation a long time ago, and the moment Lu Yuan turned his head, he turned his fist into his palm.
There was a “pop”.
Zhang Shanyue slapped Lu Yuan’s face with a heavy slap. In Lu Yuan’s mouth, four or five bloody teeth burst out instantly, and five blood-red handprints appeared on his handsome face.

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