Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 147

Naked humiliation!
As the saying goes, beating people is not slapped in the face. Although the two are fighting at the moment, Zhang Shanyue chose to defeat Lu Yuan with humiliation.
Lu Yuan’s eyes were blood red, and he gasped like an angry bull.
“I killed you!” Lu Yuan roared and rushed towards Zhang Shanyue again.
Zhang Shanyue smiled disdainfully, his backhand was a heavy punch, which hit Lu Yuan’s lower abdomen.
Spit out blood.
Lu Yuan flew out and hit the guardrail of the ring.
“Lu Yuan!”
“Brother Lu!”
In the audience, the faces of Zhao Dong and Haoran’s martial arts hall changed greatly.
too strong!
Zhang Shanyue is too strong!
Lu Yuan didn’t even have the slightest power to parry!
How could this be?
You know, last year, Lu Yuan beat Zhang Shanyue. In just one year, how could the gap between the two be so big?
Su Haoran’s face is not very good, not only did he lose to Jin Liu’an in martial arts, he also lost to Jin Liu’an in teaching disciples.
“Not convinced?”
Zhang Shanyue walked in front of Lu Yuan and asked with a condescending look at Lu Yuan.
“I don’t accept it!” Lu Yuan looked bitterly and stood up, trying to attack Zhang Shanyue.
Zhang Shanyue sneered and kicked Lu Yuan’s chest directly.
There was a “click”.
Lu Yuan flew out again, not knowing how many ribs were broken.
“Enough!” At this moment, Zhao Dong sipped coldly and flew onto the stage.
“Zhang Shanyue, this round, count as my Junior Brother lose!”
“Does it matter what you said?” Zhang Shanyue raised his eyebrows. Although Zhao Dong is the strongest among Su Haoran’s many disciples, he is not afraid at the moment.
“Don’t deceive people too much!” Zhao Dong’s eyes were cold, Zhang Shanyue’s meaning was obvious, and he wanted Lu Yuan to admit defeat.
But Lu Yuan really wants to admit defeat, then he will probably be abolished in his life, at least in martial arts, don’t even think about diligence!
“Too much deception?” Zhang Shanyue sneered and looked at Zhao Dong said: “Do you know that your brother, how many ribs interrupted me last year?”
Zhao Dong’s expression changed. During last year’s fighting, Lu Yuan did indeed act too ruthlessly. No wonder Zhang Shanyue hated him this time.
“What happened last year was indeed what my junior brother did wrong…” Zhao Dong bit his head and wanted to explain.
Zhang Shanyue waved his hand and said indifferently: “Well, needless to say, this time I will let him go and continue the fight.”
“Continue.” Zhao Dong took a deep breath. After this time, Zhang Shanyue might become Lu Yuan’s heart demon. If Lu Yuan can’t defeat Zhang Shanyue, he will live in the shadow of Zhang Shanyue all his life.
“Which one of you is going to play?” Zhang Shanyue provocatively glanced at everyone in Haoran’s martial arts hall. He was going to raise his eyebrows today and kill him alone.
Zhao Dong said with a cold face that even Lu Yuan was not Zhang Shanyue’s opponent. The others went up and only sent food to Zhang Shanyue. Only he could fight Zhang Shanyue.
“Brother, help me destroy him!” Lu Yuan yelled bitterly. Zhang Shanyue’s slap made him lose face, and he hasn’t been able to slow down until now.
Zhao Dong frowned and said nothing.
Zhang Shanyue dismissed it with a smile. If Zhao Dong was in the middle stage of Ming Jin, he might still be a little bit afraid, but Zhao Dong was the same as him in the early stage of Ming Jin, so he didn’t care at all.
In the audience, Su Lingyu waved his powder fist with angrily on his face: “This Zhang Shanyue is too hateful, I must let the senior brother teach him a lesson!”
Chen Feng shook his head, smiled faintly, and said, “It’s not always true who teaches who,”
“Uncle, what do you mean? Isn’t even my big brother an opponent of that guy?” Su Lingyu asked with his cheeks drumming. Zhao Dong is the number one master of Haoran’s martial arts. With one hand, Xingyiquan is superb, and Su Haoran’s true biography, Zhang Compared with him, the mountain is not in the same order of magnitude.
Chen Feng sighed, “Just keep watching.”
Originally, Zhao Dong and Zhang Shanyue might still be in a 50-50 situation, but Zhang Shanyue has regained confidence in Lu Yuan and accumulated invincible belief, while Zhao Dong is in a more or less state because of Lu Yuan’s defeat. Some of them are affected, and it is clear at a glance who wins and who loses.
As soon as the voice fell, the two handed over.
Zhao Dong’s Xingyiquan opened and closed, and the momentum was indeed far beyond that of Lu Yuan.
However, Zhang Shanyue was not weak at this time. With one hand of artillery fist, Zhao Dong retreated again and again like a storm.
After a few moves, Zhao Dong was blown away with a punch and fell directly out of the ring.
Many disciples in Haoran’s martial arts hall surrounded Zhao Dong one after another.
Su Lingyu also opened his mouth wide. Only when Chen Feng said that Zhao Dong was not Zhang Shanyue’s opponent, she didn’t believe it. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Dong became Zhang Shanyue’s defeat, but how did Chen Feng see it.
On the stage, Zhang Shanyue looked proud, “Who will come next?”
“I come!”
Su Haoran’s third disciple, Sun Jian, was full of anger. Zhang Shanyue lost his face in Haoran’s martial arts this time, and defeated the first and second two masters of Haoran’s martial arts.
“You are not my opponent.” Zhang Shanyue snorted disdainfully.
“Fart!” Sun Jian flushed, and shot Zhang Shanyue directly.
Zhang Shanyue’s eyes were cold, and he took a step forward, and his iron fist was like a heavy artillery out of the chamber, directly smashing Sun Jian into the air.
Sun Jian was defeated!
Everyone in Haoran’s martial arts hall looked pale, and the three masters of Haoran’s martial arts hall were struck by Zhang Shanyue alone!
A string of three!
This is how to do?
“Uncle, is this guy taking drugs?” Su Lingyu stamped his feet with anger. Even Zhang Shanyue is so strong, isn’t that Duan Hong and Chang Qiu invincible.
“It’s over, uncle, I may really be going to Africa.” Su Lingyu was a little flustered and began to mutter to himself.
“I haven’t taken any action yet, what are you anxious about?” Chen Feng yawned lazily.
“Uncle!” Su Lingyu rolled his eyes, “Even my big brother is not that guy’s opponent, so don’t think about it. Even if you can win that guy, there are Duan Hong and Chang Qiu behind him.”
“Oh, I’d better buy tickets as soon as possible.” Su Lingyu has no expectations.
Chen Feng smiled and said nothing
“Who else?” Zhang Shanyue stood with his hand in his hand, arrogant to the extreme.
Everyone in Haoran Martial Arts Hall looked at each other, but no one dared to speak out again. Although Zhang Shanyue was arrogant, he had arrogant capital. At this moment, absolutely no one in Haoran Martial Arts Hall could fight Zhang Shanyue.
Su Haoran’s four disciples, who were supposed to play, lowered their heads, and didn’t have the slightest intention to play, he was scared!
Shame is a trivial matter, what he fears is that Zhang Shanyue will be severely injured and step down.

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