Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 148

“No one dares to go?” Zhang Shanyue raised his eyebrows. How could the people in Haoran’s martial arts school be so embarrassed?
Su Haoran’s face was a bit ugly. Although he had expected that today’s martial arts fight with the King Kong Martial Arts Hall would end in failure, he did not expect it would be so ugly.
It was just Zhang Shanyue who pressed the entire Haoran Martial Arts Hall to the ground and rubbed it, and finally there was a scene where no one dared to fight.
Su Haoran sighed and prepared to admit defeat. Now, there is no need to continue. Haoran’s mentality in the martial arts hall has been destroyed.
“Let me go.”
But at this moment, a lazy voice rang out of the court, Su Haoran paused, and swallowed the words of admitting defeat.
Everyone looked back, only to see a young man with a smile on his face.
“Why is this kid?” Everyone in Haoran Martial Arts Hall was shocked. People in King Kong Martial Arts Hall didn’t know Chen Feng. They still knew. Just half an hour ago, Chen Feng even ranted that he wanted Jin Liuan to fight. At that time, they only thought that Chen Feng was in the water.
Now it seems that Chen Feng is really in the water. After seeing such a cruel Zhang Shanyue, he did not leave in a desperate way, but wanted to challenge Zhang Shanyue.
“Uncle, do you really want to go up?” Su Lingyu opened her mouth wide and asked in astonishment. She still has a good impression of Chen Feng. Before asking Chen Feng to help, she was only thinking about the evenly matched situation in Haoran Martial Arts Hall and Jingang Martial Arts Hall. Next, let Chen Feng play for Feng Yuan to increase his win.
But now, the strength of King Kong Martial Arts Hall has completely crushed Haoran Martial Arts Hall, and Zhang Shanyue beat Haoran Martial Arts Hall to the ground alone.
At this time, Chen Feng’s wisest choice should be to protect himself and directly admit defeat instead of coming to power, because even if he can win against Zhang Shanyue, there will still be four disciples of the King Kong Martial Arts Hall behind him, unless Chen Feng can wear four?
But is it possible?
Totally impossible!
Because Duan Hong and Chang Qiu were much better than Zhang Shanyue, especially Duan Hong, who was even a warrior in the middle of Ming Jin, what would Chen Feng use to fight him!
“I won’t go up, someone will go to Africa to do hard work.” Chen Feng said with a playful smile. In fact, he can also directly attack Jin Liu’an. There is no need to play with Zhang Shanyue’s ants, but killing Jin Liu’an directly will be meaningless. He has to give this old thing a’surprise.
Su Lingyu’s pretty face blushed and said, “Uncle, you don’t actually need to go up, I’m ready to lose.”
Su Lingyu’s preparation was naturally a ticket to Africa. She did not have any expectations of Chen Feng. It was more difficult for Chen Feng to defeat the Vajra Martial Arts Hall by himself.
Chen Feng smiled and said nothing.
Su Lingyu still felt a little guilty. After all, Chen Feng came to power for her. What if he should get hurt?
“Uncle, what is your chance of winning?” Su Lingyu couldn’t help asking. If Chen Feng’s chance of winning is not high, she will pull Chen Feng down.
Chen Feng paused and spoke slowly: “Ten percent.”
Ten percent? !
Su Lingyu’s tone was stagnant, it was time, and Chen Feng was still thinking about joking.
Everyone in the court was even more stunned. Why didn’t this kid go to heaven? It’s still ten percent.
Su Haoran also shook his head. Originally, he had a little hope for Chen Feng, but when Chen Feng said this, his last hope was gone.
Chen Feng is a typical arrogant arrogance, it is strange to have real power.
“Brother Haoran, your daughter, this friend, is a bit interesting.” Jin Liu’an also joked. He hadn’t met for a long time, Chen Feng was such a brainless person.
Su Haoran paused. He wanted to say that Chen Feng originally planned to fight with you, but he swallowed it back when the words came to his lips. After all, Chen Feng is now a member of their Haoran martial arts gym.
In this way, Chen Feng took the stage slowly.
“Boy, you are crazy.” Zhang Shanyue snorted coldly and said, even Lu Yuan didn’t dare to say that he could beat himself 100%, but Chen Feng directly said that he was 100%.
He didn’t put Zhang Shanyue in his eyes at all.
“I’m just telling the truth, why am I crazy?” Chen Feng sighed helplessly. He is a Huajin warrior, and fights a warrior from the early Mingjin era. If he still fails, he can find a piece of tofu and knock himself to death.
be honest?
Zhang Shanyue’s tone was stagnant, okay! well!
I will let you tell the truth!
The light in Zhang Shanyue’s eyes flashed by, and in the next second, he kicked his foot abruptly, and his whole body shot at Chen Feng at extreme speed like a cannonball in a chamber!
However, Chen Feng didn’t make the slightest move, as if he was frightened and stupefied.
Upon seeing this, everyone in Haoran’s martial arts hall couldn’t help sighing. Sure enough, he was really a guy with a brain.
“Where did Haoran Martial Arts Center find this fool?”
“I don’t know, it doesn’t even look like a martial artist. I feel that Senior Brother Zhang’s punch can directly kill him.”
“The people in Haoran’s martial arts gym are also in trouble. They have found an ordinary person to come on stage. This will cost lives, and the people of the martial arts association will find trouble with our martial arts gym.”
Many disciples of the Diamond Martial Arts Hall dismissively said that Duan Hong and Chang Qiu even yawned and got up and left. In their opinion, there was no need to watch the battle later.
There is only one thing waiting for Chen Feng to end, and that is to be fisted by Zhang Shanyue and then go to the hospital for several months.
There was a loud noise from the ring.
Then, the audience was quiet!
Quiet needle drop can be heard.
Duan Hong and Chang Qiu, who had already turned and walked for a few steps, were stunned. How do you feel that the atmosphere is a bit wrong?
At this time, the people in their martial arts gym should cheer for the victory of this year’s martial arts.
How could their reaction be so calm?
The two turned their heads in doubt, and then their eyes widened.
On the stage, Chen Feng stood with his hand held up like a okay person, and Zhang Shanyue, whom they had high hopes for, was gone at this moment.
Yes, Zhang Shanyue is gone!
But the railing of the ring was knocked away by a humanoid silhouette!
Duan Hong and Chang Qiu looked at each other, they all saw the horror in each other’s eyes. You don’t need to think about it. The moment they looked back confidently just now, Chen Feng on the stage punched Zhang Shanyue out. !
Except for this word, the two did not expect other words to describe Zhang Shanyue’s state at that time.
Because the ring is more than fifty meters in diameter, but now, Zhang Shanyue has disappeared from the ring and appeared on the ground ten meters away from the ring, unconscious.
I was bombed directly more than 30 meters away!
What kind of terrifying power is this? !
The two were extremely horrified. Zhang Shanyue was a warrior in the early days of Ming Jin. How did Chen Feng punch him more than 30 meters away? !

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