Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 149

Duan Hong and Chang Qiu were shocked by Chen Feng’s punch, and they could no longer be described in words.
It is conceivable that the other people who witnessed Chen Feng’s punch will be in the mood at this moment.
No one in the audience made a sound for two full minutes.
All thinking back, Chen Feng’s punch just now, that light punch!
“Brother, where is this senior?” Sun Jian swallowed and asked, the name of Chen Feng has changed from that kid to senior. He felt that Chen Feng’s strength was no longer in the same class as them. .
Zhao Dong shook his head, took a deep breath, and said, “I don’t know, but I think he might create a miracle this time!”
“Brother, you mean…?” Sun Jian’s face changed. He knew very well what the miracle Zhao Dong was talking about was, but is that really possible?
“Brother Haoran, what is the origin of Lingyuan’s friend?” Jin Liuan’s expression was also a bit solemn. Chen Feng’s punch gave him the feeling that it was still Ming Jin’s early strength, but there was one thing, he thought. It doesn’t work, Ming Jin’s initial strength limit is generally 350 kilograms, with different talents, it may reach 400 kilograms, but even if it is 400 kilograms, Zhang Shanyue can’t be blown away!
Chen Feng is weird!
Almost for an instant, this thought came to Jin Liuan’s mind.
Su Haoran smiled bitterly: “Brother Lu’an, I said I don’t know his name until now, do you believe it?”
“You don’t even know his name?” Jin Liuan was a little surprised. Seeing Su Lingyu’s appearance, he was obviously familiar with Chen Feng. I thought that Su Haoran should know Chen Feng’s name no matter how he said it. Haoran also asked three questions.
“But Brother Lu’an, that person seems to know you.” Su Haoran hesitated for a while, and said again. At first, Chen Feng said that he wanted to fight with Jin Liuan. He didn’t take it seriously. He felt that Chen Feng was talking nonsense, and After Jin Liuan arrived at the scene, he also showed an appearance of not knowing Chen Feng.
But now it seems that what Chen Feng said is not necessarily false! It is very possible that he really knows Jin Liuan! But Jin Liuan does not necessarily know Chen Feng.
“Brother Haoran, what do you say?” Jin Liuan frowned and asked.
Su Haoran reiterated the original purpose of Chen Feng’s visit to Haoran Martial Arts Hall.
After listening, Jin Liuan’s expression became serious, and he began to think in his mind whether he had seen Chen Feng, but after thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t think of seeing Chen Feng there.
If I can’t figure it out, I don’t think about it, Jin Liuan thought, he is not an indecisive person, although he does not know where he has offended Chen Feng, but Chen Feng came to trouble him, he was not afraid, after all, he is dark power. Martial artist, it can be said that in the entire Jinling, he is the top ranked figure.
Chen Feng’s punch was indeed amazing, but it was impossible to say that it made him fear.
After all, the difference between Ming Jin and An Jin lay there. A hundred Ming Jin fighters added up would not necessarily be an opponent of one Dark Jin fighter.
Su Lingyu’s blushing blushed, she must be the most excited person in the field at the moment!
She hadn’t had any expectations of Chen Feng, but she didn’t expect that Chen Feng just hit Zhang Shanyue, and seeing Chen Feng’s calm and calm appearance, it was obvious that she hadn’t used all her strength.
Such strength can no longer be described as terror!
Before Chen Feng came to the stage, he said that he had a ten-percent chance of winning. Everyone didn’t believe it. They thought Chen Feng was bragging, but in the blink of an eye, everyone’s faces were cracked by Chen Feng!
In the audience, everyone in the King Kong Martial Arts Hall looked at each other, a little bit difficult, then, who should be allowed to play?
Even Duan Hong in the mid-Ming Jin period was a little nervous at the moment, he felt that he was not necessarily Chen Feng’s opponent!
Because when he was playing against Zhang Shanyue, he would definitely not be able to blast Zhang Shanyue so far with one punch.
Seeing everyone in the King Kong Martial Arts Hall not speaking, Chen Feng couldn’t help but say: “Why don’t you go together?”
Go together? !
Everyone in the field fell into petrification again.
Chen Feng wants one to pick four?
Duan Hong and Chang Qiu’s faces are a little green, do they look down on people so much? They are not four Chinese cabbages, but four warriors.
As if he realized that what he said was a little pretentious, Chen Feng coughed slightly, and explained embarrassingly: “Don’t think too much. The reason why you four go together is not because you look down on you, but because I rushed. time.”
In a hurry?
The crowd was silent again.
The eyes of Duan Hong and Chang Qiu were all red, and they had never been so despised!
“Do you really want to fight alone with the four of our senior brothers?” Duan Hong suppressed his anger and asked. Although Chen Feng’s words were arrogant, it just proved that Chen Feng was very confident.
But, why is he? !
Why is he so crazy in the early days of Ming Jin?
On my own side, there are three early Ming Jin, plus one Ming Jin mid-term!
“Do you think I’m joking with you?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows. The reason why he let the four brothers Duan Hong go on the road together was not because he wanted to pretend, but because he was in a hurry. After all, he had to send Jin Liu’an on the road.
“Okay! Very good! I hope you don’t regret it! The four of our brothers and sisters will not keep your hands!” Duan Hong sneered, and there was a subtle murder intent flashing in the depths of his eyes. Chen Feng is so arrogant, then don’t blame yourself. Heartbroken, on the ring, dead, but it’s normal!
“Come on.” Chen Feng smiled contemptuously, even these few stinky fish and shrimps wanted to kill himself.
“Uncle…” Su Lingyu glanced at Chen Feng with some worry, and then stopped talking. She felt that Chen Feng was a bit too big. You know, Duan Hong is in the middle of Ming Jin, even if it is one-on-one, Chen Feng may not be able to. Steady win, besides, one enemy four, Duan Hong one Ming Jin mid-term, plus three Ming Jin early.
Even if Chen Feng is the late Ming Jin, it would be very difficult to win.
“It’s okay.” Chen Feng turned around, smiled, and gave Su Lingyu a relieved look.
Subsequently, Duan Hong and Chang Qiu took the stage.
The four of them looked a little solemn, obviously intending to go all out. After all, Zhang Shanyue was still lying in the audience unconsciously. If they dared to despise Chen Feng, they might not know how to die.
“King Kong Wushu Hall, Duan Hong!”
“King Kong Martial Arts Hall, Chang Qiu!”
“King Kong Wushu Hall, Liu Donghao!”
“King Kong Martial Arts Hall, Zhang Que!”
The four clasped their fists together and reported themselves.
“Haoran Martial Arts Hall, Chen Feng!” Chen Feng smiled, clasped his fists in response, and now he is representing Haoran Martial Arts Hall, so he naturally had to report the name of Haoran Martial Art Hall.
In the audience, everyone in Haoran’s martial arts hall looked strange, and it was the first time many people heard Chen Feng’s name.
It turned out that this guy was called Chen Feng, if he really was from the Haoran martial arts school, that would be great.
Chen Feng and Su Lingyu also recited Chen Feng’s name silently once, as if to imprint these two words in their hearts forever.

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