Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 150

Jin Liu’an also thought about setting it for a moment, Jinling, it seems that there is no martial arts clans or gang sects whose main surname is Chen.
Logically speaking, an outstanding Ming Jin martial artist like Chen Feng, if he were a Jinling martial artist, would have long been on the Jinling martial arts world’s Qianlong list and was well known by all major sects.
However, before today, Jin Liuan had never heard of this name.
Although he was puzzled, Jin Liuan didn’t think too much about it. If Chen Feng only played against one person alone, then Jin Liuan would have to worry about Duan Hong and Chang Qiu.
However, Chen Feng is arrogant and arrogant.
No matter what Duan Hongchangqiu said, they are also four Mingjin junior high school martial artists, and the four of them work together, even in the late Mingjin period, they can fight.
Therefore, the suspense was gone from the moment Chen Feng proposed to pick four in this competition.
In the ring, Duan Hong took the lead, followed by Chang Qiu and the other two.
The combined tactics Jin Liu’an taught them can bring out two hundred percent of their strength, so the four of them are very confident, and they surrounded Chen Feng in a big way from the beginning.
Duan Hong’s iron fist screamed, rubbing the air and making bursts of sound. In a blink of an eye, the iron fist had arrived three feet in front of Chen Feng’s nose. Chang Qiu and the other two also aimed their offensive at Chen Feng’s key Location.
Embarrassed on all sides!
Duan Hong sneered, as if he had already seen Chen Feng’s nose, blood splattered by his punch.
At this moment, Chen Feng raised his eyelids, and a faint smile crossed his mouth.
Then, Chen Feng made a bold move!
Lightning punch!
Duan Hong only felt the darkness in front of him, and a fist shadow was infinitely magnified in his field of vision.
Chen Feng’s fist hit Duan Hong’s nose.
The crisp sound of bone cracks resounded through the audience!
Duan Hong flew out like a straw and hit the guardrail of the ring.
Like a boulder hitting, the solid wood guardrail of the ring was instantly torn apart and the wooden blocks flew horizontally.
Immediately, Duan Hong fell heavily on the concrete floor outside the ring and lost consciousness.
Deathly silence!
No one thought that Duan Hong, the strongest of the four, would be blown away by Chen Feng again!
The ending exactly like Zhang Shanyue!
On the stage, Chang Qiu and the three were also frightened by this scene, with cold sweat on their backs.
After seeing Chen Feng’s calm gaze, Chang Qiu suddenly had a thought in his mind.
Give up!
Only admit defeat! To save yourself!
This man is invincible at all!
Almost at the moment when his thoughts came up, Chang Qiu hurriedly said: “I recognize…”
Chang Qiu wanted to say that I had surrendered, but before I lost the word, Chen Feng’s figure came to him like a swallow swallowing water, and kicked on Chang Qiu’s lower abdomen.
Chang Qiu arched up like a soft-footed shrimp, flew out, and hit Duan Hong who was outside the ring.
The remaining Liu Donghao and Zhang Que were full of horror. They turned around and ran. It was terrible. Where did Chen Feng come from? To deal with Duan Hong and Chang Qiu, they only used two tricks. Then both of them stay in Taiwan. On, isn’t it waiting to die.
The reaction of the two was timely, but Chen Feng’s speed was even faster!
After just a step, Chen Feng came behind them and rewarded them with one foot.
Without any suspense, the two flew out again, hitting Duan Hong and Chang Qiu in the audience!
With a muffled hum, Duan Hong at the bottom was smashed unconscious.
Everyone in Haoran’s martial arts hall looked shocked and strange. The two martial arts halls had fought for so many years.
There has never been such a scene before, and the people in the King Kong Martial Arts Center were beaten and turned around and fled in the ring.
This time the face of King Kong Martial Arts Hall, lost it!
In the audience, Jin Liuan’s face was extremely green.
These three wastes!
Even if Chen Feng was ousted from the stage, nothing happened, and the skills were not as good as humans. No one would say anything about their Diamond Martial Arts Hall.
However, the three of them didn’t even have the courage to fight Chen Feng. Chang Qiu directly surrendered. Zhang Que and Liu Donghao were even above the ring, turning their heads and running.
Where and where is the face of King Kong Martial Arts Hall!
Su Haoran’s face is also mixed with shock and worry. Shock is naturally shocked by Chen Feng’s terrifying strength, while worry is that he actually didn’t want King Kong Martial Arts Hall to win. When Chen Feng came to power, he never thought that Chen Feng would win. .
But by the way, Chen Feng won, and he won so simply and neatly, it was almost like playing, it took less than a minute for the audience.
First, he fisted towards Zhangshan Mountain, and then fought against Duan Hong Changqiu alone. They were so scared that Chang Qiu was so scared that they turned and fled.
He didn’t save the slightest face to the people of the Kongo Martial Arts Hall, and pressed the face of the Kongo Martial Arts Hall to the ground.
Seeing Jin Liuan’s angry look, Su Haoran knew that life in Haoran’s martial arts hall would be difficult in the future.
Chen Feng stepped down, and many disciples of Haoran Martial Arts Hall headed by Zhao Dong obediently gave way to Chen Feng, and the eyes that looked at Chen Feng were full of respect and enthusiasm!
Especially Zhao Dong and the others, they admire Chen Feng.
Zhang Shanyue defeated Haoran Martial Arts Hall alone, and then Chen Feng avenged them. Not to mention Zhang Shanyue, he blew up the entire Diamond Martial Art Hall with one out of four.
The strong!
Absolutely strong!
“Uncle, you are amazing.” Su Lingyu also rushed over happily, stood on his toes, and with a bang, red lips were printed on Chen Feng’s cheek paper.
Chen Feng’s face became stiff, why is this little girl so courageous?
After seeing the weird eyes of everyone around, Su Lingyu’s pretty face suddenly turned red, and he realized that he seemed to be too active. After all, he was a girl, how could he kiss his uncle in front of so many people.
If you want to kiss, you should find a place where no one is.
I blame the uncle, he is too powerful, if he is not so powerful, he will not be so excited, and then lose his sense of measure, yes, blame the uncle, don’t blame yourself! Su Lingyu thought firmly.
However, after meeting Chen Feng with some helpless eyes, Su Lingyu gritted her silver teeth again. How do you look at the uncle’s appearance, it seems very unhappy, this is the first kiss of other people, so it is just handed it out. Not happy yet!
Su Lingyu pursed his mouth, with an urge to punch Chen Feng on the spot.
At this moment, Su Haoran and Jin Liuan came over. Jin Liuan’s expression was not very good, but Su Haoran’s mouth was smiling, and he arched his hand towards Chen Feng and said: “The strength of the little friend is the best of his peers. It is really rare for Su in his life.”
Although Su Haoran’s words were meant to compliment Chen Feng, they were mostly true. Judging from Chen Feng’s current strength, among his peers in the Jinling martial arts world, few people can compare with Chen Feng.

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