Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 151

Even the disciple of the Sect Master of Shenquan Sect, Gu Qianshan, known as the first genius of Jinling, does not necessarily have Chen Fengqiang at Chen Feng’s age.
“Uncle Su has a good reputation.” Chen Feng said with a slight smile. He didn’t have any dislikes for Su Haoran, he was just a good man. He was ridiculed and ridiculed before, and it was for his sake.
“Little friend, this is Jin Liu’an, the master of the Diamond Boxing Gym.” Su Haoran paused, and then began to introduce Jin Liu’an to Chen Feng. Although Chen Feng kept saying that he knew Jin Liuan, he still looked at Jin Liuan. He didn’t know Chen Feng, and he didn’t know the contradiction between the two of them. This time I introduced him, I also thought that if there is no unsolvable enmity between Chen Feng and Jin Liuan, he will do it. A middleman, reconcile the relationship between Chen Feng and Jin Liuan.
“I know the master of Jinguan.” Chen Feng glanced at Jin Liuan lightly, and said.
“Chen Xiaoyou knows me?” Jin Liu’an picked up his eyelids and spoke in surprise. For some reason, Chen Feng’s glance made him feel a sense of crisis. This sense of crisis is his practice of martial arts. For the first time in years!
But immediately, Jin Liuan told himself that he must have been thinking too much, no matter how strong a martial artist is, how could it be a threat to him.
“Does Jin Pavilion Master remember me?” Chen Feng asked with a calm gaze, looking directly at Jin Liu’an.
Jin Liuan’s pupils shrank, and a dreadful sense of crisis emerged in his heart.
Damn it!
This Chen Feng has a problem! He is definitely not only Ming Jin strength!
Jin Liuan took a deep breath, forced himself to settle down, and said in a deep voice: “Shu Jin has a clumsy eye and never remembers where he met Chen Xiaoyou. But if Chen Xiaoyou has met Jin, just say it, why bother with Jin Some circumambulation child. Jin Mou said that in this life, he has acted openly and honestly, and he has not trampled on any ants, and he has never done anything that hurts the nature and reason…”
“Have never done anything that hurts the heavens and reason?” Before Jin Liuan finished speaking, Chen Feng sneered and interrupted Jin Liuan.
“What does Chen Xiaoyou mean?” Jin Liuan frowned, his tone cold.
Chen Feng sneered: “Jin Liu’an, you said you have never done anything that hurts the world, then I ask you, do you remember Yuan Xi, Fang Shaohua, Chen Jingran…”
Chen Feng said more than a dozen names in a row, and everyone in the venue was confused. They could clearly feel that these dozens of people were of great significance to Chen Feng. However, Jin Liuan’s inexplicable appearance was also It’s not like a pretend, what is going on?
“Chen Xiaoyou, these people you are talking about don’t know any of these people.” Jin Liuan suppressed his anger. He did not know the people Chen Feng said.
“Don’t you know…” Chen Feng shook his head, with a bit of sarcasm at the corners of his mouth. Also, most of them are ordinary people who are responsible for taking care of their mother and themselves. Some of them even None of the warriors.
But this group of ordinary people saved his life when he faced dozens of warriors chasing and killing him three years ago.
Faced with dozens of Ming Jin and several Dark Jin warriors, none of them flinched!
Use his own flesh to block one kill after another for himself.
That night, Chen Feng’s body was covered with blood. Among those blood, there was only a part of the enemy, and more, it was the blood of a dozen ordinary people!
Those blood were left behind by their fierce and undaunted death time and time again!
They used their lives to pave a bloody escape route for Chen Feng.
It can be said that three years ago, if there were not a dozen ordinary people, Chen Feng would have died in that chase!
But today, Jin Liuan said that he didn’t know the dozen or so people at all.
Also, for Jin Liu’an, a group of lofty warriors, the life of ordinary people is no different from that of ants.
If a person tramples an ant to death, does he still remember the name of the ant?
will not!
People who can be rescued by ants will!
“Since you don’t know each other, then you… go and die.” Chen Feng paused and spoke calmly. As if talking about a trivial thing.
When the words are over, Chen Feng takes the shot!
In just a moment, Jin Liuan’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking, and the hairs all over his body stood upside down.
Chen Feng’s Qi machine has changed!
If the original Chen Feng felt like a pool of stagnant water, then after he uttered the death word, he became a raging sea!
In an instant, the entire Haoran martial arts hall fell into a strong panic.
Everyone was dumbfounded, and no one could think of it. In the blink of an eye, this gentle and gentle young man would appear as a horrible murderous intent like a sea of ​​blood, and even the air would be frozen!
Others were only affected by Chen Feng’s anger, and they were already unable to stand still.
One can imagine how Jin Liuan, who is at the center of Chen Feng’s anger, will feel at this time.
Biting cold!
Jin Liuan’s body was cold, and he felt like his neck was pinched by an invisible big hand, even breathing hard!
Seeing Chen Feng walking towards him step by step, Jin Liuan’s soul began to tremble.
Every step Chen Feng takes, his momentum becomes stronger.
First like a big river rushing.
Like a landslide and a tsunami.
When I came to Jin Liuan, the world was hanging upside down!
The overwhelming pressure swept towards Jin Liu’an like a violent wind and huge waves.
Jin Liuan’s complexion turned red, and he fell directly to the ground!
Everyone couldn’t help taking a breath, like a petrified sculpture, all were dumbfounded on the spot.
Just relying on his aura, he knelt down on the ground under pressure from Jin Liuan in the early stage of An Jin.
What kind of freak is Chen Feng…? !
Jin Liuan’s eyes widened with anger, blue veins on his forehead violently, and a low roar like a beast in his throat.
He wants to resist!
Jin Liuan was roaring from the bottom of his heart, he was a dark warrior!
He can lose, but he doesn’t allow it. He loses so without dignity!
Even if he died, he would splash Chen Feng’s blood!
First, the forehead, then the arms, and then all over his body, Jin Liuan’s roots and veins violently violently, madly running the energy throughout his body, trying to break through the pressure yoke imposed by Chen Feng on him.
He wants to stand up!
He would rather stand and die! I don’t want to live on my knees!
This is Jin Liuan’s thinking at this time.
“Want to stand up?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes, a cold expression flashed in his eyes: “Have you asked my dozen or so brothers for their opinions?”
Among those chasers back then, because Jin Liuan’s strength ranked in the middle reaches, ordinary people among the dozen people who protected him, as well as several warriors in the early Ming Jin period, were all dealt with by Jin Liuan. At that time, Jin Liu’an was not harsh.

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