Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 153

Don’t look at him breaking through to the early stage of An Jin, but at this time, he was killed by Chen Feng’s finger against Chen Feng three years ago.
What’s more, now Chen Feng.
The current Chen Feng can suppress him even with his head just relying on Qi.
Shot? Does he have that chance?
Jin Liuan did not have a chance.
Bright fighters fight for power.
Dark-powered fighters, fight with Qi.
The warrior of strength, fight with the momentum!
Control what situation? The power of heaven and earth! The trend of nature!
If the martial artist still belongs to the human category when he is in the realm of Ming Jin and An Jin, then when it comes to Hua Jin, the martial artist is already out of the human category!
Start moving towards the characters in ancient mythology.
The energized martial artist can control the airflow around his body by releasing the energies outside.
Just like Chen Feng, it seems that he did not make a move at this moment, but in fact, the energy in his body has long been released, sweeping all the air currents within tens of meters around him, compressing it into a prison that weighs more than a thousand miles, imprisoned. Jin Liuan.
What is the concept of Qianjun?
It was equivalent to pressing a ten-ton object on Jin Liuan’s back.
How could Jin Liuan not kneel?
If Jin Liu’an was not a dark warrior, he would have become a pile of minced meat at this moment.
Rao was Jin Liuan’s strong resilience, and at this time he was also pressed so that the blood vessels in his body showed signs of bursting.
Although the blood vessels had not yet exploded, Jin Liu’an’s knees had crushed the bluestone slabs into cobweb-like fragments, where blood was permeated.
Seeing Jin Liuan’s miserable appearance, the many disciples in the Diamond Martial Arts Hall were so scared that they were shaking like chaff, and they didn’t even dare to look at Chen Feng.
They had never thought that in their eyes, Jin Liuan, who was almost invincible, would have the miserable appearance of today.
Being suppressed by others, fell to his knees, and had no chance to shoot the whole process.
They couldn’t imagine what kind of warrior Chen Feng was.
Su Haoran was also full of horror, and the hands hidden under his sleeves trembled. The most powerful martial artist he has ever seen in his life is the Sect Master of Shenquan Sect in the late stage of Anjin, but even the Sect Master of Shenquan Sect will definitely not be able to do it. Just relying on Qi, you can make a martial artist in the early stage of Anjin , I can’t even lift my knees.
Therefore, Chen Feng’s realm is self-evident.
Turn your energy!
It can only be the legendary Huajin!
However, does Jinling have such a young master of Huajin?
No, it should be said that throughout China, is there such a young master of Huajin?
Su Haoran’s mouth was bitter, and he even felt that Chen Feng was not a young man in his twenties at all, but an old man over a hundred years old.
In his twenties, Su Haoran didn’t dare to say that there was no one to come, but no one before him was absolute.
If things here spread out today, I am afraid that the entire Chinese martial arts world will usher in a major earthquake.
At this time, Chen Feng said coldly: “Jin Liuan, do you know what’s wrong?”
“Knowing what’s wrong.” Jin Liuan’s mouth was bitter. If time could go back, he would never join in that excitement.
“Knowing your mistake? Then I will cut your martial arts and take your life today, can you accept it?” Chen Feng stood with his hand in his hand, with an attitude of heaven and man.
“Yes.” Jin Liuan said calmly. If he dared not agree, Chen Feng would definitely destroy the Jin family.
“Okay, then you go to die.”
Chen Feng’s eyes were cold, and then he waved his big hand and patted Jin Liuan’s Tianling Cap.
There was a “bang”.
Jin Liuan fell heavily to the ground, his energy was severed, his eyes were not closed.
When Jin Liuan died, everyone in the Diamond Martial Arts Hall suddenly lost their souls. They were unable to stand firmly. There were even a few female disciples who had begun to sob in a low voice. Of course, many male disciples looked towards Chen Feng. The expression in his eyes was full of resentment and hatred.
After all, Jin Liuan taught them for more than ten years, and the relationship with them is no different from father and son, but today, Chen Feng slapped Jin Liuan to death in front of them.
This hatred is not shared!
Chen Feng naturally felt the bitter eyes of the male disciples, but he didn’t bother to pay attention. He even shot Jin Liu’an to death. What’s more, these little shrimps, if they were safe, then Chen Feng would not bother to care about them. , If they want to avenge, Chen Feng will never be merciless.
From the moment he decided to take revenge, Chen Feng was ready to kill. Among those killers three years ago, Jin Liuan was not the protagonist, but only a supporting role.
The real protagonists are those dark powers, and the forces that can be implicated behind them are probably even more shocking, and it is even impossible for them to show up.
So the real road to revenge has just begun, and Jin Liu’an is just a sacrifice to the flag.
As for the real culprit behind the tens of billions of rewards, Chen Feng had already guessed that it should be the Chen family.
But not Chen Zhennan, but other factions within the Chen family.
Because if Chen Zhennan made a shot, he would definitely be killed in one shot, and he would have no chance of surviving.
In the entire Chen family, Chen Feng was most afraid of Chen Zhennan.
Although he has now cultivated to Huajin and has become the world’s top powerhouse, his fear of Chen Zhennan has not weakened at all, but has become stronger and stronger.
He couldn’t see Chen Zhennan at all.
After stepping over Jin Liu’an’s body, Chen Feng coldly glanced at the disciples in the Diamond Martial Arts Hall. All the disciples in the Diamond Martial Hall bowed their heads. Even if they wished to tear Chen Feng off, they did not dare to Shows the slightest.
Immediately afterwards, Chen Feng glanced at the people in Haoran Martial Arts Hall and found that the reactions of the people in Haoran Martial Arts Hall were similar to those in the King Kong Martial Arts Hall. The look in his eyes was mostly afraid.
Even Su Lingyu, the fearless little Nizi, had a pretty face that was pale at this moment, and he didn’t even dare to look at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng couldn’t help sighing in his heart. It seemed that his performance just now scared this little girl.
Also, it was Jin Liuan who slapped himself to death. In their eyes, Jin Liuan was almost invincible. They were not afraid to be abnormal.
Chen Feng shook his head, then turned and left.
After watching Chen Feng out the door, tears suddenly poured down from Su Lingyu’s beautiful eyes, like broken beads.
Su Haoran couldn’t help sighing, he, a father, would naturally understand the meaning of Su Lingyu’s performance.
In fact, he has always known that his daughter, who admires the strong, threatened to marry an indomitable strong in the future as his wife.
There is no doubt that Chen Feng is the kind of perfect powerhouse.
However, Chen Feng was not suitable for Su Lingyu.
Because Chen Feng is too strong and perfect.
Only in his twenties, he is already the master of Huajin. Looking at the entire China, there are few geniuses who can match Chen Feng.
What is the dragon among such people, his own daughter?

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