Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 154

Obviously, Su Lingyu knew this too.
That’s why I couldn’t help crying after seeing Chen Feng leaving.
In just half an hour, she fell in love with Chen Feng, but then Chen Feng told her with strength that there is absolutely no possibility between them, maybe this side today is the last side she and him have seen in this life.
How could Su Lingyu not be sad?
“Father, uncle…will he come back?” Su Lingyu wiped his tears and asked with sobbing.
Su Haoran paused, he wanted to say that Chen Feng would certainly not come back, but when the words reached his lips, he swallowed again. He couldn’t bear to break his daughter’s last illusion.
Su Haoran didn’t say anything, Su Lingyu naturally understood that after a while, Su Lingyu seemed to have made some major decision, and said seriously: “Father, I’m going to find uncle.”
“No!” Su Haoran was shocked, and hurriedly shook his head: “Daughter, you must not do stupid things. That kind of man is not the kind of man that our Su family can climb high. What if you find him?”
“Father, I never thought about marrying the uncle.” Su Lingyu shook his head and said: “Father, I just want to know what kind of person the uncle is.”
She did not think about marrying Chen Feng, but Chen Feng was the first man she fell in love with since she grew up so ignorantly. She didn’t want the fate between herself and Chen Feng, only half an hour.
She didn’t want her knowledge of Chen Feng to be limited to Chen Feng’s name.
She wants to know more about Chen Feng. She wants to know what kind of person she likes.
“Father, thank you for taking care of your daughter over the past eighteen years. You have allowed your daughter to live a carefree life for eighteen years. In the past eighteen years, her daughter has been happy every day. I don’t know what is the suffering of the world and what is the sinister world. .”
“But today, after seeing the uncle, my daughter suddenly wanted to go to this world, want to experience, this world’s suffering and the world’s sins…” Su Lingyu said calmly. Today Chen Feng has indeed brought her a lot. Touched.
Chen Feng’s strength is one aspect, and Chen Feng’s killing of Jin Liu’an is also another aspect. She can clearly see that Chen Feng has an experience far beyond ordinary people. Chen Feng must have suffered many unknown tribulations in the past. These tribulations may have brought pain to Chen Feng, but they have also brought Chen Feng growth.
Originally, Su Lingyu didn’t know why he was attracted to Chen Feng when he first saw Chen Feng, but the brothers around him, who spent more than ten years together day and night, didn’t feel anything about them.
This answer, the original Su Lingyu did not understand.
But when Chen Feng burst out of murderous aura, Su Lingyu understood.
It’s temperament!
Chen Feng has a unique temperament!
This temperament was brought about by those incredible experiences in his past years, and it was precipitated by him with all kinds of suffering.
This kind of temperament cannot be possessed by ordinary people at all!
She has never seen the temperament of Chen Feng from people like Zhao Dongluyuan.
Just because people like Zhao Dong and Lu Yuan, like her, have been flowers in the greenhouse for the first half of their lives.
The worst thing I have ever done in my life is just a fight.
kill? They didn’t even think about it, and didn’t dare to think about it.
Not surprisingly, they will live a lifetime in such a simple and peaceful life.
She also Su Lingyu, who studied martial arts, and then married and became a wife, husband and child, and lived a mediocre life.
Until the day when she was buried in the loess, she might not remember that her dream at the age of eighteen was to be a murderous heroine and get out of her hands.
But then, what do you think of?
Su Lingyu was very fortunate that he met Chen Feng when he was eighteen.
Without Chen Feng, she might never have the courage to say this to Su Haoran, and she would never think about living the life she wanted.
“In that case…then you go.” Su Haoran sighed. The women’s college is not staying. Su Lingyu’s attitude is so resolute, it is useless to persuade him.
“Thank you, daddy.” Su Lingyu smiled and said with gratitude from the heart. With Su Haoran’s support, she would have no worries.
Even if Chen Feng cannot be found, she will not leave any regrets.
Su Haoran shook his head and said nothing. In fact, he didn’t want Su Lingyu to find Chen Feng.
Because he knew that there was no possibility between Su Lingyu and Chen Feng.
Found it, it just adds more disappointment.
Chen Feng didn’t know. Soon after he left, Su Lingyu packed up his luggage, left the Haoran Martial Arts Hall, and began to look for him among the crowd.
At this time, Chen Feng was talking to Qiao Xiaoyue about Xu Feirong’s parents.
“You mean, the Zhao family took the initiative to release people?” Chen Feng frowned. Xu Feirong’s parents had been imprisoned in Jinling for some time. Although they were framed by distributors, they were poisoned to death by alcohol. He is the in-law of the Zhao family, so the Zhao family bite to death in this matter, and once threatened to make Xu Feirong’s parents lose their lives.
Even if Qiao Xiaoyue went to the Zhao family to make peace, the Zhao family’s attitude was still tough.
Chen Feng’s original plan was to go and talk to the Zhao family personally when the things at hand were finished, to see if the Zhao family would take care of his face and spare Xu Feirong’s parents.
But unexpectedly, Qiao Xiaoyue said today that the Zhao family had already released people.
The news did come suddenly.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Qiao Xiaoyue nodded, seeming to see that Chen Feng was a little confused, Qiao Xiaoyue said again: “Chen Shao, in fact, it is normal for the Zhao family to let go this time.”
“Huh? How is it normal?” Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.
Qiao Xiaoyue smiled bitterly and said, “Shao Chen, what you have done in Jinling these past few days is no secret in the upper circles of Jinling.”
In fact, Qiao Xiaoyue hasn’t finished speaking. What Chen Feng did in Jinling these days is not a secret, but almost everyone knows it.
Many people know that a ruthless man named Chen has arrived in Jinling these days.
On the first day of coming to Jinling, Jinling’s well-known young man Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing, known as the little prince, were cut off by this ruthless man surnamed Chen.
After the incident, the Bai family not only dared not retaliate, but moved the family to the United States.
The prince Yang Tai didn’t even put any farts, but obediently gave the shares of Kowloon International as an apologetic gift.
This shocked a lot of people. What is the origin of this ruthless man surnamed Chen? Why is Yang Tai so jealous.
Just when many people guessed the identity of the ruthless surname Chen, the ruthless surname Chen caused another major incident.
It was still at the Kowloon International Estate, but this time it was not a broken hand or a broken foot, but a death!
A ruthless person surnamed Chen, who directly killed Du Ziteng and Du Ziyue, leaving Du Kang out of her way!
It stands to reason that the Du family has to ask for an explanation for this murderous hatred.

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