Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 168

“Master Han is polite, Beichen is only a mere underachiever, how dare you talk about a big name in front of Master Han.” Zhang Beichen arched his hands and said with a humble smile.
Although he is the heir of the Zhang family, in terms of identity and status, he is much higher than Gu Dongchen and Han Long who have risen in the grass, but he will not put any airs in front of Han Long, or because of this. Self-esteem is very high.
He knew very well that putting him in the same position as Gu Dongchen and Han Long, he might not be able to do better than these two.
The two can work hard from a small gangster to a king-level figure in the underground world of Cangzhou, and there is definitely a difference between them.
It is also Chen Feng who crosses the river and can subdue the two-person service.
To be someone else and want to conquer the kings of the two underground worlds at the same time is simply a dream!
Chen Feng nodded slightly. Since the three of them knew each other, he didn’t need to introduce each other.
“Now Cangzhou, how many other forces can compete with you?” Chen Feng asked straightforwardly. Although Cangzhou is only a prefecture-level city, the water is not so deep. Gu Dongchen and Han Long are only in Cangzhou. The West District, the East District, the North District, and the South District, as well as other forces are in charge. In addition to these underground forces, there are also many large clans of the same size as the Shen family.
These forces, he must integrate one by one this time.
One is to resist the Chen family.
He was worried that if one day, he had to leave Cangzhou, Xia Mengyao would also have a place to live.
After all, the current relationship between Xia Mengyao and the Xia family is not good. If one day he is not in Cangzhou, it is inevitable to suppress Xia Mengyao with the face of the Xia family.
But if there are people like Han Long Gu Dongchen behind Xia Mengyao, who is suppressed, it doesn’t necessarily matter.
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the eyes of the three of them moved slightly, and even Gu Dongchen, who was always carefree, probably guessed Chen Feng’s purpose.
“Chen Shao, although the boundary of Cangzhou is not big, the forces are complicated.”
“At present, among the underground forces, we can contend with Luo Donglei in the north area and Ye Haitang in the south area. Except for these two, the others are small fish and shrimps. It is not to be afraid.”
“As for the family power, people from outsiders all recognize the Shen family as the first family in Cangzhou, but as far as we know, the Li family is not weaker than the Shen family, even because the current city leader Li Secretary is the Li family. In some respects, the Li family’s performance is a bit stronger than the Shen family.” Han Long said solemnly.
At any time, those in power have more say than those in wealth.
Chen Feng nodded and was about to speak. At this moment, Zhang Beichen smiled and said: “Chen Shao, Luo Donglei in the North District is actually from our Zhang family.”
Luo Donglei is from the Zhang family? !
Chen Feng was a little surprised. Luo Donglei was the underground emperor who sat on the same level as Gu Dongchen and Han Long. He did not expect that he was from the Zhang family.
Gu Dongchen and Han Long were also a little surprised. It seems that the power of the Zhang family is much greater than they thought. Even a giant like Luo Donglei is from the Zhang family.
But Zhang’s belongs to Chen Feng.
Luo Donglei is from the Zhang family, no different from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng naturally understands this truth. According to Zhang Beichen’s words, the underground forces in Cangzhou are already very clear. Among the four districts of southeast, northwest and north, there are already three districts under his control.
Only Ye Haitang in the southern area was not under his control.
“That Ye Haitang, what’s the situation?” Chen Feng asked.
“Shao Chen, this Ye Haitang is not simple.” Han Long’s tone was rare and solemn.
“Huh? What’s not easy?” Chen Feng raised his brows, but he was a little curious, what exactly is Ye Haitang’s ability to make Han Long jealous.
“Shao Chen, have you ever heard of Ye Dongxiao?” Han Long did not say directly, but asked for a name.
Chen Feng shook his head. He has only been in Cangzhou for three years. He really doesn’t know much about Cangzhou, but looking at Han Long’s appearance, Ye Dongxiao is obviously not simple.
“It’s normal if Shao Chen hasn’t heard of it.” Han Long nodded and said again: “But Ye Dongxiao, twenty years ago, in Cangzhou, he was a real person who can stop children crying at night.”
“If you want to talk about why Ye Dongxiao can stop children crying at night, you have to start with the history of Cangzhou.
“Because of its remoteness, the underground world of Cangzhou has always been uneven. On average, at least a thousand people die in gang fights every year. In terms of the fights in the underground world alone, Cangzhou is known for its fierce and cruelty in the nearby states. .”
“Therefore, since the city was built, the underground world of Cangzhou has never been truly unified. Some people even say that this place in Cangzhou is the burial ground of the king. When it comes to Cangzhou, it is the dragon and you have to lie down, it is the tiger, and you have to lie down. In short, no matter what hero you are, there is no way to unify Cangzhou.”
“But twenty years ago, Ye Dongxiao, who turned out to be born, broke this rule.”
“One year.”
“It only took Ye Dongxiao a year to fight from the West District to the North District, and then from the South District to the East District. With his own strength, he abruptly defeated the entire Cangzhou!”
“At that time, he was respected as the uncrowned emperor by many underground forces in Cangzhou!”
“The real underground black emperor!”
Han Long said solemnly, Ye Dongxiao’s name of the underground black emperor 20 years ago, but there is no trace of moisture. Unlike today, people like him and Gu Dongchen and Luo Donglei, who just sat on one area of ​​the site, were respected as the underground emperor, and Ye Dongxiao, who really sat on all the places in Cangzhou, even the rich and powerful people were right. Ye Dongxiao was respectful.
“This Ye Dongxiao is a warrior?” Chen Feng asked with a frown. Only a warrior can explain why Ye Dongxiao is so against the sky. You know, Cangzhou 20 years ago was not so peaceful as it is now. The control of knives is not strict. It is common for guns to appear in site competitions. It is impossible for an ordinary person to take down Cangzhou in a rain of bullets.
Therefore, Ye Dongxiao can only be a warrior, and at the very least, he is also a warrior in the late Dark Jin!
“Yes, Shao Chen, according to the rumors, Ye Dongxiao is indeed a warrior.” Han Long said in a deep voice. He knew very well that Chen Feng was also a warrior, but he didn’t think that Chen Feng had Ye Dongxiaoqiang from twenty years ago.
“Chen Shao, I also heard my father talk about Ye Dongxiao’s matter.” Zhang Beichen’s tone was also a little solemn. It is thriving. Among the nearby states, the strength of the martial arts world in Cangzhou is definitely at the forefront.”

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