Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 169

“But after Ye Dongxiao came to Cangzhou, the martial arts world in Cangzhou entered a period of decline.”
“There are rumors that the decline of Cangzhou martial arts world is inseparable from Ye Dongxiao.”
“Because Ye Dongxiao had a habit when he was fighting for territory.”
“What habit?” Gu Dongchen said subconsciously.
Zhang Beichen glanced at Gu Dongchen, and said word by word: “Cut! Grass! Remove! Root!”
“Ye Dongxiao likes to cut grass and roots. Anyone who is against him will almost end up completely exhausted!” Zhang Beichen let out a breath.
The door is gone? !
Gu Dongchen’s scalp numb. He has been on the road for more than 20 years, and he still understands the truth that he has no harm to his family, but Ye Dongxiao, however, destroys the crowd at every turn, which is really too harsh.
“Many of those who were completely wiped out were martial artists. Back then, in the martial arts world of Cangzhou, one half of the martial artists died by Ye Dongxiao’s hand, and the remaining half of the martial artists, after hearing Ye Dongxiao’s notoriety , And left Cangzhou with his family one after another.”
“This has also led to the fact that there are not many martial artists in Cangzhou today, and the martial arts world in Cangzhou is only in name.” Zhang Beichen sighed.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, no wonder when he first came to Cangzhou, he found that there were so few martial artists in Cangzhou, and it turned out that Ye Dongxiao did it.
It is indeed not easy for Ye Dongxiao to kill Cangzhou martial arts world to the fault with just one person.
“What happened later?” Chen Feng was curious, what did Ye Dongxiao do afterwards.
“Later, Ye Dongxiao disappeared mysteriously.” Han Long took the words.
“It took only one year for Ye Dongxiao to unify Cangzhou. But then, no one saw him in Cangzhou. There were even rumors that Ye Dongxiao died after becoming the underground emperor of Cangzhou.”
“However, some people say that Ye Dongxiao despises being the underground emperor of Cangzhou and ran to the south to fight the rivers and mountains.” Han Long said.
“Ye Dongxiao can’t die.” Chen Feng shook his head. It is estimated that a warrior like Ye Dongxiao can only kill him if he is killed. But where is the Huajin warrior in Cangzhou?
But twenty years ago, if the Martial Arts Association was established, then Ye Dongxiao, who interfered with social order, would have been killed by the giants of the Martial Arts Association.
As for going to the south to fight in the mountains, Chen Feng didn’t believe that, the martial arts world in the south, but the real Longtan Tiger Den, Ye Dongxiao would dare to be so arrogant in the south, he would definitely not survive the next day.
“After Ye Dongxiao disappeared, the Ye family began to fight for power. The entire Cangzhou was also in a state of no leader, and turned into a pot of porridge, but this also gave me and Lao Gu a chance. Back then, the two of me took advantage of this. During the great turmoil in Cangzhou, he secretly developed his own power and came to this point.” Han Long’s tone was a bit of sorrow. Twenty years ago, if Ye Dongxiao had not left, there would be no Han Long and Gu Dongchen today. .
Ye Dongxiao calmed the chaos in Cangzhou, but also created the chaos in Cangzhou.
Chaos, out of the hero!
Han Long and Gu Dongchen are the heroes who emerged after the chaos in Cangzhou!
Chen Feng nodded slightly and asked, “So the later Ye Family, that Ye Haitang you said was in charge?”
“Yes, but not really.”
“The year Ye Dongxiao left Cangzhou, Ye Haitang was just a seven or eight year old girl…”
“Wait, little girl?” Chen Feng was shocked. After a long time, this Ye Haitang turned out to be a woman? He thought it was a man, but just gave a feminine name.
Han Long smiled bitterly and said: “Young Master Chen, don’t underestimate Ye Haitang. Although she is a woman, her methods are not much worse than those of us, the big masters, or even worse.”
“I didn’t underestimate her.” Chen Feng shook his head and smiled. He can stabilize the chaotic Ye Family. This shows that Ye Haitang’s skills and methods are absolutely first-class, so how can he dare to underestimate it?
“The year Ye Dongxiao left Cangzhou, Ye Haitang was only seven or eight years old. Above her were her eldest and second elder brothers. Back then, the Ye family was mainly because the two people were fighting for power. Because Ye Haitang was too young, the two No one paid any attention to Ye Haitang, thinking that Ye Haitang was not a threat to them.”
“However, after eight years, Ye Haitang, who is only sixteen years old, has inexplicably taken charge of the secret part of the Ye family.”
“The dark part of the Ye family is composed of Ye Dongxiao’s confidant backbone. Although Ye Dongxiao disappeared, these backbones still remain in the Ye family.”
“So whoever takes charge of the secret part of the Ye Family is equivalent to taking charge of the Ye Family.”
“After Ye Haitang took charge of the Anbu of the Ye Family, her eldest and second brothers were naturally unwilling and tried to trick Ye Haitang into surrendering control of the Anbu, but Ye Haitang was not merciful, and directly drove them out by breaking a leg. To the Ye family.”
“This incident caused an uproar in Cangzhou that year. No one would have thought that Ye Haitang, who was so young, made such a cruel move that even his two brothers could do it.”
“After Ye Haitang took control of the Ye family, the Ye family grew rapidly. At that time, she could completely dominate the underground forces of Cangzhou and become the first underground queen in Cangzhou. But for some reason, Ye Haitang did not do that. ”
“She has always controlled the Ye Family’s power in the Southern District, and has never allowed the Ye Family’s power to surpass Vietnam by half a step.”
“Moreover, in recent years, she has never deliberately developed the Ye family’s power, as if she had already underestimated rights.” Han Long wondered. If Ye Haitang really wants to fight for power, then there is nothing wrong with him and Gu Dongchen. In the past few years, he and Gu Dongchen have been fighting openly and secretly, but the struggle between them has always been controlled by each other’s territory.
Southern District, as far as both of them are concerned, has always been a forbidden area.
Even for all the underground forces in Cangzhou, the southern area is forbidden.
“Interesting.” Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and he felt that Ye Haitang was not easy anymore.
At least in terms of assessing the situation, Ye Haitang did better than most people.
People like Han Long and Gu Dongchen didn’t understand why Ye Haitang hadn’t developed the Ye family’s power over the past few years and had to curl up.
He understands.
Ye Haitang must be aware of the existence of the Budo Association.
She is afraid of liquidation!
The heinous crime that Ye Dongxiao committed that year for fear of the people of the Budo Association being liquidated!
Therefore, she must keep a low profile. Once she develops the Ye family in a high profile, not to mention the people of the Budo Association, even the enemies of Ye Dongxiao back then will make her suffer.
Even if the Ye family is destroyed, it is not necessarily true. After all, although Ye Dongxiao is alive, he has never appeared.
These enemies will endure it for a while, but they will not endure it for a lifetime!

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