Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 170

Chen Feng couldn’t help but shook his head. He had to say, Ye Haitang is not simple.
If she is an old monster of seven old eighties, and can see these turns, that’s all.
But she is just a young woman in her twenties. At this age, Chen Feng can only say one thing, which is too enchanting.
Even Chen Feng had to be treated with caution this time.
Although he has monstrous force at his side, when dealing with such evil women, force sometimes becomes a burden.
Seeing Chen Feng’s full face eager to try, Han Long couldn’t help sighing in his heart. He knew that Chen Feng was not a safe master. It seemed that this time, the collision between him and Ye Haitang was inevitable. .
“However, Chen Shao, although Ye Haitang has not developed the Ye Family’s power, her two older brothers, these years, have been outside. Relying on the Ye Family’s reputation, they have attracted many people, and now they have become the climate.
“Because Ye Haitang broke each of their legs in the past, the two have always held a grudge against Ye Haitang and often trouble him.”
“If Chen Shao wants to do something with Ye Haitang, he can start with these two people.” Han Long said truthfully.
Chen Feng shook his head, and said, “These two people are just dead ghosts introduced by Ye Haitang. If you want to deal with Ye Haitang, don’t count on them.”
“For the dead ghost?” The three were taken aback. How come the two of them became the dead ghost.
Chen Feng smiled without explaining.
If he guessed correctly, Ye Haitang deliberately interrupted one of the legs of the two of them back then. After expelling them from the house, the so-called force that they drew together was basically Ye Haitang’s handwriting.
As for the purpose? It’s simple.
Interrupting the legs of the two of them meant that there was no room for maneuver between her and the two of them. Then the two men who were blinded by hatred naturally wanted to find a way to avenge. If they wanted to avenge, they had to form their own forces.
At this time, Ye Haitang could take advantage of the vacancy and place his own hands next to the two of them, or even directly help them to form a force.
But the two of them didn’t know that the bigger their power grew, the faster they would die.
Because in the future, if Ye Dongxiao’s enemy comes to the door, he will definitely focus on these two high-profile fools for the first time instead of the low-key Ye Haitang.
Even if Ye Dongxiao’s enemies did not come to the door, the two wanted to find Ye Haitang revenge by the power Ye Haitang gave them. It was a foolish dream, and there was no possibility at all.
I have to say that Ye Haitang, a woman, has calculated human nature to the extreme.
If not necessary, Chen Feng does not want to be an enemy of this kind of woman.
Of course, Chen Feng and Ye Haitang didn’t have to be enemies, there was still a possibility of cooperation, but it was up to Ye Haitang to agree.
“Then Shao Chen, how should Ye Haitang deal with it?” Han Long couldn’t help asking. Without the help of Ye Haitang’s two older brothers, he wanted to directly deal with Ye Haitang. It was harder than Dengtian. After all, Ye Haitang was in control of Ye. Jiaanbu, this is the elite force that Ye Dongxiao left behind, and among them, there are not a few martial artists.
“I will handle Ye Haitang. You don’t have to worry about it. Your task is to clean up the small fish and shrimps in your jurisdiction as soon as possible. To do so, you must have absolute control over your jurisdiction.” Chen Feng said, Ye Haitang is definitely not Han Long. If the three of Gu Dongchen and Zhang Beichen can deal with it, to deal with Ye Haitang, he has to go out in person.
“Yes, Shao Chen.” The three nodded together. Although they didn’t understand how Chen Feng was going to deal with Ye Haitang, they did not dare to violate Chen Feng’s order.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes. In addition to Ye Haitang, there were also the Li family and the Shen family.
None of these two local tycoons is easy to deal with.
He has never been in contact with Li Juncheng, so he doesn’t know the depth.
But Shen Hongchang is his partner, he still knows more or less.
Typical old fox!
Shen Hongchang might have seen the delicate relationship between him and the Chen family.
Therefore, he will definitely not stand in the team easily. In the future, whenever the Chen family’s performance is stronger, he will fall to the Chen family’s side.
But right now, Chen Feng doesn’t have to worry about this. His top priority is to find a breakthrough in Ye Haitang.
On the other side, after Xia Hao left the Junsheng Hotel, he drove to the door of a club.
Under the reception of the female welcoming guests, Xia Hao entered a resplendent box.
In the box, a man in a suit, in his thirties, stood with his hand in his hand.
Seeing Xia Hao coming in, the corner of the man’s mouth could not help but raised a hint of sarcasm: “Did you think about it?”
Xia Hao smiled, nodded and said: “Well, I’m ready, Manager Ye.”
“Hmph, you should have thought about it a long time ago. Let me tell you the truth. If my Ye family doesn’t nod their heads on this one-third acre of land in Cangzhou, none of the projects in your hand will be sold.” Manager Ye snorted coldly. Scream.
“Yes, yes, Manager Ye, what you said was that I used to be ignorant…” Xia Hao smiled on his face, but in his heart he was yelling at Manager Ye for being stupid, if it wasn’t for Chen Feng, a dead star who suddenly came He was afraid of changes, so he wouldn’t throw out these projects in such a hurry.
“If this is the case, then sign the contract. I bought the seven projects in your hand for 20 million.” Manager Ye said with an arrogant expression. In fact, Ye Haidong gave him 30 million, but talked to a fool like Xia Hao. For business, 20 million is enough, and with the savings of 10 million, he can support a few more female stars.
“Mr. Ye, twenty million, this is too little.” Xia Hao couldn’t help speaking. He felt that his heart was bleeding now. The three Yuquanshan projects he sold a few days ago, each But all started with five million, and the remaining seven, his original plan was to sell at least eight million.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng suddenly came back today, which disrupted his original plan.
Once Chen Feng came back, it meant that Xia Mengyao could regain control of Yuquan Mountain, and those projects had nothing to do with him.
Not to mention eight million, or eight hundred thousand, he couldn’t get it, so he was anxious to sell those projects.
And the current Ye Mingwen was a buyer who had contacted him a few days ago, but the price that Ye Mingwen quoted was too low, 3.5 million yuan for a project, so a few days ago, he refused without even thinking about it. Ye Mingwen.
But at this moment, Ye Mingwen has become the most suitable buyer, because only Ye Mingwen can eat the remaining seven projects in one go, and Ye Mingwen is backed by the Ye family, and has a strong enough background. This background, even if it is Lin Zongwei , Did not dare to provoke easily.
Xia Hao’s calculations were very good, but he did not expect that Ye Mingwen had temporarily changed his mind. He had to spend 20 million to buy his seven projects. On average, one was less than 3 million.
How does this make him accept?

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