Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 182

“Second brother, you don’t have to worry too much about this matter. I think Chen Feng is not someone with a small belly. He may not be interested in making trouble with our Lin family. Moreover, he has been at odds with his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law has beaten him. Her mother-in-law also sighed for him in disguise, so he shouldn’t care too much.”
“But, brother, you still have to tell your sister-in-law to be outside in the future, don’t be so arrogant, not every time you can be so lucky.” Lin Zhaonan said solemnly, Lin Fang relied on the power of the Lin family to be arrogant and domineering outside I’m used to it. On weekdays, the Lin family can turn a blind eye to this, but once Lin Fang throws the Lin family into a crisis, the Lin family will not be polite to Lin Fang.
“Have you heard what the third child said? Stupid!” Lin Zhaozhong couldn’t help but cursed Lin Fang.
“I heard that, I won’t dare anymore.” Lin Fang hurriedly nodded and promised that she almost entered the ghost gate today, and she will naturally have a long memory in the future.
“In the future? You still want to have a future! From today, you will stay at home for Lao Tzu obediently, and you are not allowed to go anywhere!” Lin Zhaozhong cursed.
“Yes, yes, I’m not going anywhere.” Lin Lan hurriedly nodded and agreed, not even dare to let go.
Chen Feng drove Xia Mengyao to Xia’s company.
At this time, Xia Hao and Wang Yunna, who had finished their work, just came out of the office.
Xia Hao’s face was refreshing, Wang Yunna’s face was full of grievances, and she was obviously not satisfied with Xia Hao’s skill, but Wang Yunna didn’t show it. Instead, she hugged Xia Hao affectionately and said, “Brother Hao, They are yours now, and you will have to take good care of them in the future.”
“Hey, as long as you are obedient, I will’pain’ you well.” Xia Hao showed a lascivious smile on his face, and deliberately bit the word pain a little harder. When he was at the desk just now, he regarded Wang Yunna as After Yue Ling, she found that the taste was not so refreshing.
Wang Yunna, this little sao, is not as beautiful as Yue Ling, but she is much more obedient than Yue Ling. Almost any action can be shown to him, giving him the enjoyment of the emperor.
“Brother Hao, I will be obedient.” Wang Yunna had a clever smile on her face, but there was a touch of insignificant contempt in her beautiful eyes, huh, idiot, if it wasn’t because you made the old lady a vice president For the sake of the seat, do you think my old lady can like your rubbish? Wang Yunna disdain to think.
After exiting the elevator, the two went straight to the parking lot in front of the company.
At this moment, a black Koenigsegg drove into the company gate.
The sharp-eyed Wang Yunna noticed it for the first time, hurriedly pulled La Xiahao, pointed at Koenigsegg and said, “Brother Hao, is that your grandpa’s car?”
Grandpa’s car? Xia Hao was stunned, and looked in the direction Wang Yunna was pointing. At this sight, his eyes widened and his soul burst forth.
How is that Koenigsegg!
Even though it was late autumn, Xia Hao’s forehead still had a layer of cold sweat. There is no doubt that the Koenigsegg in front of him was the one he almost smashed at the Grand Hotel.
At that time, his Audi was less than ten centimeters away from this Koenigsegg. Had it not been for Yue Ling’s reminder, he would have ran into it directly.
However, although he didn’t hit him, Xia Hao was also frightened and sweated. He didn’t slow down until hiding his Audi in the corner.
Now that this Koenigsegg appeared again, the first thought in Xia Hao’s mind was that the owner of Koenigsegg knew that he almost hit the Koenigsegg, so he came to trouble him!
“Brother Hao, what’s the matter?” Wang Yunna was a little confused, how could he look at Xia Hao’s expression, so panicked and terrified, even if Xia Yunsheng really came over, he didn’t need to be like this.
“Yunna, I can’t send you today. You can take a taxi and go home.” Xia Hao swallowed, turned around and ran after speaking. His first thought is to run!
Let’s run away!
The owner of Koenigsegg is not something he can offend!
If people come to trouble him, Xia Yunsheng can’t keep him!
Seeing Xia Hao hugged her head without looking back, Wang Yunna was suddenly jumped with anger, and she didn’t have an egg, isn’t it just a luxury car? Is it necessary to be so afraid?
Wang Yunna put her hands around her chest, and walked a few steps forward. She wanted to see what kind of monsters and monsters got on and off the car today that made Xia Hao afraid of that.
Then Koenigsegg stopped and the butterfly door opened.
A pair of beautiful feet in crystal high heels stepped on the ground, and then a slim and slender figure appeared.
How is this bitch? !
Wang Yunna frowned, and it was Xia Mengyao who got off the co-pilot.
It seems that Xia Yunsheng should be the one sitting in the main driver. Wang Yunna thought to herself, except Xia Yunsheng, she couldn’t think of anyone at this time, but Xia Hao must be so afraid of Xia Yunsheng? Wang Yunna wondered.
Subsequently, Chen Feng got off the car.
Not Xia Yunsheng? Wang Yunna was a little surprised at once.
She didn’t know Chen Feng, so she didn’t know that the man in front of her was the well-known poor son-in-law of the Xia family.
But she didn’t know her, but Xia Hao, who was hiding in front of the company, did.
When he saw Chen Feng getting off the car, Xia Hao’s eyes almost fell off.
He couldn’t think of killing him, and the owner of Koenigsegg who frightened him turned out to be Chen Feng!
This waste, where is such a good car? This was Xia Hao’s first reaction, he was almost crazy with jealousy at the moment.
This is Koenigsegg, there are only six sacred cars in the world!
If it was opened by a well-known big man, it would be fine, but Chen Feng is a trash, why is he!
Why does he drive such a good car? !
Xia Hao went crazy with jealousy, and when he thought about it, when he was in the Junsheng Hotel before, he was so scared to pee his pants because of Chen Feng’s car, which made him even more unacceptable.
Xia Hao panted heavily and came to Chen Feng in a few steps.
“Where are you Koenigsegg?” Xia Hao asked angrily.
“Does it have anything to do with you?” Chen Feng frowned. How did he feel that Xia Hao became more and more neurotic, and became angry at every turn.
“Brother Hao, who is he?” Wang Yunna couldn’t help asking, how to look at Xia Hao’s appearance, as if she hated the young man in front of her.
But what made Wang Yunna even more puzzled was that Xia Hao, before seeing this car, was so frightened that she scrambled with her head, but when she saw this young man getting off the car, Xia Hao came back aggressively, as if she had hugged her head before. It’s just pretended.
“Don’t worry!” Xia Hao scolded with a blushing face. It is naturally impossible for him to tell Wang Yunna that the person in front of him is Chen Feng who has been bullied by him for three years, because just a minute ago, he was just caught by Chen Feng’s car. The car was so scared that it scurryed.
Say it now, where to put his face.

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