Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 184

Chen Feng glanced at Xia Hao coldly. As Xia Mengyao’s cousin, when Wang Yunna bullied Xia Mengyao, Xia Hao didn’t stand up. Now that he was bullying Wang Yunna, Xia Hao stood up more positively than anyone else.
Xia Hao is indeed a stupid as always!
Faced with Chen Feng’s cold eyes, Xia Hao suddenly felt a little frustrated. He was beaten by Chen Feng more than once, so he knew how terrifying Chen Feng’s skills were. If he faced Chen Feng, he would definitely be abused. Of the dead.
But in front of Wang Yunna’s face, Xia Hao couldn’t admit counsel, and could only threaten Xia Mengyao.
“Chen Feng, let me tell you that Xia Mengyao is legally responsible for misappropriating the company’s project funds! If you don’t want to see her go to jail, you should immediately let me go and apologize to Yunna!” Xia Hao sternly Tao.
“What if I don’t?” Chen Feng suddenly sneered.
“Then you just wait for Xia Mengyao to sit down in prison.” Xia Hao threatened viciously.
Chen Feng smiled, idiot!
Seeing that Chen Feng’s oil and salt were not entering, Xia Hao suddenly couldn’t help it.
“Chen Feng, you don’t know what is good or bad, I have already given you a lot of face, if it weren’t for your face, I would have given the evidence of Xia Mengyao’s embezzlement of project funds to the court.”
“Then I want to thank you?” Chen Feng sneered.
“Thank me, no need.” Xia Hao didn’t hear the sarcasm in Chen Feng’s words. He still said to himself: “As long as you return this Koenigsegg to the company, everything before you and me will be It can be written off in a lump sum, and I don’t care about Xia Mengyao embezzling the project funds.”
Chen Feng sneered. What is the difference between Xia Hao, an idiot who dared to call his own car, and returned it to the company, and Xia Hao.
Xia Hao was still arguing with Chen Feng, but Wang Yunna couldn’t help it: “Xia Hao, what do you have to say to this rubbish, please teach him directly.”
Lesson Chen Feng? The corner of Xia Hao’s mouth twitched, so you should try to teach it a lesson.
Seeing that Xia Hao was still indifferent, Wang Yunna was immediately furious, and she opened her mouth to curse: “Xia Hao, my old lady is really blind, and I actually fell in love with you, such an eggless bully.”
“Yunna, listen to me…” Xia Hao blushed and wanted to explain, but was interrupted by Wang Yunna directly: “Counseling is just counseling, don’t make excuses for my mother, I dare to beat Xia Mengyao this bitch, you But dare not deal with waste like Chen Feng, you are just rubbish!”
“Have you beaten Mengyao?” Chen Feng’s face turned cold. When he was in Yuquan Mountain, he saw something wrong with Xia Mengyao’s face, but he didn’t think about it. Now it seems that Xia Mengyao was really beaten by the woman in front of him. Over.
“The old lady beat this bitch, why? You are a trash and want to avenge her?” Wang Yunna sneered. She was not afraid of what Chen Feng would do to her. Behind her, there was not just a man like Xia Hao.
“Which hand did you use?” Chen Feng’s tone suddenly calmed down.
Those who are familiar with Chen Feng know that the calmer Chen Feng is, the more angry he is.
“Which hand did you care for the old lady to fight with?” Wang Yunna snorted coldly.
Chen Feng smiled: “Since you don’t say anything, then I will treat you as if you hit with two hands.”
“What are you going to do?” Wang Yunna glanced at Chen Feng with some caution. Chen Feng’s smile gave her a creepy feeling.
“Don’t do anything.” Chen Feng shook his head, paused, and said again: “Yes, I want to teach you a lesson.”
“Lesson?” Wang Yunna raised her mouth with disdain, “You are just a trash, and you want to teach me…”
There was a crisp fracture sound in the venue.
Wang Yunna’s unspoken words were instantly replaced by a pig-killing howl, and her whole body directly knelt on the ground.
Looking at Wang Yunna, who was half-kneeling on the ground, howling, everyone in the court looked at each other, not knowing why.
What…what happened?
What’s wrong with Wang Yunna? Why did you kneel?
“No! Look at Mr. Wang’s hands!” Finally, the sharp-eyed people discovered something was wrong.
Everyone moved their eyes to Wang Yunna’s hand, and they were shocked.
Wang Yunna’s two hands were broken!
Broken from the wrist! It’s like being abruptly broken, and you can even see the white stubble on your wrist!
Everyone’s scalp numb, without a doubt, this is Chen Feng’s handwriting.
But how did he do it?
No one in the court could see Chen Feng’s movements clearly!
All I knew was that Wang Yunna knelt on the ground while she was talking.
Even Wang Yunna herself didn’t necessarily know how Chen Feng broke her wrist. She didn’t react until a tearing pain came from her wrist.
I can only say that Chen Feng’s speed is too fast!
“Are you satisfied with this lesson?” Chen Feng asked faintly, and he would never be soft on those who dare to touch him.
Wang Yunna half-kneeled on the ground, trembling all over, because of the pain, her forehead was already covered with cold sweat.
But that’s the case, she still looked at Chen Feng extremely resentfully, and said with a hoarse voice: “I…I want to kill you!”
“Okay, I’m waiting for you to kill me.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Those who want to kill him can travel from the south to the north, but he is still alive now.
“Chen Feng, you…you are too much!” Xia Hao held back for a long time before squeezing such a sentence out of his mouth, but although he reprimanded Chen Feng for being too much, Xia Hao was very honest. He was almost ten meters away from Chen Feng. If it weren’t for the crowds, he could be farther away.
“Do you want to stand up for her?” Chen Feng glanced at Xia Hao with a smile.
Being provoked by Chen Feng in front of so many people, if it had been Xia Hao before, he would definitely not be able to bear it, but at this time Xia Hao, like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, could endure it abruptly. A bit more shame on his face.
At this moment, a Land Rover Range Rover stopped in the middle of the road.
The door opened and Xia Yunsheng got out of the car with a cane.
“Quickly let go!”
“The chairman is here!”
As soon as Xia Yunsheng appeared, everyone in the Xia family seemed to have found the backbone, and their faces instantly regained their energy.
Xia Hao’s expression was also joyful, and he walked a few steps in front of Xia Yunsheng, ready to sue.
“Grandpa, Chen Feng…” Xia Hao pretended to be angry, but before he could finish his words, he heard a sharp shout in his ear.
“Kneel down!” The person who said this was naturally Xia Yunsheng. Even though Xia Yunsheng at this moment looked sick, there was an unquestionable majesty on him.
“Grandpa?” Xia Yunsheng was puzzled. It was Chen Feng’s rubbish kneeling to kneel. Why did Grandpa let him kneel.
“I made you kneel, are you deaf!” Xia Yunsheng was full of anger, and the crutch in his hand knocked on the ground fiercely.

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