Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 185

“Okay, I kneel!”
Xia Hao gritted his teeth. Although he was unwilling, he didn’t dare to violate Xia Yunsheng’s orders in front of these many people. After all, he knelt in front of Xia Yunsheng with a puff.
“Do you know why I let you kneel down?” Xia Yunsheng raised his eyelids and asked coldly.
“I don’t know.” Xia Hao suppressed his anger.
Hearing this, Xia Yunsheng was furious. He raised the crutch in his hand and slammed it on Xia Hao’s head, cursing: “I don’t know?! It’s all this time, you crooked animal, you still have a face to say you don’t know !”
“I let you not know!” Xia Yunsheng was trembling with anger, and when he said that, he raised the crutch in his hand again and threw it on Xia Hao’s head.
“Grandpa, what are you doing!” Xia Hao grabbed the waved cane and glared at Xia Yunsheng. He is the future heir of the Xia family. Xia Yunsheng beat him wantonly in front of so many people and put his dignity on the ground. Shi, what prestige does he have to take charge of the Xia family in the future.
“You…you bastard! You will not be able to rebel!” Xia Yunsheng was blown with anger and stared at him. He didn’t expect that Xia Hao was so courageous now that he even dared to resist.
“Grandpa, I have no problem with you hitting me, but you always have to let me know what I did wrong.” Xia Hao bit his head. In fact, he had already guessed why Xia Yunsheng was so angry, but this time , Of course he cannot admit that he did something wrong.
Xia Yunsheng took a deep breath: “Nie Hu, I ask you, did you sell the Yuquan Mountain projects to the Ye Family Wang Family and the Liu Family?”
“I sold it.” Xia Hao admitted directly.
“Why do you want to sell? You know, these projects are the foundation of my Xia family! In order to get these projects from Peak Real Estate, how much the Xia family paid, don’t you know?!” Xia Yunsheng sternly asked When the Yuquanshan project was first settled in Cangzhou, Cangzhou’s first-tier and second-tier wealthy families broke their blood in order to compete for cooperation with Dingfeng Real Estate.
But in the end, it was the third-line small family of the Xia family who picked the peaches and took on many projects for the Yuquanshan project.
If the Xia family can seize this opportunity, Yuquan Mountain is bound to become the dragon’s place of the Xia family.
With Yuquan Mountain, the Xia family can rank among the second-tier families in Cangzhou, and even the first-tier families!
But now, several important projects of the Yuquanshan project have been sold out by Xia Hao!
Xia Hao completely destroyed the Xia family’s hope of being promoted to the second-tier family!
How could Xia Yunsheng not be angry!
When Xia Mengyao heard this, she was almost blown up. She thought that Xia Hao had just done the appointing Wang Yunna as the vice president of the company. But now, she knew that Xia Hao had even done the Yuquanshan project. Sold out.
Xia Hao, a fool, don’t you know that these projects are the foundation of the Xia family?
Doesn’t he know that these projects are money cows for the Xia family?
“Grandpa, the reason why I sold those projects to the Ye family and Wang family and Liu family was for the good of our Xia family.” Xia Hao bit his scalp and defended. Naturally, he couldn’t admit that he sold those projects for his own selfish desires. To go.
“For the good of the Xia family?!” Xia Yunsheng’s chest was stagnant with anger, and then asked angrily: “You tell me, how can you be good for the Xia family!”
“Grandpa, don’t you understand the truth of the crime! Yuquanshan is a very profitable project. I don’t know how many first- and second-tier wealthy families in Cangzhou City are staring at it, but in the end it was eaten by a small third-tier family like our Xia family. , Can you say that those first- and second-tier families are not jealous? If I don’t hand in some projects, they will not be able to make our Xia family a second-tier family.” Xia Hao eloquently said, his statement does have some truth, Yuquanshan Everyone wants to get a share of the sweet pastry of the project, but now it is swallowed by the Xia family, which will indeed cause dissatisfaction among many families.
“Fart!” Xia Yunsheng almost spat out a mouthful of old blood.
“You bastard, you sold those projects cheaply to satisfy your own selfish desires. At this time, you still have the face to say that it is for my Xia family! How can my Xia family have something brazen like you!” Xia Yunsheng Pointing to Xia Hao’s nose and cursing, there is a sense of hating iron and steel. He has always had high hopes for Xia Hao, thinking that Xia Hao can lead the Xia family to glory in the future, so this time Xia Mengyao went to Jinling. He hesitantly handed over the Yuquanshan project to Xia Hao in charge.
I thought that Xia Hao could do better than Xia Mengyao, but who knows, in just a few days, Xia Hao squandered the entire Yuquanshan project. Several key projects worth tens of millions were actually awarded by Xia Hao. In case the price of cabbage is sold out!
After learning the news in the afternoon, Xia Yunsheng was so angry that he almost fainted on the spot.
“Grandpa, if the Xia family wants to be among the second-tier families, it is not possible to rely on themselves. We also need to be recognized by more second-tier and first-tier families in Cangzhou. Only if they recognize us, our Xia family can be ranked as a second-tier family.”
“And this time, the sale of the Yuquanshan project is a good opportunity for our Xia family. The reason why I sold the Yuquanshan project to these second-tier and first-tier families at a very low price is actually a good opportunity. I want them to remember our Xia family and inherit our Xia family’s love. In this way, when our Xia family encounters difficulties in the future, they will not stand idly by, and even pull our Xia family. “Xia Hao’s words are justified, but to put it bluntly, what he meant was that he wanted the Xia family to be slaves to many second-line families and first-line families. If the slaves are good, they will make the master happy, and the master might support Xia. Family, so that the Xia family has become a second-line family.
“You…you stupid! Do you really think those families will inherit the Xia family’s love?!” Xia Yunsheng was already so angry that he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know whether Xia Hao was really stupid or fake, but Xia Hao would be longer. Your mind should understand that these second-line and first-line families in Cangzhou City are all white-eyed wolves who are not fed.
People would not look at the Xia family because they lost their smiles. On the contrary, they would feel that the Xia family is weak and deceiving. It is better to say that Xia Hao is telling these families. Family, the Xia family is meat on a chopping board, anyone can come and take a bite.
“Why not?” Xia Hao couldn’t help asking back, and then said: “When I signed the contract with the Ye family, Manager Ye told me clearly that if the Xia family encounters any trouble in the future, you can go to him. Look at Yuquan Mountain. In the face of these projects, he will help our Xia family solve the trouble.”
In fact, Ye Mingwen never said these things, but at this time, Xia Hao could only make up for self-help. Anyway, Xia Yunsheng couldn’t go to Ye Mingwen to verify.

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