Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 187

“Eating and drinking for free for three years?” Chen Feng raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth. The skins of the people in the Xia family are really thicker than the city walls. You can even say that. Let’s not say that he has been in these three years. He didn’t eat and drink for nothing, even if he ate for nothing, he would eat Xia Mengyao’s instead of Xia’s.
“Isn’t it?” Seeing that Chen Feng dared to ridicule, some people were dissatisfied immediately.
“You say yes.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, he didn’t bother to argue with such a fool.
“Hmph, since it is, then you should also contribute to the Xia family.” Someone snorted coldly.
“Go ask Lin Zongwei! If this thing can be done, you can enter the Xia Family Ancestral Hall.” A veteran of the Xia Family spoke coldly, with a hint of charity in his tone.
“Xia Family Ancestral Hall?” Chen Feng shook his head, the corners of his mouth sneered even more.
“Why, are you still not willing?” The elder who had just given alms raised his eyebrows and was very dissatisfied with Chen Feng.
Chen Feng did not answer, but walked up to Xia Yunsheng and looked directly at Xia Yun’s mouth: “I can help you get back those projects in Yuquan Mountain.”
“But I have one condition.” After a pause, Chen Feng said again.
“What are the conditions?” Xia Yunsheng said in a deep voice. He knew very well that Chen Feng was not the kind of person who was aimless. By saying this, I am afraid he was really confident to convince Lin Zongwei.
“I want another! Stand! Xia! Home!” Chen Feng said word by word.
“Keep talking!”
“You are a door-to-door son-in-law, what qualifications do you have to establish another Xia family!”
As soon as Chen Feng said this, Xia Yunsheng hadn’t said anything. The old stubborn ones of the Xia family were impatient. At any time, family orthodoxy was very important. In their opinion, what Chen Feng said about establishing Xia Mengyao was to set up Xia Mengyao. One branch separated and established a Xiaoxia family.
Obviously, this Xiaoxia family will be in charge of Chen Feng, not Xia Mengyao.
If Chen Feng is a person with a head, a face and a position, he will be in charge of the Xia family, and the main line of the Xia family will have a light on his face.
But Chen Feng happened to be a door-to-door son-in-law who ate soft food. He was a person in ancient times who could not even be on the dinner table. What’s more, in modern times, let him be in charge of the Xiaoxia family, the main line of the Xia family, and What face to speak of.
Chen Feng ignored the old stubbornness, but instead set his sights on Xia Yunsheng.
In the Xia family, after all, Xia Yunsheng is the master.
“Why do you want to establish another Xia family?” Xia Yunsheng asked. Chen Feng made this request, which he never expected.
Chen Feng raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth and asked, “I won’t establish the Xia family separately, will you give the Xia family to Mengyao?”
Xia Yunsheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, he really would not hand over the Xia family to Xia Mengyao, but even so, Chen Feng did not need to establish another Xia family. He still felt that Chen Feng established another Xia family for other reasons.
“Things of wishful thinking, dare to plot the Xia family!”
“Yunsheng, never promise this person!”
“This person has a ghost in his heart, so he should be expelled from the Xia’s family, in order to behave like you!”
The elders of the Xia family were furious, and asked Xia Yunsheng to hand over the Xia family to Xia Mengyao. What is the difference with Chen Feng? After all, Xia Mengyao’s future child is of Chen Feng’s blood.
Chen Feng smiled and said nothing, these old things actually felt that he was eyeing the Xia family.
He Chen Feng, even the Chen family, China’s top giant, does not take it seriously.
A Xia family in a mere trivial area, don’t even give it to him.
There are actually many reasons for establishing another Xia family.
On the one hand, because there are too many fools like Xia Hao and Xia Zilan in the current Xia family, everyone only cares about their own interests. The Xia family is already rotten to the bone, and Xia Mengyao will continue to stay in the Xia family, and sooner or later will be pissed off by these fools.
On the other hand, he wants to establish Xia Mengyao’s own power for Xia Mengyao, so that Xia Mengyao can protect herself.
Because there will be a battle between him and the Chen family sooner or later.
He couldn’t predict the outcome of this battle.
If one day in the future, he loses or he leaves Cangzhou, the lonely Xia Mengyao will be bullied.
Chen Feng will never allow this to happen!
He didn’t want to protect Xia Mengyao for only three years. If he could, he wanted to protect Xia Mengyao for the rest of his life.
Xia Yunsheng took a deep breath: “I agree to your terms.”
The audience was quiet, and then there was an uproar!
“Yun Sheng! Why are you so confused!”
“Let a door-to-door son-in-law establish another Xia family, this has to be spread out, so what kind of face does my Xia family have! I object!”
“I am also against it! We must not let this waste establish another Xia family!”
Many elders of the Xia family jumped.
Xia Yunsheng sighed. In fact, he didn’t want to agree, but now the situation of the Xia family is that they have invested too much in Yuquan Mountain, and they are almost desperate. If they don’t return to those projects, within two years, the Xia family will go bankrupt. , At that time, there are dozens of people in the Xia family, who will feed?
“Okay, this matter is settled like this. If anyone still opposes, then he will go to the Ye family to return to those projects.” Xia Yunsheng snorted coldly. These veterans are all his cousins ​​of the same generation, and only work from the company on weekdays. Dividends on shares do not know the company’s difficulties.
face? Is it important to have a full stomach?
As soon as Xia Yunsheng said these words, many elders stopped saying anything. If they could really take food from Ye Family’s mouth, they wouldn’t stand here and jump.
Different from the Xia family’s elders, many of the Xia family’s juniors are in favor of this matter with both hands and feet. They have no idea about maintaining the orthodox family.
On the contrary, they were very happy to see Chen Feng split up so that they could wait to see Chen Feng’s jokes.
Look at how miserable Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng who do not have the support of the Xia family can mix.
Of course, they can only think about this in their hearts, let them say it in front of many old stubborn faces, but they don’t have the guts.
Chen Feng walked to Xia Mengyao and took Xia Mengyao’s hand.
“Let’s go.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. Starting today, Cangzhou will have an extra Xia family, a brand new Xia family!
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded slightly. She naturally knew that Chen Feng established the Xia family not for himself, but to save her from the mists of the Xia family.
I have to say that the cost of Chen Feng’s doing this is a bit high. The projects of the Yuquanshan Project are worth at least five hundred million. If they are handed over to the Xia family, it is equivalent to a loss of five hundred million in vain.
Can Chen Feng not pay it? Of course, as long as he showed his identity as the heir of the Chen family, he would borrow the 10,000 courage of the Xia family, and the Xia family would not dare to ask for those projects from Chen Feng.
But Chen Feng didn’t.
Xia Mengyao knew very well that Chen Feng did this to make her feel better. After all, she had been raised by the Xia family for more than 20 years. If she was allowed to watch the Xia family go bankrupt, she would feel sorry for her.
It can be said that Chen Feng spent five hundred million to buy her with peace of mind.

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