Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 188

After Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao left, many employees and relatives of the Xia family couldn’t help but whisper.
“The chairman is really getting ill-advised. He actually feels that Chen Feng, this waste, can recover those projects from the Ye family.”
“That’s right, I guess Chen Feng, this trash, can’t even enter the door of Ye Family.”
“It’s a trivial matter if you can’t enter the door of the Ye family. I’m afraid that the Ye family will anger us because of this. After all, this waste is a takeaway. If the Ye family knows that our Xia family sends a takeaway to ask for a project, what should we do? ”
“It’s okay. If the Ye family becomes angry, we will shirk the responsibility on this waste, saying that it is his own opinion and it has nothing to do with our Xia family.”
“Yes, anyway, this waste will have to establish another Xia family.”
“Fart Xia family, don’t insult Xia’s surname!”
“That is, our Xia family can’t have a door-to-door son-in-law to be the master!”
Xia Yunsheng couldn’t help but sighed. He listened to everyone’s comments. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng hadn’t asked the Ye family for the project. These people already thought about how Chen Feng should shirk responsibility for failure. .
With such a group of idiots in the Xia family, it is no wonder that Chen Summit proposed to establish another Xia family.
“Zilan, from now on, you will take the position of vice president of the company.” Xia Yunsheng looked at Xia Zilan. After this incident, he couldn’t continue to let Xia Hao serve as vice president of the company. Although Xia Zilan’s ability is insufficient , But can only catch the ducks on the shelves.
“Yes, grandpa!” Xia Zilan looked happy and nodded hurriedly.
“As for this wicked animal…” Xia Yunsheng gave Xia Hao a cold look, and then said in a deep voice: “From now on, you must not hold any position in the company!”
Can’t hold any position? !
Everyone was shocked when they heard this. Xia Yunsheng’s move was no different than announcing the exemption of Xia Hao as heir to the Xia family!
Direct Xia Hao into the cold palace!
I thought that Xia Hao becoming the heir of the Xia family was a sure thing, after all, Xia Hao was the only male in the third generation of the Xia family.
But now, things have turned around.
Once Xia Hao loses his heir status, the others will have a chance!
The eyes of everyone instantly became eager…
Xia Hao lowered his head, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth. A group of idiots, without my consent, do you still want to inherit the Xia family?
Go dreaming!
After Xia Yunsheng had left, Xia Hao got up, didn’t even glance at Wang Yunna, who had a bitter look on the ground, then turned and left.
After returning home, Xia Hao immediately took out his mobile phone and dialed Ye Mingwen’s number.
“Manager Ye…”
Soon, Xia Hao added to the agreement between Chen Feng and Xia Yunsheng, and pointed out that Chen Feng wanted to ask the Ye family for the project.
After listening to it, Ye Mingwen couldn’t help but laughed out: “This rubbish, I really don’t know how to write dead words. A door-to-door son-in-law, dare to find fault with my Ye family.”
“Manager Ye, it is better for you to be careful. After all, Lin Zongwei has a lot to do with this rubbish. If he is to help this rubbish, then your troubles will probably not be less.” Xia Hao cautiously said, Ye Mingwen is his only backer now. , If even Ye Mingwen is planted, then he really has no hope of turning over.
“Trouble?” Ye Mingwen smiled contemptuously, “What trouble can Lin Zongwei bring to me? It would be almost the same if someone from the Chen family came forward in person.”
“That’s good, that’s good, but just in case, Manager Ye, you’d better bring more manpower by your side these days. In addition to Lin Zongwei’s relationship, this trash has excellent strength.” Xia Hao exaggerated Chen Feng’s skill again.
This time, Ye Mingwen listened to Xia Hao’s words and indicated that he would bring more people around. It is easy to hide spears from the dark and difficult to guard against. He was really afraid that Chen Summit would threaten to kidnap him.
“By the way, Manager Ye, I have one more thing.” Seeing Ye Mingwen about to hang up, Xia Hao couldn’t help but speak.
“What’s the matter?” Ye Mingwen’s tone was a little impatient.
“Manager Ye, I want to ask you a favor.” Xia Hao sneered.
“Help? What is it?” Ye Mingwen was a little reluctant. After all, in his eyes, Xia Hao is no different from a dog. After all, dogs and people can’t be equal.
“Manager Ye, I want to know, do you have any medicine that can make people lose consciousness and become a vegetable?” Xia Hao asked. Several underground black markets in Cangzhou City are all run by the Ye family. There will be some strange drugs imported from abroad. These drugs have different effects. They are poisonous and psychedelic potions that make people estrus. In short, they are all ugly things.
“What is your kid asking this medicine for?” Ye Mingwen was a little wary. This kid Xia Hao obviously wanted to count people.
“Ahem, Manager Ye, this is inconvenient to disclose.” Xia Hao said with a smile.
“Inconvenient to disclose?” Ye Mingwen’s mouth flicked a playful smile. In fact, he had probably guessed who Xia Hao was going to calculate.
“Well, the medicine your kid said is indeed available, but the price…” Ye Mingwen paused and said, “It’s not cheap!”
“How much?” Xia Hao swallowed and asked.
“One million!” Ye Mingwen said lazily.
“One million?!” Xia Hao couldn’t help but exclaimed, why is it so expensive.
“Too expensive?” Ye Mingwen snorted, his tone a little dissatisfied.
“It’s not expensive, it’s not expensive.” Xia Hao hurriedly shook his head, one million, he still can afford it.
“I’m telling you, this medicine is imported from Europe, and the effect is absolutely nothing wrong, and after using it, no one can find any clues.” Ye Mingwen pointed out, like this kind of medicine that can’t be on the table, the black market Every year, dozens of bottles are sold every year. Most of the buyers are well-known figures in Cangzhou City. As for the purpose… it is impossible to use them on themselves. Most of them are similar to Xia Hao. What these people fear most is being found out by others. .
“Okay, Manager Ye, can you get me a copy! After the incident, Xia has a lot of thanks.” Xia Hao gritted his teeth. By now, he has no retreat and must give it a try.
“Okay, I am waiting for your thanks.” Ye Mingwen almost smiled on his face. He found that Xia Hao was really his wealthy boy. Since he met Xia Hao, his money has never been cut off.
On the other side, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao also returned to the Yuquanshan villa area.
After entering the villa, Chen Feng immediately called Gu Dongchen.
“In my name, let the Ye family know that there are also Shanshui Real Estate, Kangyun Real Estate… let them send someone to Guyue Villa tomorrow.” Chen Feng said solemnly. In addition to the Ye family, Xia Hao will also have Yuquan Mountain The project was sold to many real estate companies. These real estate companies are all predators in the real estate industry in Cangzhou. Many of them are backed by second-tier families. He will solve them tomorrow.

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